Aspects of the Nursing Profession in Preparing Nurse Leaders for 2020 by Huston

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Aspects of the Nursing Profession in “Preparing Nurse Leaders for 2020” by Huston

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Subject: Nursing

The article “Preparing Nurse Leaders for 2020” by Huston (2008) addresses different aspects of the nursing profession as an industry that is developing dynamically and, therefore, will change in the future. With regard to social influences, this article looks at nursing as a healthcare sector that requires continuous learning and self-development. In particular, Huston (2008) states that the interpretation and resolution of various controversial situations in the workplace are possible if a nurse has appropriate training and social interaction skills. For an article twelve years ago, this assumption is valuable and important as an implication on the social component of the nursing profession.

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The high dynamics of the nursing industry is one of the reasons explaining economic trends in it. According to Huston (2008), the skill set that nursing staff needs to master determines their productivity and, consequently, the financial performance of this area. Stievano et al. (2018), in turn, note that the globalization of nursing practice correlates with economics positively due to the impact of care on people’s health and subsidies to this sector. Therefore, from the standpoint of financial effects, the study under consideration offers objective information concerning the best methods of development in the future. Finally, with regard to political impacts, = Huston’s (2008) article views the nursing industry as the one that includes aspects of responsibility expressed in decision-making and accountability. The requirement to be politically skilled is driven by the need to keep up with trends in this environment and adapt work styles to the current conditions. Brownie et al. (2018) remark that the nursing profession empowers employees politically due to appropriate powers to act as care coordinators. Thus, all the three aspects considered are addressed in the article in question, and the key impacts are reflected from the perspective of subsequent development. References Brownie, S., Wahedna, A. H., & Crisp, N. (2018). Nursing as a pathway to women’s empowerment and intergenerational mobility. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27(21-22), 4050-4057. Huston, C. (2008). Preparing nurse leaders for 2020. Journal of Nursing Management, 16(8), 905-911. Stievano, A., Caruso, R., Pittella, F., Shaffer, F. A., Rocco, G., & Fairman, J. (2018). Shaping nursing profession regulation through history – A systematic review. International Nursing Review, 66(1), 17-29.

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