Ambiguity In Projects

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Ambiguity In Projects

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Ambiguity In Projects

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Discuss about the Ambiguity in Projects.

Ambiguity, in the literal sense of the world, refers to the situation or a statement that can   lead to more than one interpretation.  According to Philippo et al. (2013),  one of the most essential   criteria  that  is  expected of project managers is to  have  the  capability of managing ambiguous situations, as  most organizational  project teams are bound to face certain ambiguous situations during the  life cycle of  the  entire  project.
FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency is one of the leading advertisement agencies of the United Arab Emirates. The agency has been associated with some of the biggest campaigns of the year, like those used by Coca Cola, Paper Plus, Nivea and Levi’s. The following sections  of   the  report  provides an  insight  into  the  ambiguous scenarios that   project teams associated  with   the organization have experienced  in real  life and  the  impact  of  such ambiguity   on  the lifecycle of the project.
Background of the organization
Foote, Cone & Belding, or FCB is one of the largest advertising networks operates globally. Headquartered at Chicago, the organization is currently owned by the Interpublic group. At present, the organization operates across 90 countries of the world, the UAE being    one of the most prominent ones (Fcb.com 2016). 
The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency  has  been  in the  receiving  end of   several awards,  including  the Caples, Effies,  El Ojo along with  those  awarded  at  The One Show and the Cannes. In fact, the organization is well known for its genuine participation in ensuring the success of their client brands.
Ambiguous situation in the organization
Khushbu, a UK based fashion line had approached the sales team of The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency with the aim of branding their products in the UAE. Kushbu is a well known fashion brand in Europe, primarily due to the unique nature of the products that they sell: perhaps it is the sole organization that sells ‘Islamic Wear’ for women, using online platforms (Khushbu.tootinglife.com 2016).
It is well known fact that women residing in the United Arab Emirates  are  encouraged to wear ‘Islamic Wear’, thus the  interest expressed  by  the  administrative  authorities of Kushbu so  as to   launch their  products in the country was solely  based on  the demands  of  the market (Epps  and Demangeot  2013). However, the members of this project teams soon identified certain ambiguous situations that they felt should be resolved before the campaigns could be designed and launched:
1. The first and foremost issue that the project team identified was that the tagline used by Khushbu: while selling their product in Europe, Khushbu used the tagline “Even covered women care about their appearance” (Khushbu.tootinglife.com 2016). However, the project team of The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency was spilt into halves regarding the tagline to be used  while launching  the product line  on the national television  of UAE:  while  some of  the members were  against robbing  off the  brand of their signature tagline, yet another  section  was skeptical about using the same (they feared that the tagline might  appear to be  disrespectful towards the  women residing  in UAE) (Fcb.com 2016).
2. On the other hand, the project team had also identified the fact that the products launched by Khushbu were quite high (Khushbu.tootinglife.com 2016). The team was thus uncertain about the section of the population that should be targeted in the campaigning process. Besides, the pricing strategy, the un-traditional features of the ‘Islamic Wears’ designed and sold by the fashion line also required the identification of the particular section of the population that could be targeted, much before the campaigns could be designed (Pasha-Zaidi, Masson and Pennington 2013). 
At the very same time, the project team were not  able  to cover all sections of the potential  customers (top, low and mid) as campaigns of such  large  scale  require huge  budgetary funds that  the  authoritative heads of Khushbu  were not eager to bear  with (Fcb.com 2016). Thus, it can be said that   the ambiguity of the project laid in the fact that in spite of Khusbu’s idea being innovative, their signature tagline, style and design were controversial and that The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency neither had the data required to identify the section of the population that could be targeted effectively. 
In order to find solutions to the issues identified by the project team, the marketing team indulged in an extensive market research regarding the demand of the untraditional  Islamic  wears (similar to the  ones  designed and developed by Khushbu)  among the  women of the   United Arab Emirates (Fcb.com 2016). Besides this, the marketing team also put efforts towards realizing   whether the signature tagline of the brand would be acceptable to the UAE society.  After the data collection   process was completed, analytical tools were used to identify that particular section of the population that could be targeted for the purpose of campaigning. Besides this, the marketing team ultimately developed a new tagline for the fashion line with which the products were launched in the market (Epps  and Demangeot  2013).
Impact of the ambiguity on the organizational projects
The impact of the ambiguous situation (as described in the section above), have been enlisted below:
Positive Impacts the ambiguity on the organizational project
The first and foremost point  that demands  mention  in this  context  is  that the fashion line of  ‘Khusbu’ was finally  launched  in  the  UAE without raising  any discontent or complaints from   the  generals mass:   courtesy  to the  new tagline  designed by the project team of The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency (Khushbu.tootinglife.com 2016).

