BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope 4

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BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope 4

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BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope 4

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Topic: What are the factors determine the project communication in LAP project?

You are required to submit a research design report for your research topic. The plan should incorporate the research problem, a description of the type of research, and a well-considered work schedule.


Title of Research
A Study on the Impact of Project Communication on Project Performance With Special Reference To Land Acquisition Project (LAP) By Land And Survey Department Under Ministry Of Urban Development And Natural Resources
At Malaysia, the land acquisition includes the taking away of land compulsorily. This is commonly done against the will of landowners. The Malaysian law needs the state to pay compensation adequately. Further, it must be reminded sufficient compensation is not defined in the statue. Unlike land purchasing, it is the forcible take-over on different government-owned private owned land. The Land is acquired to server practical public purpose. The land acquisition for different development works is a common practice in various countries. It has boosted national growth. For instance the exercise of land acquisition is of the farm lands for creating particular financial zones.
In this study, the land acquisition project from the side of “Land and Survey Department” within the “Urban Development and Natural Resources” are considered. Here, the research questions, background, aims, objectives, research methods are demonstrated.  Further, various kinds of researches, population, sampling, data sources, data collection tools and data analysis are also analysed.
Research Questions
(a)    What is the core contribution of Project communication?
(b)    What are the impacts of Project communication on project performance?
(c)   How this has been particularly affecting project schedule project cost and project quality?
Background of Research
The urban development is the basis for upcoming generations. This is because it helps in indicating the longevity of the area. The project management includes the development of an urban area (Chen et al. 2017). It fulfils the necessities of the current generation, preserves and protects the scenario of future generations. Besides, the natural resource development and management project includes six elements that are tasked for addressing particular institutional and technical aspects. This involves land laws, land administration, geodetic survey, resource management, strategic management and planning. There is a necessity to control internally, every land consolidation and resettlement and acquisition activities. This has been taking place for every scheme and considering meaningful measures as there is any happening (Vanclay et al. 2017). Further, there is a necessity to assure that the land acquired or any resettlement might result from the outcomes.
However, it must be reminded that to meet the necessities of urban development, the main aim is to investigate the elements that are hindering the success of the project. A framework should be developed concerning primary sectors of concern of stakeholders. Besides, the project must reveal consultation, lack of communication and political instability. Further, it must also fight with nepotism by political officials, failure and lack top adhere to the regulations of the project and lack of standardization of project design. Moreover, it also involves the lack of proper continuity of various factors that have been inhibiting the project sustainability. On the other hand, as far as the development of natural resources is concerned, policy formulation, performance monitoring, planning coordination, communication, education and information is to be involved. This must also include management and organization for strategic management and planning. Then, regarding resource management, the natural resource management information system, environmental monitoring and resource use planning are to be considered. Then for geodetic survey the standard reference point around the nation is to be established. Regarding land administration, a real property tax analysis, integrated social forestry, agrarian reform and cadastral survey is to be done. For the land laws, the environmental protection law and natural resource management are to be done. Lastly, for the computerization and developing of microcomputer-based mining tiles, the research must be helpful to deploy the effective database and administration system.
Objectives Of The Research
The aims of the project include the understanding of central contribution of project communication. Then it includes the effect of project communication over the performance of project. This includes project quality and project costs.
The various factors of the current study include the factors helpful to identify the project communication in LAP project. Next, the effects of project communication over project performance over the project schedule are needed to be determined. Further, effects of project communication over the project cost and project performance is needed to be measured. Lastly, the effects of the project communication on project performance over the quality are determined in the study.

To understand primary benefits of Project communication.

