1208101 Healthcare Leadership

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1208101 Healthcare Leadership

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1208101 Healthcare Leadership

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Course Code: 1208101
University: Southern Cross University

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Country: Australia

There are different roles in health care. We have to select one role and then gradually have to answer all the questions of the assignment.
Explanation of key selection criteria and comparing with what is learned through leadership theory, formal health leadership framework and strategic management.

Background information for the employing organization
The city of port Adelaide Enfield is a government based organisation, situated in Adelaide, Australia. The organisation’s motive is to keep social and events activities among public, by organising events in which everyone are participated, most of them being free. The company organize events like arts, culture, exhibitions, carnivals, fairs, festivals which are going on, it also organise stage performance for music, shows and theatre shows. The company also explore their interests in different fields like writing or viewing articles based on Biodiversity Management also inducing the knowledge of road safety among public by showing these safety article on their websites and spreading awareness in public. As well as in fields of library for all, arts and culture and spreading health awareness and benefits of a healthy environment.
These were the few events, activities and awareness spreading done the company officials and require high amount management in order to organize the following events in public sectors. This lead to the path that they require lot of managers, employees, online support staff , on ground crew , volunteers, etc.. Most of the events are of cost free and not required to registered in advanced but the few of the courses are paid that too minimal amount which is usually obtained because of the management charges (McGehee et al. 2015).
Community Development Manager plays an important role in the organisation in order to organize, planning, budget planning and many more important aspects of management sector. For community development manager post, one should be at least require a bachelor degree and then proceed, also experience in the same field also is very important as because the role of community development manager is very vital and delicate, it can complete a project with excellence and also it can create a negative situation within the staff. The company has their hands on the different types of fields which are mentioned above and they each are different from each other, therefore the job of community development manager will be quite challenging as there will be different types of events taken at the same time, one  should be active and ready to take necessary action when required. There is also section of the development services by the company in which they also help customers to build customers a new home or workspace, providing required items of preparing and submitting development applications to notify builder. The government organisation as also a emergency or injuries section in online services part in which one can report any emergency situation and should be done whatever is necessary
The online portal also contains portals like payments, animal services, rates services , food and hygiene, etc.. The portal also delivers weekly news videos from which one can be stay updated. The organisation also takes part in the political overview, providing the news about the important meetings, events and facts in the updated manner, also helps the public in several ways. These were the few background information of the given company as required for the role of community development manager (Bolden, 2016).
Explanation of key selection criteria and comparing with what is learned through leadership theory, formal health leadership framework and strategic management
There are several skills and competencies which is needed to be an Community Development manager. The key selection criteria are based on these skills which should be there in an applicant for being recruited as Community development manager. The criteria are as follows:

Tertiary qualification in the relevant discipline is needed in order to be community development manager. Qualification in same discipline of community mange will enable an applicant to be recruited in the firm.
Other than educational qualification the applicant must be experienced in different aspect which will enable the following for getting hired in the company. Experience in problem solving. Identification of opportunity is needed in order to be an successful applicant. The applicant must have experience in management of complex and diverse situations. This is essential because the manger will be the used of management of problems in the community (McGehee et al. 2015).
The applicant must hold an experiment in community manager previously and should be known to the discipline. As experience in the same work field is necessary in order to become a community development manager.  This will will help the applicant to be community development manager as the following will be able to work in the benefit of the community.
Leadership in community development is a must and it is also considered as an criteria by the firm in order to get recruited as a Community development manager. Significant leadership skills is required by the applicant in order to get recruited. This because there will be need of leadership qualities in line of the company’s operation which is why the leadership skill in application of community development manager is necessary (Moscardo, 2014).

Now there behavioural skills required are as follows:

The applicant must has competency of getting self motivated this will enable the applicant to successfully be a community development manager. As the applicant has run a team he or she will have to run on high motivation in order to motivate the team too. The approach should be optimistic derive motivation to the whole department.
Personal leadership skills should be there in an applicant which mean the applicant must have the ability to take responsibility of the whole team minimise the risk and to manage the ethical environment of the department.
The application must also be very innovative in order to innovate new ways in which a task can be performed in order to increase the overall performance of the organization. In order to be a community development manager the applicant must be innovative which will sustain the development of the organization as well as the community.
The applicant must have the skills of adapting to change. In order to be a good leader the manager has be efficient in terms of providing proper space which will enable the company to bring changes. Hence the skill of adapting change must be there within the application order to be recruited as an community development manager.  
The applicant must has decision making ability this means the candidate must be a effective and fast decision maker which will increase the pace at which management of the organization makes formidable decision which will ultimately increase the pace of the organization’s operational activities.
The applicant must have coaching skills within him in order teaching the temp and instructing the ways in which the team will perform a particular task. This will be a ideal skills which an applicant should attain in order to be Community development manager within the company (Huffman et al. 2014).