Figure:  Khusbu launched in UAE with a new tagline
(Source: Khushbu.tootinglife.com 2016)
On the other hand, the project team had  identified  educated women  belonging  to high income  group families should be considered by ‘Khusbu’ as  the  primary  target  customer group in   the   UAE . It is worth mentioning  that almost  70 percent of the students  attending Universities  in the UAE are  women, thus,  the market chosen by  the project team  is quite  extensive and  promises  significant revenue collection (Pasha-Zaidi, Masson,  and Pennington,   2013).
It is worth mentioning that in spite of the fact  that  the marketing agency  was forced  to  conduct  the  survey as they had   no information  based  on which  the  target market  could be decided  on,  the data collected  from  the process was efficiently  utilized  in  several  other projects:  the  information  available on  the  official website  of The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency indicates that the campaigns  designed  for Olay and Nivea were largely based  on the results  of  this particular survey (Fcb.com 2016).
Negative Impacts the ambiguity on the organizational project
The market survey made by the FCB was conducted over a period of six months, thus incurring considerable amount of cost to the fashion line.  Thus increased time and budgetary requirements of the project were the primary adverse impacts of the ambiguities of the project (Gutiérrez 2014).
On the other hand,  Khusbu  is a renowned  brand  among  the Muslim  communities  of  the  United Kingdom. Robbing of the brand of their signature tagline indeed forced them to build their reputation in the UAE from the scratch.
Importance of acceptance of ambiguity in conducting a successful project
Researchers  Philippo et al. 2013  are  of the opinion that among very  few well tested and approved  laws of conducting  successful projects,  the fact   that “Ambiguity Kills Projects”  holds true  for  projects of all sizes, structures and domains. However, the authors  have also pointed  out the   very fact   that in spite of   the large number  of  tools and  methods  available  for managing  projects,  embracing  ambiguities  is   still  considered  to be imperative.
Researcher Gutiérrez (2014) seconds their  opinion by stating  that the  very fact  that the presence  of  ambiguities has  adverse effects  on the success of  projects encourages  project teams to  document the SMART goals  of the project, to identify the risks   associated   with  it,  to define the scope  of  the  project  and to develop strategies  that  could be used for  overcoming the  uncertainties.  
Thus, it can be said that while acceptance of ambiguity in projects might lead to disastrous outputs, embracing the same actually results in the utilization of methods that enables optimum management of the said projects.
In respect to the situation under consideration, the campaigns designed for ‘Khusbu’ might have been ruined completely in case the marketing team of The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency had incorrectly identified the target market (Fcb.com 2016)..
The above mentioned sections of the report provide an insight into ambiguities identified in one of the campaigning projects undertaken by The FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency. The ambiguities have been defined in section 3, along with the measures taken by the   project team to overcome it. Besides this, the impact  of the ambiguous situation (both positive and negative)  on the success of project have been provided  in section 4, while  a generalized  discussion  on the effects of accepting  project  ambiguities has  been provided in section 5 of the report.
In   the light of the information  provided   in the report,  it can  thus be  concluded  that while ambiguous  situations indeed threat  the  success of  organizational  projects, the   attempts  and efforts made towards  overcoming  such uncertainties leads   to  the adaptation  of  strategies that  ultimately   leads  to  the successful  completion  of any project, irrespective of its  size, structure or domain.
Epps, A. and Demangeot, C., 2013. The rainbow of diversity versus the rain of fragmentation: the futures of multicultural marketing in the UAE.Foresight-The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy, 15(4), pp.307-320.
Fcb.com, 2016. FCB Abu Dhabi Advertising Agency – United Arab Emirates. [online] FCB Global. Available at: https://www.fcb.com/location/abu-dhabi [Accessed 27 Jul. 2016].
Gutiérrez, E., 2014. Managing Ambiguity When Evaluating and Selecting New Ideas in Project Portfolio Management. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 11(05), p.1450030.
Khushbu.tootinglife.com, 2016. Khushbu – Women’s wear, Fashion, Salsas kameez in TootingLife. [online] Khushbu.tootinglife.com. Available at: https://www.khushbu.tootinglife.com [Accessed 27 Jul. 2016].
Pasha-Zaidi, N., Masson, T. and Pennington, M.N., 2013. Can I get a job if I wear Hijab? An exploratory study of the perceptions of South Asian Muslim Women in the US and the UAE. International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology, 3(1).
Philippo, E.J., Heijstek, W., Kruiswijk, B., Chaudron, M.R. and Berry, D.M., 2013, April. Requirement ambiguity not as important as expected—results of an empirical evaluation. In International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (pp. 65-79). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

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