Alendronate for Managing and Treating Osteoporosis

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Alendronate for Managing and Treating Osteoporosis

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Subject: Pharmacology

Table of Contents Indications for Use Advantages of Alendronate Dosage of the Drug Possibility of Disease Prevention Contradictions of Alendronate Rules for Taking the Drug References Indications for Use Alendronate is used to treat osteoporosis in the elderly (Cosman et al., 2014). A preventive remedy to protect from a possible threat. The drug is suitable for recovery after surgery. The medicine for different ages. Acute and continuous pain in the joints. Changes in the bone structure caused by injuries. Advantages of Alendronate A clinically effective and safe drug. Reducing the risk of fractures and damage. Weakening of pain and discomfort. A possibility to combine with other medicines. A tested drug with the evidence of efficiency. Benefits for all parts of the bone tissue. Dosage of the Drug Five milligrams per day is recommended for prevention. The drug can be used as an additional medicine. A standard tablet is of ten milligrams (Özşahin et al., 2017). For osteoporosis, ten milligrams is recommended daily. Seventy milligrams once every seven days can be taken. A single take reduces the impact on the esophagus. Possibility of Disease Prevention Alendronate is a good preventive medicine. A small dose will be enough for prevention. The use of concomitant medications is possible. The effectiveness of prevention is clinically proven (Cosman et al., 2014). Side effects are quite rare and individual. Prevention allows strengthening the bone tissue. Contradictions of Alendronate Individual intolerance of components. Diseases of the esophagus and stomach. A decreased level of calcium in the blood (Özşahin et al., 2017). A severe renal failure is a contraindication. The lack of movement after taking the pill. The overdose of the drug. Rules for Taking the Drug The medicine should be taken in the morning before breakfast (Özşahin et al., 2017). The whole tablet is taken without chewing. It is important to stand after taking the drug. The medicine cannot be taken before going to bed. The drug is taken with much water. Concomitant medications should be used separately. References Cosman, F., De Beur, S. J., LeBoff, M. S., Lewiecki, E. M., Tanner, B., Randall, S., & Lindsay, R. (2014). Clinician’s guide to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis International, 25(10), 2359-2381.

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Özşahin, E. T., Çam, B., Dere, F., Kürkçü, M., Evrüke, C., Soames, R., & Oğuz, Ö. (2017). The effect of alendronate sodium on trabecular bone structure in an osteoporotic rat model. Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 63(2), 165-173.

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