Analysis Of Community Disadvantage Service

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Analysis Of Community Disadvantage Service

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Analysis Of Community Disadvantage Service

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Discuss about the Analysis of Community Disadvantage Service.

The health is the biggest asset for an individual. Every human being wants to live a long on this earth. However, the health-related issues majorly serve as the obstacles for their long existence on the earth. Even, the current condition of the internal health of the human being is not as per the expectation. Sometimes, serious problems occur due to the wrong treatment and wrong information about the health-related issues. The team of Human Longevity, Inc. helps persons to provide them necessary information regarding this.
Human Longevity, Inc. was founded in 2013 (Humanlongevity.com, 2017). It is basically a fast growing company. The main concern of the associates of this company is to take care of the human health sincerely. In fact, the leaders associated with the genomics are the main figures to establish this company. However, Archibald & Rankin (2013) have stated that the fundamental target of this company regarding the human health is to provide data-based health intelligence. This company is duly associated with the healthcare and medicine industry. The customers of this company systematically go through the sequential medical test process in order to identify the primary symptoms of some critical issues like heart diseases cancers and Alzheimer’s.
This public healthcare company is situated in San Diego in California. Due to this, the management of this company can able to get a huge range of people to be focused on for the successful execution of their functional purposes. This private company is basically a large business sector operating almost the entire US. As developed technologies are applied in the revolutionary practice of the medical genre, the outcomes of the research of this company have also been accepted by the majority of the audiences (Guy et al. 2015). Even, the management of this company has also able to understand the individual health condition along with the specific risk factors associated with that.
It has been greatly observed that people are not well aware of the processes through which they can prevent the impact of aging on them. However, Piper et al. (2015) have also noticed that people have a natural tendency to hide their age through using different products. In fact, the major reason of their early, as well as normal aging is the impact of disease on them. Therefore, there is a huge audience and interested people to go through the database medical tests and information in order to fight against those diseases. On the other hand, the focus of this company is normally on the aged people and this segmentation of the customers has its impact on the market share and profit of this company. It has been clearly noticed that the management of Human Longevity, Inc. has investment around US$80 million in 2014 and US$220 million in 2016 (Humanlongevity.com, 2017). This huge development of the investment is, therefore, the identification of the financial success of the company through positive customer responses.

Name of the company



Human Longevity, Inc.



Slack Technologies



Clover Health



Thrive Market






Table 1: Market share of Human Longevity in 2016
(Source: Humanlongevity.com, 2017)
The above statistical data clearly shows the fact that the main competitors of Human Longevity, Inc. are the Slack Technologies, Clover Health, Cyclane and Thrive Market. However, among those, Slack Technologies is quite near to the Human Longevity, Inc. regarding the investment (Raule et al. 2014). The founders of this company, namely, Peter Diamondis and Craig Venter are quite happy in the success of the company in occupying the topmost position regarding the financial investment for the future activities of this company in the US market.
Human Longevity, Inc. delivers the results of the health risks of an individual. However, Aviv, Kark & Susser (2015) have argued that the main functional role and responsibility of this company is embedded in helping them to have a deep insight into individual health condition. The overall improvement of the human health is the most influential outcome of the service and effort of the management and scientists within this company.
The management of Human Longevity has been following the Growth Strategy throughout the execution of their functional activities. As per the concept of this business strategy, this company has been trying to provide a specialised healthcare service through database information process. Although some existing techniques were also there for helping people in their treatment, the development and implementation of these new strategies has proved itself as effective to impress the attention of the customers (Bharadwaj et al. 2013). Even through this, the understanding of genotype and phenotype has also satisfied the service users. As a result, the service by the management of Human Longevity has been increasing. In fact, this growth has been made possible through market research and customer expectation.
SWOT analysis:

·         A huge positive customer response
·         Presence of the specialised healthcare persons (Humanlongevity.com, 2017)

·         Lacking among the people regarding the advantages of this database healthcare process to get treatment for cancer, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s
·         Lacking in the proper experience of the specialists regarding the suitable application of this database process

·         Growing economy of the US industry
·         Interest of people to database information regarding genotypes and phenotypes

·         Disagreement of people with the proposed treatment process (Passtoors et al. 2013)
·         Inexperience of the specialists may result in the customer dissatisfaction and their avoidance regarding the service process of this company

Table 2: SWOT analysis of Human Longevity
(Source: Passtoors et al. 2013, p.28)
PEST analysis:

Political impact

·         The supporting nature of the US government to the healthcare organisations for the overall improvement of the public heath (Kim & Park,  2016)
·         The health related acts and regulations are also supportive of the development of this company