To identify the impact of Project communication on project performance

Problem Statement:
This includes the following:
The project management is the method to manage every aspect of a project. This starts from inception to closing, through the help of structured and scientific methodology. Besides, it is seen as the concern with controlling various discrete packages for activities to gain particular objectives.In the context of project management, the communication systems are the frameworks helping in exchange of experience, skills and knowledge. The project performance can be seen as the measure to track scope, cost and time. This is enhanced through proper project communication (Jamalludin et al. 2016). This clarifies project activities and helps the stakeholders to get involved in projects. The land acquisition project refers to the method through which the private land is acquired for industrialization, developing infrastructural facilities and urbanization of private land (Cramb and Deanna Ferraro et al. 2016). Moreover, it provides compensation to various affected landowners and resettlement and rehabilitation.  The finding of adequate and proper land is the problem with the state. Besides, compensation at market rate is needed to be provided before the project commencement (Breu et al. 2016). Further, the accelerating of entire economic development of the state and focus of the government is also a barrier in the present case. This plan includes how project communication must be provided with particular information regarding quality, cost and schedule to be best delivered. Besides, the communication channels to be used for providing the data is also included in the relationship (Dell’Angelo et al. 2017). Here, the initial source of quality cost of the loss of experienced due to poor quality. This is known as failure cost. Next, there is the source of quality cost. This is the investment to develop quality and value of prevention. The quality management is done through the help of the same type of quality requirements regarding project deliverables. This delivers the direction to manage quality and validate what is suitable (Liu et al. 2015). In order to manage quality, the project managers have been using the cost-benefit analysis for refining tasks through lowering expenses, developing products and needs of less rework.
Operational Definition:
The project communication has been playing a vital role to keep the projects on tasks. This must specify communication that includes frequency and methods. This varies as per the necessities of the project. To understand the reason behind the plan of project communication is helpful for managers to under the goals of plans.
Research Method:
Type of Research:
The present research consists of the empirical survey study. Here the research methods are qualitative or logistic regression analysis. Further, the viewpoints of owners are ascertained here through questionnaires. The advantage of the agreement process is investigated through material oriented analysis of the contents of various documents. Moreover, the primary elements to look for, in this study includes answering the particular research questions. It also defines the phenomenon, behaviour and population to be studied. Besides, it describes the process utilized in the study including selection criteria, testing instruments and controls. The SPSS or “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences” is used here for complicated statistical data analysis. Its statistical program has been providing the plethora of primary statistical functions. This also include bivariate statistics, cross tabulation and frequencies. Moreover, its Modeler program, also helps on creating and validating predictive models through innovative statistical processes. Its Text Analytics for survey is helpful for survey administrator to uncover the effective insights from reactions to different survey queries. Moreover, its Visualization Designer approach permits to utilize the data in creating the broad varieties of visuals such as radial boxplots and charts with simplicity.
Research Population:
Here, about 2000 landowners at Malaysia are considered for the above survey.
Research Sampling:
The research is done by plotting the graph. This highlights the logistic regression curve (Verburg et al. 2015). This is available as there is one single type of independent variable. Here, the sample size is provided with the number and proportion of various cases with positive and negative results. Here, let p be the minimum of the proportions of positive and negative cases in the overall population. Here, k is the number of covariates or the number of independent variables. Here the minimum of cases involves the following.
N= 10 k/p
Sources of Data:
The source of data is the AIC or Akaike Information Criteria. This is the analogous metric of the R^2 adjusted in logistic regression. This is the calculation of fit. This has been penalizing model for the various quantity of model coefficients (Roesli, Asep Heri and Siti Rahayu 2017). This one must prefer model having least AIC value. This is the estimator of the relative quality of various statistical models for particular set of data. Provided with the collection for data, AIC is helpful to estimate the quality of every model that is relative to their models. In this way, AIC delivers the ways of mode selection. This is based on information theory. AIC determines the relative data that is lost by any specific model. Less the information is lost by a model, the AIC is found to be dealing with various trade-offs between the efficiency and simplicity of the model.
Data Collection Instrument:
Here, the statistical software package R is utilized. Here, the capability of analysing and interpreting data is the increasing complex factor to drive commercial success and innovation. This includes the maximising of operational affectivity, knowing the base of customer and controlling the quality monitoring that needs the data and capability to investigate that. R is a programming language and environment of free software. This is for various graphics and statistical computing that is supported by R Foundation meant for Statistical Computing. This is broadly utilized among various data miners and statisticians o develop data analysis and statistical software. R and is libraries has been deploying broad several of graphical and statistical techniques. This includes nonlinear and linear modelling, different classical statistic tests, clustering, classifications and time-series analysis.
Data Analysis
The logistic regression model is created including every kind of explanatory variables. This includes treatment and age. Here, the type of model having every variable is involved as a saturated model and complete model. This is the most effective starting option has one adequate sample size and few numbers of variables for including various elements. They are challenges with sample size and the inclusion of variable. The SPSS software is the tool to make better cessions about the data. Here it is used for data analysis. This is helpful for the user to fill the missing blanks. It is helpful to create better models and data estimation. Here, the analysis is done ion 2000 land owners. The data from the above collected survey is gathered through SurveyGizmo to be exported to SPSS. This is done for in-depth analysis. Further, exporting the survey data to the proprietary of SPPS in .SAV forma has made the overall process to pull, manipulate and examine the data easily. Moreover, SPSS has automatically setting up and importing the designated names of variable names, titles, value labels, meanings and least performance needed from researchers.
Work Schedule