The functional skills and criteria need from the applicant are as follows:

The applicant must be good at performing business with external stakeholders. This mean the skills of advocating the business and grabbing opportunities to improve must be there in the applicant if the following want to be a community development manager.
The applicant must be focused on achieving every goal which is put in from of the latter. In this way the following will help the applicant to perform activities which are needed from the company to achieve organizational goals.
The skill of planning and organizing must also be there within the applicants of the firm. It is to be mentioned that this will help the applicant to plan and organize the activities which are to be performed by the company in order to achieve objectives.
The skills of customer orientation should be there within the applicant if the following wants to operate as a community development manager this is because the main objective of the firm is to maina healthy and good relationship with the stakeholder and sustain their development through proper services.
The skills of managing people should also be there within the applicant. This is because there will be teams and people which will work under the community manger. In this case the manager of these people is necessary. Hence it is important that manager is able to manage people in the team and sustain the operational effect of the workforce who is working under the current system.

The above stated skills should be there within an applicant to be a success community development manner.
On comparing the above stated theoretical framework it could be stated that there are a number of skills that are required by a Community Developmental Manager in order to become a successful manager. In accordance to the leadership theory the community Development Manager it is essential that one owns the essential skills of leader so that the task of directing and leading the team in a progressive towards the achievement of the major goal could be done effectively.  The skills identified in concern to the leadership theory demonstrate the major attributes that are essential to become a prominent leader which is one of the characteristic feature of a successful manager. The theory exemplifies the importance of the leadership qualities and the extent to which they are required for the conduction of some of the major community development activities. Each of the leadership qualities and skills identified by the concerned leadership theory have a different approach towards the development of the leadership qualities within the Community Development Manager.
In similar context to this the formal health leadership framework depicts the model that is required to be followed by the Community Development Manager in order to run a non profit organisation specified. The concerned theoretical framework illustrates the basic foundation based upon which the community development manager could frame the kind of leadership approach that is required to be maintained by the concerned individual in order to lead the team in the direction of achievement of major predetermined goals. Moreover the framework illustrates the platform based upon which the Community Development Manager could formulate its major strategic leadership objectives. The model demonstrates the number leadership factors and skills that required to by the Community Development major to focus on as this emphasis would help to become a successful Community Development Manager. While on the other had the strategic management aspects provide a concise overview regarding the kind of strategic approach that is required to embraced by the Community Development when it comes strategically designing the execution process of the developmental activities. The strategic management framework provide the theoretical framework over which the Development manager could understand the kind of strategies would be applicable for the development of the concerned non profit organisation.
With the help of strategic management the Community Development Manager could lay out the ideas and plans that are required in a strategic manner. Moreover it helps in the exploitation of the resources available in the most efficient manner leading to the overall development of the non profit organisation. In this way all the three identified framework and theories has helped Community Development Manager to understand the framework based upon which one would be able to lead the team in a strategic manner and attain the major objectives in relation to it. Effective integration of al the identified framework would not only help in identifying the skill and strategies that would required but would also demonstrate the kind of positive approach that is required to be maintained when it comes to effective management (Pigg et al. 2015).
Responding two of selection criteria on best practice as described in academic literature
Main and the fundamental part of society is a community. Leadership and management skills are very important for community development. The most effective way for community development is to start building a good relationship among people (Bolden, 2016). With the help of leadership and management skills, people can chart their future by creating, building and developing their community what we do is but sometimes how we do things is more important. One’s involvement in their community as a leader or in a management should make a difference.
Community leader is one of the important parts of their communities. For becoming a good community leader it should inspire itself at every moment of life. If it is not motivated properly, it will not able to lead it team properly. A leader must always values that what is more important for the community development and must turn those values into a driving force for motivation. A leader must care for their team members and must count on them always. Make itr team members feel that it always want best for them. According to Northouse (2018), a leader must drive the negative people out from their team. Only that ideas will be entertained by the leader that will motivate their team members and must reject those ideas that will bring the spirit of the team members down. Leaders should always recruit positive people so that they can provide motivation and satisfaction to the team. An unhealthy relationship must be avoided by the leader as it will create negativity among people, which will not a good sign of development. Celebrating each and every achievement no matters if they are small or big are also a sign of a good leader and it will also be a great source of motivation. A leader should reward their team members on a regular basis, the team member will see this as an incentive or onus to keep moving in the right direction. Trusting itr team member is also very important. A leader should trust their team and delegate tasks. So by delegating a task to itr team members and trusting them, it will find that a work can be done in a many different and creative ways.
Always ask itr team members that how they are helping each other and encourage them to improve themselves. A leader should be transparent with their team members. it should share every information with them which has an effect on the project they are a part of or they are working on. it must point out the mistakes of itr team members but don’t make the mistakes only focusing are on the feedback. To strengthen the leadership and keep it team members motivated it must give positive feedback to them. To develop the potential of the team members a leader should start training project. This will help itr team members to improve their skills. There’s no place for mediocrity in leadership. A leader should always be demanding. When one can overcome the difficulties then only true motivation appears. Always ask the team members that which are the things that motivate themselves and as well motivate them. A team leader should focus on the thing that motivates their team members and must opt-out the things that discourage them. As a leader, it must finish the given task and avoid leaving the task half done. This will make it aware that how much productive it are and also make it aware of itr progress. The key to success and becoming a good leader is to persevere. Every leader should know that giving up is never an option. No matter how hard the situation is, it must keep on going and lead itr team and improves development.