Economic impact

·         The US economy is quite strong to provide necessary financial support at the primary stage of the incorporation of the service of Human Longevity, Inc.
Figure 1: US annual GDP growth rate
(Source: Tradingeconomics.com, 2017)
·         The above figure shows the fact that the final report of the annual GDP report of the US is quite progressive up to 2013 that is helpful in the development of any new business company in the US (Tradingeconomics.com, 2017)

Social impact

·         Due to the growth of the serious diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, modern people has a developed concern to identify an alternative way to beat that diseases by discovering prevention processes that are supportive for Human Longevity, Inc.
·         Interest among the healthcare specialists to help suffering people by database information and caring services in order to get the proper treatment

Technological impact

·         Based on completely the scientific technology, this company has been applying phenotypic and genotypic database process in order to generate suitable healthcare knowledge  (Kuca et al. 2015)
·         Through technological research, the management of Human Longevity, Inc. has been remodifying the previous healthcare treatment processes

Table 3: PEST analysis of Human Longevity
(Source: Tradingeconomics.com, 2017)
From the above discussion of the nature and process of the functions of Human Longevity, it has been noticed that this company has started its services since 2013 and has occupied a satisfactory position among the audiences. Even in the operations through database information process regarding genotype and phenotype, this company has been achieving support from the US government that is helpful for the development of their future performances. Even, with the growth of the human consciousness regarding the necessity to prevent the effect of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases, the requirement of the services of the healthcare specialists of this company have also been increasing significantly. Through the helpful information and services of this company, they have been enabling to go through necessary treatment processes from the very beginning.
The approach towards the functional activities of the management of Human Longevity has some similarities to that of the Collective business model. According to the concept of this model, the entire business functions are designed based on the web services. The management of Human Longevity has been serving the customers through database information systems so that they can understand the process that will enable them to take the proper treatment process against serious heart diseases or cancer. The scientific treatment process allotted for the service users therefore goes through necessary innovation process.
Based on the above detail discussion, some key points have been evaluated as follow:
The functional operations of Human Longevity are data and web-based.
The services of this company have been started since 2013 in the US.
The US government and their economic status are helpful for the performance of this company.
As this company applies different scientific technologies and approaches during their service, there is a satisfactory customer response regarding the availing of the service of this company.
Even according to the market share, this company occupies the topmost position in comparison with Slack Technologies, Clover Health, Thrive Market and Cylance.
The market segmentation has centralised the focus of this company majorly on people above 40 years and specifically on them having major heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and cancer.
Although Human Longevity has currently been servicing as one of the most influential healthcare services for the US people through providing them database information and treatment processes, they have some lacking that are need to be eradicated in order to enhance their customer engagement. First, the number of the healthcare specialists is needed to be increased in order to take care of a huge number of service users. Second, in order to increase this new healthcare knowledge and its significance, the management of Human Longevity can organise healthcare camps in several parts of the country. This may help in increasing awareness among people. Even, the providence of low-cost services for the financially poor people by this company may also enrich the popularity and acceptance of their services.
Finally, it can be stated that the healthcare companies like Human Longevity have implemented a revolutionary step regarding the application of new strategies for making the people aware of the current condition of their physical health through an improved database process relating genotype and phenotype. Even, there is a satisfactory response from the customers regarding the advantages of this process. Although lacking in the sufficient healthcare specialists in this company, the technologies and scientific process that this company has applied are impressive and beneficial.
Archibald, M.E. & Rankin, C.P., 2013. A spatial analysis of community disadvantage and access to healthcare services in the US. Social Science & Medicine, 90, 11-23
Aviv, A., Kark, J.D. & Susser, E., 2015. Telomeres, atherosclerosis, and human longevity: a causal hypothesis. Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.), 26(3), 295
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Humanlongevity.com (2017) HLI Available from: www.humanlongevity.com/ [Retrieved on 23 Mar 2017]
Kim, M.J. & Park, S.K., 2016. Strategies to Improve Functional Competency and Effectively Respond to Environmental Changes of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Team in Companies. Journal of the Korean Society of Safety, 31(2), 104-111
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Piper, M.A., Evans, C.V., Burda, B.U., Margolis, K.L., O’connor, E. & Whitlock, E.P., 2015. Diagnostic and predictive accuracy of blood pressure screening methods with consideration of rescreening intervals: a systematic review for the US Preventive Services Task Force. Annals of internal medicine, 162(3), 192-204
Raule, N., Sevini, F., Li, S., Barbieri, A., Tallaro, F., Lomartire, L., Vianello, D., Montesanto, A., Moilanen, J.S., Bezrukov, V. & Blanché, H., 2014. The co?occurrence of mtDNA mutations on different oxidative phosphorylation subunits, not detected by haplogroup analysis, affects human longevity and is population specific. Aging cell, 13(3), 401-407
Tradingeconomics.com (2017) United States GDP Growth Rate Available from: www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/gdp-growth [Retrieved on 25 Mar 2017]

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