Analysis On Quasar Communication Project

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Analysis On Quasar Communication Project

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Analysis On Quasar Communication Project

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Discuss about the Enterprise Environmental Factor analysis on Quasar Communication Project.

EEF and tools of impact analysis
Identification of enterprise environmental factors of the project
For this particular project four different environmental factors those have been identified are:
Factor 1: Organizational culture, structure and governance
The project managers of Quasar Communication Inc are responsible to monitor and control all the projects running in the company simultaneously. In order to avoid all intra organizational conflicts and other barriers proper organizational structure and culture are required to be adopted by the company (Lipman and Ashlock 2015). However, the approach of hierarchical management directly affects the details of project management.
Factor 2: Research and development for managing the project
In order to manage the project of Quasar Communication Inc the project manager is responsible to introduce new projects that can be launched in the marketplace. The project manager is collaborating with the quality manager, accounting and finance manager to make sure that the engineering specifications are reached (Williams 2017). According to project milestones the risks are also to be identified.
Factor 3: Small and large customer project management
For managing large and small customers individually superior marketing strategies are adopted and evaluated by the project managers of Quasar Communication Inc. The business strategies developed by the company was always focused more on large consumers than small consumers thus, excellent marginal partial catastrophes are to be considered (Schmitt 2015). The existing human resource management system of the company should be based upon the communication channels.
Factor 4: Capital equipment for project management
In order to evaluate all necessary projects requirement proper capital for equipments are to be considered by the project executives (Hoang 2016). It is necessary for the project head to consider proper organizational communication approach to reduce the intra organizational and inter organizational errors. 
Proposal for tool, techniques intended to use for qualitative or quantitative impact analysis of EEF
Proposed tool
Quasar Communication Inc is facing major communication issues in order to reduce the communication level error for this particular scenario the chosen tool is discussion board (Boyd 2017). It is expected that, with discussion board the project manager and the members will be able to share all their views with each other.
Proposed Technique
Besides, tool proper communication technique that is proposed for the company is interactive open communication (Heagney 2016). With the application of this particular communication approach the project head will be able to share their point of views with other.
Justification on the reason for which the selected tool or technique is appropriate
Quasar Communication Inc. a $350 Million division of Communication system International which is consists of 340 people where more than 200 employees are engineers. In order to train all project team members professionally, the company is focused to develop formalized project management training and development program for the employees who are working for the company (Heldman 2018). In order to gain competitive advantages and effective commercial revenue, four different factors on which Quasar Communication Inc has focused include the following:

In order to handle 12 large number of consumers four individual are appointed
For small consumers five individuals are appointed
For the research and development programs three individuals
For capital equipment projects one individual

