Abortion from the Moral Point of View

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Abortion from the Moral Point of View

Words: 420

Subject: Medical Ethics

Table of Contents Introduction Abortion and Moral Point of View Conclusion Reference Introduction The modern world is full of various issues that influence many people in different ways. Among these topics, abortion regularly raises a few questions because it has both supporters and objectors. Now, there is no precise point of view on whether a person has the right to take the life of an unborn child. As far as my personal opinion is considered, I believe that this medical practice may be allowed in exceptional cases only, while it should be banned for general use.

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Abortion and Moral Point of View The best variant of addressing the topic is to take a moral decision. According to Mintz (2018), “the moral point of view suggests that sometimes people have to set aside their own interests and act in the best interests of others” (para. 1). As for the issue under analysis, it means that pregnant women should think of their future babies rather than of themselves. At the same time, abortions may be allowed in some cases. For example, it refers to situations when a woman gets pregnant involuntarily as a result of rape. In this case, the woman should have a right to eliminate any consequences of this tragic event. Some experiences have shaped my moral opinion about the topic. Firstly, people cannot foresee the future, and they cannot predict what will be better for them. I know a woman who wanted to have an abortion but failed to do it. At present, however, she has a brilliant boy who is her closest person in life. Secondly, my personal beliefs make it impossible for me to support abortions because I consider this medical procedure a sin. As for the idea expressed by the Ring of Gyges, it should not affect the moral point of view. Even if a pregnant woman becomes invisible to the whole world, she should not have an abortion because she is still responsible before the child. Thus, this medical practice should not be accessible for everyone who wants it; it should be allowed only in some cases. Conclusion Abortion is an essential topic in the modern world since it evokes numerous discussions. Many people believe that this medical practice should be allowed, but the moral point of view proves the opposite with rare exceptions. For women to make that ethical decision, they should pay attention to the future lives of their children rather than to their own feelings and emotions. In this case, they will manage to make a choice that will not violate some moral standards. Reference Mintz, S. (2018). The moral point of view: How to know what the right thing to do is [Blog post]. Web.

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