American Academy of Family Physicians Website

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American Academy of Family Physicians’ Website

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Subject: Public Health

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is a for-profit organization that aims to promote and develop high standards in primary family care. The AAFP is an association of family physicians that unites almost 130,000 members across the country. The organization’s mission, as described at the association’s official site, includes the advocacy for education and training of patients, as well as physicians, the promotion of high standards in the sphere, development of effective leadership, and the like (“Vision & strategic plan,” 2017). The official website contains different sections and links to various resources, including journals, news, policies, incentives, events, etc.

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Diabetes mellitus (type 2) is one of the most widespread disorders in the USA and worldwide. This metabolic disease is caused by impairments in insulin action and secretion (Pippitt, Marlana, & Gurgle, 2016). This disorder is associated with such complications as blindness, cardiovascular diseases, limb amputation, and kidney failure. The most vulnerable populations are obese and overweight people, females, people older than 45. It has been acknowledged that ethnicity is an influential variable associated with developing the disorder in question (Juckett, 2013). Genetic predisposition is also possible, so family history should be analyzed to estimate the risk of developing the disorder in an individual. The cultural peculiarities of this population contribute to the increase in the rate of people affected. Hispanic people tend to have dietary habits that can lead to the development of the disorder. As far as the statistics concerning the disease in question are concerned, the website does not contain sound international statistics on the matter. It is mentioned that 44 million Americans may be affected within 20 years (Pippitt et al., 2016). Pippitt et al. (2016) also note that the screening involving the assessment of the level of glucose in the blood can help prevent or properly treat the disorder. As for the most effective preventive measures, these are a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. People should be physically active and consume healthy food. The website in question also contains a valuable source concerning available prevention programs aimed at reducing the number of people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Hersh, Salzman, and Snyderman (2015) claim that health literacy is instrumental in reducing the rate of people affected by the disorder. The researchers note that people should receive certain training to increase their awareness of the major symptoms, possible complications, and treatment types. It is stated that policymakers should make sure that healthcare facilities provide the healthcare services mentioned above. Juckett (2013) notes that cultural peculiarities should be considered when such educational and prevention measures are developed. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the website under analysis includes valuable information concerning various aspects of primary family care. The website also provides the necessary data that can be used for the development of various policies and incentives. The website is helpful for physicians and other healthcare professionals as it contains results of various surveys, studies, and so on. The website under consideration is also an effective platform for professional communication and development. People suffering from diabetes mellitus can also benefit from surfing the resources available at the website as they can learn about symptoms, treatment types, prevention measures, etc. Finally, the website is also a platform for policymakers who can assess the impact of the disorder and develop various policies and programs to address the health issue in question. References Hersh, L., Salzman, B., & Snyderman, D. (2015). Health literacy in primary care practice. American Family Physician, 92(2), 118-124. Juckett, G. (2013). Caring for Latino patients. American Family Physician, 87(1), 48-54.

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Pippitt, K., Marlana, L., & Gurgle, H. (2016). Diabetes mellitus: Screening and diagnosis. American Family Physician, 93(2), 103-109. Vision & strategic plan. (2017). Web.

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