Task Name



Work Schedule for the present land acquisition project

14.8 wks

Wed 8/29/18

   Writing research questions in theoretical and operational format

1 wk

Wed 8/29/18

   Designing or defining the present study

14 days

Wed 9/5/18

      Nested and Crossed Factors

2 days

Wed 9/5/18

      Finding confounders and control variables

4 days

Fri 9/7/18

      Analyzing Longitudinal or repeated measurements

4 days

Thu 9/13/18

      Simple random sampling

4 days

Wed 9/19/18

   Choose variables to answer research questions and finding level of measurement

2 wks

Tue 9/25/18

   Conducting user training

1 wk

Tue 10/9/18

   Calculating different sample size estimations

1 wk

Tue 10/16/18

   Refining the model

3 wks

Tue 10/23/18

      Refining predictors and check model fit

1 wk

Tue 10/23/18

      Test assumptions

1 wk

Tue 10/30/18

      Checking for and resolving data issues

1 wk

Tue 11/6/18

   Interpreting results

4 wks

Tue 11/13/18

Figure 1: “Gantt Chart for the current study on Land Acquisition”
(Source: Created by Author)
Anticipated Outcomes
The requests and complaints from various landowners at Malaysia are collected through this research. Then, there requests and complaints are concluded and reviewed. Further, necessary feedback is provided to various related parties. As selected and owned by private persons, various amount of legal information and right holders are gathered how they utilize the land. In the current project communication of the land acquisition project, the schedule is been listing the deliverables, activities and project milestones. This is expected with start and finish dates. The various hypotheses are demonstrated below.

The investors who have been acquiring this land have consisted of financial and technical ability and efficiency of intent in long terms.
The economic and financial assessment of those investments are competent on the basis of reasonable assumptions with robust in standard the sensitive analysis.
The proper resources and current properties are not recognized properly.
The potential resource and property rights are to be identified formally.
The potential environment and social externalities are to be dealt and diagnosed as per accepted standards.
The method of project and site selection, Scrutiny and projected design to transparent and open relevant issues instead of creating the cost of transaction and delays.

Here, the cost estimation is also utilized for preparing the baseline of project cost. This is the point based on milestone to compare the analysis of actual cost performance of projects. Moreover, the cost estimating is the overall assimilation of involved costs to finish the land acquisition project successfully. Besides, the project quality management of this project is the overall activity and process required for determining and achieving the quality of project. Apart from this the project quality is seen as the service of products. This has the capability for performing satisfactorily and is necessary for the expected purpose.
As there is the current structure on any suitable land, the individuals utilizing the structure and how long they have received impact from the project is determined. Besides, the research helps in understanding as there is any non-agricultural usage on the chosen land, the affected people and how fat and the time of their people affected can be also be determined. Moreover, the vulnerable teams among the project-affected people are also identified through the project. Further, proper criteria needed to be satisfied for pursuant of compensation to national legislation is also found out here. Further, the study has been useful to review the complete land acquisition process. Further, the results also feed into irrigation modernization tasks. The outcomes, pending grievances and primary issues and in compliance are related to land acquisition addressed. Further, the outputs are helpful to supply corrective measures and suggestions as there are some unresolved grievances or any. Apart from this, in this land acquisition project, the consultation process and community engagement which is in line to project stakeholder engagement plans or SEP and various mechanisms of grievances have been redressing different mechanisms at every level.
The above study helps in understanding how the consultation methods with users and owners of land subjected to land acquisition are liable for consultations. This also includes means and channels to be utilized for informing the project regarding affected people externally and internally. Regarding external factors the present political issues and to impend the issues are determined above. Next, the vital current and impending economic factors are to be found out. Further, the cultural and social aspects vital for the achievement and technological trends and innovations to be occurring are determined here. Besides, different legal issues and environmental challenges to the core business are indicated in the study.  Moreover the study helps in understanding that internally leadership is a vital factor. Though typical conference has formal structure with vision and mission statements sated clearly, various negative and cultural assumptions has been resulting from various approaches of leaderships. However, it must be reminded that the transparent and steady communication is a challenge. As the project leader of this land acquisition project develops the scenario where the project statuses and information can be shared smarty this develops the exchanges around all levels. In order to deploy the effective scenario of communication, the above study is important. Using all the communication technologies, the project leaders can use the best options regarding the internal factors fitting the needs and the team. Moreover, the research is helpful to data on the grievance system in place and how that functions and who is liable for the parties and get complaints at a local level. Further, the results help in determining how and what frequency has been the land acquisition to be monitored and by whom. Besides, the areas covered by monitoring activity and the work schedule and estimated budget envisaged for the land acquisition tasks.  Moreover, the study is helpful to understand how the external factors like irrigation facilities and other consolidation activities must be like from the project.
Breu, Thomas, Christoph Bader, Peter Messerli, Andreas Heinimann, Stephan Rist, and Sandra Eckert. “Large-scale land acquisition and its effects on the water balance in investor and host countries.” PloS one 11, no. 3 (2016): e0150901.
Chen, Yangfen, Xiande Li, Lijuan Wang, and Shihai Wang. “Is China different from other investors in global land acquisition? Some observations from existing deals in China’s Going Global Strategy.” Land Use Policy 60 (2017): 362-372.
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Yenneti, Komali, Rosie Day, and Oleg Golubchikov. “Spatial justice and the land politics of renewables: Dispossessing vulnerable communities through solar energy mega-projects.” Geoforum 76 (2016): 90-99.

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