Impact Analysis Report and Individual Reflection
Impact analysis report
Evaluating the internal and external factors and their impact on the project management process
Enterprise Environmental Factor (EEF) is divided into two different parts in terms of internal factor and external factor (Binder 2016). The commercial success of any project is dependent on the influence of these factors and in order to manage these tolls proper tools and techniques and framework are required to be adopted by Quasar Communication Inc to resolve all the identified issues from its strategic operation and functional activities. It has been found that, the option for project management constrain will automatically increase with both the positive and negative influence (Gollenia 2016). The EEF of project management has no limited boundary rather in includes all possible factors accordingly.
Any concept of business which looks perfect from outside may prove as a complete failure if proper environmental factors (Internal and External) are not considered for it by the project heads. At the same time wrong Effective Environmental Factor identification may also lead a project or business towards failure (Snyder 2014). Failure can happen for both internal, external factors and also for any one of those factors. Thus, in order to gain effective competitive advantages and commercial revenue from the market it is necessary to identify accurate EEF such as finance, personnel equipments, staff management, technology etc.
For this particular case scenario of Quasar Communication Inc, the external factor is the economy and the internal factors are the staffs. In order to run any business and for sustainable long term success proper economic sponsorship are also needed (Schwalbe 2015). Both the internal and the external factors are affecting the business environment perfectly. On the other hand, internal factor is comprises of staffs, communication management, procurement management, contingency management risk management, physical resource management etc (Eskerod and Jepsen 2016). It is the responsibility of the project executives to manage all these factors properly to gain commercial measurable revenue. Cost, culture, experiences, stakeholders, time and quality are the main things to be considered for the successful implementation of a project.
Detail analysis of internal project management factors
As diverse group are assigned for the implementation of a single project thus, the project managers fails to understand the actual requirement. The project manager was responsible to develop new product in the market which is capable to be launched in the competitive marketplace (Kerzner 2017). In order to implement the project successfully the project manager had to discuss along with the engineers, finance management team and accounting team also. A Cost Breakdown Structure and Work Breakdown Structure are also implemented by the project manager to make the project structure easier to the members who are working in the project.  From the case scenario it has been found that proper marketing campaign and communication plan are the two different important things that should be considered and analyzed accordingly to gain success (Burke and Barron 2014). The project manager of Quasar Communication Inc also faced serious issue because they had to manage three different projects simultaneously. At a time being equality involved to those entire projects was not possible at all. In order to avoid these errors roper project management tools, technologies and development frameworks are needed to be considered by the project managers (White 2016). The project manager also ensures that, additional testing will run for successful understanding of the project requirement.     
The internal factors identified for Quasar Communication Inc project are as follows:
Communication plan: In order to engage the project manager and project team members’ to their job roles and responsibilities proper communication plan is required to be developed (Madson 2016). With the help of open communication the project team members and the project manager will be able to share their point of views that will lead to innovation and creativity.
Resource management plan: For the Quasar Communication Inc projects both human and physical resources are to be considered (Liu, Volcic and Gallois 2014). It is expected that for successful implementation of the project without any sort of error it is necessary for the project head to allocate and assign the resources at the project initiation phase based upon the basic organizational requirement.
Operational and functional management: For successful implementation of any project proper operational and functional activities those are associated to the project are to be considered. It is expected that with the help of operation and functional management the large projects can be managed properly.
Detail analysis of external project management factors
The external factors those should have to be considered for the Quasar Communication Inc project includes the following:
Economy: Economy is the main external project management factor to be considered for the successful implementation of any project. Based on the project background the sponsors are to be selected who will sponsor money for resources. Proper economic support will give opportunities to the company (Pyzdek and Keller 2014). For completing any project within estimated time and money the total project is required to be segmented in small parts. Quasar Communication Inc fails to same this properly. In order to complete those tasks or activities individual resources are also assigned to those. It reduces the total work pressure and helps the project manager to complete the task within budget and time (Gollenia 2016). Though the total project budget should be estimated at the initiation phase with a feasibility study but simultaneously additional cost should also be arranged to make  sure that if any extra cost needed than that are available.
Consumers: Besides the economy or project sponsors, consumers are other external factors to be considered as important asset. It is necessary for any business environment to develop a consumer focused design. Quasar Communication Inc fails to develop an accurate consumer focused design (Schwalbe 2015). However, in order to implement any project successfully they should develop a consumer focused structure through considering the demand and expectation of the consumers. There was lack of commitment of the project team members thus, company policies were reflected negatively. Thud professional code of ethics and policies are to be considered by the project managers.
Suppliers: Suppliers are another external factor that should have to be considered. It is necessary for the project executives to identify the most suitable suppliers required for the successful implementation of their project. In order to handle the large and small customers proper research and development projects for individuals are needed to be estimated according to the requirement (Lipman and Ashlock 2015). Controlled of the shelf product line for the capital equipment projects are to be considered. Without professional discussion between the project manager and vice president the project marketing was also cancelled that affected the ROI of the project and causes high level risks as well. On the other hand when they have put all their focus on the large project the small projects were neglected (Williams 2017). Thus, another external effective environmental project factor that should be considered is the project suppliers.
Development of strategies to implement the appropriate actions
In order to meet the expectation of the project managers and to avoid internal conflict, an accurate action plan those have to be developed for the companies are as follows:

Small scale planning to bring all the project requirements together
Identification of the tasks those are to be managed by the project manager and project team members
Analyzing all the delegate tasks
Focus on the priorities and the task those are due
All the completed tasks are to be marked as done
Human resource allocation for each tasks
Discussion on the pending tasks and total budget estimated and also the extra budget that may be required

Drafted communication plan and outcomes to the diverse stakeholders
process of secure communication that is needed to be followed to incorporate creativity and innovation in both the small and large projects. The project manager and all project stakeholders should follow this particular communication approach. Besides following this approach they should utilize open communication to engage all the project team members and project manager to the allotted roles and responsibility.
Individual report
Knowledge and skills learned
During the course of learning I have obtained professional knowledge regarding integrated project management and importance of selecting Enterprise Environmental Factor (EEF), the project managers most of the time struggles due to incorrect selecting of project management processes. From the knowledge of PMBOOK areas I have learned details about project time management, which is necessary to apply in the practical field to complete a project within estimated time. I have realized that the estimated time gets exceeded the automatically it will negatively affect the estimated cost structure. I have learned that in order to analyze the current situation of the market the necessity of external analysis (PESTLE) and internal analysis (SWOT) are also done properly. I have gained from the lecture classes and self study. I think that in order to make any kind of innovation it needs collaboration, practical implementation and creativity simultaneously. If any of these factors were found to be missed then the implementation will not meet the expectation. Communication technique gives systematic workflows that are required to implement any project successfully.
Its benefit for further study
Whatever ideas, knowledge and skills I have obtained from this learning course are very much effective from both the business and consumers perspectives. I think that this particular course was a completely new experience for me from the learning and performance point of view. From the project management learning course I have also learned that the practical part gave me a chance for implementing all my knowledge I think that the knowledge I have gained from this learning can be used by me in any professional field.  Another important component about which I have learned from the course of integrated project management is related to probability and impact metrics. Based on the ranking of the risk and its priority always the risk management strategies are to be developed. Again before implementation of any project the importance of creating a project charter I have also learned from the subject.
Total learning experience
Integrated project management is referred to as a part of project management methodology that is widely followed by different business organizations to meet the requirements of the clients and to deliver quality and on times service to the consumers. Based on the background of the business organizations the norms, values and the management methodologies are developed.  I have learned that for successful accomplishment of any task the project program portfolio and Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) are to be followed accordingly by the stakeholders. If any of the project team members fails to identify the correct EEF the, the entire success of the company will be negatively impacted.
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