Management skill is also very important for community development. A community manager constantly analyzes the number that indicates and give an idea of the health of their communities and as well as project data also. A community manager should always motivate their community members. Building and managing an insight community is done by the community manager. A community manager always focuses on the process that is required to maintain a responsive and healthy community. There are many critical skill sets that are required to be a good community manager. A community management must be creative and must have also good communications skills. The community manager must create ideas and content that will keep the engagement activities of the community members fresh. People inside the community must feel welcomed and entertained. Communications skill is very important for the management and development of the community. A community manager should have organizational skills; scheduling the task to the members of the community and conducting the small regular developing process for the team members need an organizational mindset. Data analysis skill must be needed for good community management. To get the idea of the health of itr community it need to get the data qualitative and quantitative from the projects. Negotiation skill is also one of the essentials for community management and development. This skill will bring the stakeholder into activation and also good for the ongoing engagement. Budget renewal will be in done by the engagement of the stakeholders. Good judgement is also required for the community manager. The community manager must handle the feedback from the audience in their best and effective way and decide how to respond in an appropriate and effective manner. Another key for a successful community manager is flexibility in the workplace. Flexibility and adaptability is very important as a community manager can  have to be a marketer at one day and PR person or a communication guy on the another day for the better development of their community(Renz, 2016). A community manager is the eyes and ears of the organization. He is the representative and voice of the insight community.  This is the management skills set that must me need for the development of the community.
Proposed path way for role chosen
The proposed pathway for the role which is community development manager for the given organisation will be very challenging in terms of responsibility. The role of community development manager is like to solve problems, organise things, and take collective action in community development group which consists of managers. The group of community development managers are there in most of the company which take solutions of the common problem, take required action for the organisation improvement. Therefore, manager should have good problem solving skills, to solve the problems in a project in a huge scale. A humour of flexibility (to be flexible and only stick to the plan decided), resourcefulness (to apply their resources as much they can), and ability to manage stress, as in the provided role there will be unexpected circumstances, unexpected challenges and situations. Also the role chosen for the manager is very responsible, one should be committed to a vision and the goals of the company because any kind of irresponsible behaviour of the manager will result in great downfall for the company in many aspects. Creativity and a desire for innovation is an additional skill proposed within the community development manager as the ability to organise increases with applications of such skills in real life and work of the managers are more likely to be appreciated. The role of community development manager is very respectful across globe and their approaches are most likely to be get appreciated (Majeed et al. 2018).
The approaches towards like economic, cultural, environment and political issues are likely to be get appreciated by the organisations like United nations, world health organisations, etc.. The role chosen for the community development manager can benefit one from many benefits, like improving communication skills, get adjusted with the local surrounding and culture according to the workplace of the organisation ), develop good decision taken ability and etc.. These results in the opportunities like community engagement, managing women self- help groups, large group capacitation, economic development, sustainable development, languages- based development, community organizing,  Asset-based community development and many more. But these any of the skills acquired at least 3 years of managing experience and at least bachelor degree, these things combine to make a more focus towards the role chosen for community development manager. The pathway for the community development manager will not be easy, especially not in the field of managing as new challenges come up in daily basis and new competition aries challenging the manager (Wagner, 2016).
The moral of the managing director should be very high towards the work to come across the challenges faced by one. One should be searching for the same area or skill of interest for the role of development manager, as they should understand how a group work towards a common problem, and how to solve them. The performance of the community development manager is tested according to the individual potentials and not as a group effort. Community development has widely taken off to the countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and is likely to be spread globally in upcoming years.  
Part 2
In order to provide expert advice it is important that there are some things and aspect which are to be considered. These aspect relate to the ways in which expert advice or recommendation is given. It is to be mentioned that advice should be in accordance to desire and need of the situation and that advice is accurate enough to solve a situation of help in operation of the firm. Hence it can be said that the advice should be descriptive in nature in which details related to the process and results positive or negative are properly described. Providing Advice does not mean that the company is bound to adopt its hence the advice should be provided in such a manner in which the company is flexible in adopting and reforming. The advice should be well communicated to the company in which the ease of sharing knowledge is highest so that the device is proper communicate to the authorities so that they can adopt the advice in a faster manner.
The advice which will be given to the executive leadership with The city of port Adelaide Enfield wile e related to the development of effective leadership styles and approaches which enhance the operational activity of the organization. The advice will be related on how the leadership approach will be developed in the company which bring out better out of the company’s workforce. The recommendation related to current problem in leadership will be made to mitigate management and leadership flaws within the firm.
Bolden, R., 2016. Leadership, management and organisational development. In Gower handbook of leadership and management development (pp. 143-158). Routledge.
Renz, D.O., 2016. The Jossey-Bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and management. John Wiley & Sons, pp.95-114
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