BSBWHS605 Develop- Implement And Maintain WHS Management Systems

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BSBWHS605 Develop, Implement And Maintain WHS Management Systems

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BSBWHS605 Develop, Implement And Maintain WHS Management Systems

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Course Code: BSBWHS605
University: Australian Professional Skills Institute

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Country: Australia


Holistic overview:
You will initially provide an executive summary, and purpose of the report.  The introduction to Pitstop Pty Ltd. requires students to establish the importance of working with individuals and parties to produce the WHS plan appropriate to the organisation that meets requirements.
The purpose of the report will allow you to ascertain the proposal of implementing a work health safety management system while providing leadership across the organisation in directing the implementation. As a leader tasked with managing innovation and continuous improvement throughout the use of a WHSMS it will allow you the opportunities to embed changes and make informed decisions for future improvements.  Throughout you will be required to arrange appointments to have consultations with your trainer to discuss your WHSMS in three stages of its progression.
Your review of Pitstop Pty Ltd will identify and clarify their objectives, values and standards in accordance with organisation strategic direction.  You will produce a SWOT and PESTLE analysis to provide a base for your exploration moving forward. The review requires linkages between organisational objectives, values and standards and the responsibilities of relevant groups [PL 1.2].

Part 1 – Propose the WHS Management System
Read the Pitstop case study so that you are informed with relevant facts to be able to address the following criteria and produce a supportive document of evidence.
Assessment description
Using the scenario information supplied, you will conduct an initial review of the workplace. You will then participate in a management meeting (consultation), in which you will propose the design of an appropriate WHSMS and confer with management. During the meeting, you will present a draft WHS policy for consultation. 
Part 2 – Plan and implement the WHSMS
Read the Pitstop case study so that you are informed with relevant facts to be able to address the following criteria and produce a supportive document of evidence.
Assessment Description:
Using the scenario information supplied, and the WHS policy and management system design you developed for part 1, you will carry out a number of planning and implementation activities and role-play consultation with [Pg 56 WHS]. To complete the requirements, you will continue on from the above report discussing implementation documentation for a pilot program at the Pitstop Pty Ltd Wollongong service station.
Part 3 – Monitor and report of WHS performance
Read the Pitstop case stud so that you are informed with relevant facts to be able to address the following criteria and produce a supportive document of evidence.
Assessment description
Using the scenario information supplied in this task, and planning materials developed in part 1 and part 2, you will undertake a number of monitoring and evaluation tasks. You will consult with managers to gain input into and support implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities to measure WHS performance against organizational outcomes and individual performance. You will then analyze and evaluate WHS performance data, present a draft report to senior management and provide a final written report containing results of analysis and recommendations for improvement of the WHSMS.


Introduction to the Organisation:
Pitstop is a private organisation that is being operated on different service stations in North Melbourne city.  The company is owned by Jim Murphy, the CEO who has been running the company for last five years. In order to buy out ISS (Independent Service Station) the company has raised sufficient finance in last eight months. The operational chain of the company works in the regions like New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.  With the plan to expand to 30 service stations the company has grown to a significant level.  The service constitutes of pump stations, retail shops, food bar, vehicle access fort cart, store manager office and the store rooms. The company has currently been working with more than 60 employees in each station.  
Purpose of the Report:
The purpose of the report is to provide an implementation plan pertaining to WHS management system providing leadership across the organisation through managing innovation and continuous improvement. Hence this report is going to be built up in three different segments, first managing the implementation plan on work health and safety management system; second, devising organisational leadership qualities and plans throughout the organisation and third, creating an innovative framework so as to ensure the improvement management.  Following objectives are to be taken in to certain consideration:

i) The objective of this plan is to validate and maintain a health and safety management system plan that would be effective for Pitstopis committed to employing a framed and structured approach to WHS in order to achieve a consistency in terms of highly standardized safety performance. 
ii) The plan shall be assisting Pitstopin meeting the obligations it has in accordance with the legislations associated to work and safety terms.
iii) The plan, therefore, applies to all the working members irrespective of ranks and seniority in Pitstop as the organisation believes that the working members are considered to be the persons at risk with the mode of work they are deployed at.   As a matter of fact, the basic understanding of the entire criteria needs to be addressed with ease.
iv) The plan will be carried out at Pitstop Failure or malfunction to comply with the clauses and requirements of the plan shall lead to disciplinary action taken by the management body of the organisation in any case. Severity of disagreement of the plan needs to be judged with thorough discussion with the advisory and disciplinary board

Vision and Mission Statement:
Work Health and Safety Management system and leadership are the key factors for determining the success of an organisation. Since an organisation runs with the assistance and diligence of the employees, there are several factors that are highly crucial in terms of securing the future effectiveness of an organisation in a market. As a matter of fact, the organisations are highly innovative in terms of securing the safety and health concerns of the working members.  It works as an obligation to the organisations. On the other hand, leadership has active role in the operational and human resource management system of the same. World’s largest organisations that have been touching the business concerns of the people and reaching intimately to the customers in the market are reportedly being directed by effective and inspirational leaders who are not only innovative in their business process but also sensible in taking well care of the workers the key productive devices for the functional operations. Hence, this report is going to focus its study and innovative implementation of sincere WHS management system and leadership qualities in an organisation. The chosen organisation for this report is Pilstop a private owned company belonging to the genre of ISS (Independent Service Station).
SWOT and PESTLE Analysis: 

Policies Pertaining to Work Health and Safety:
Pitstop is committed to the provision of a healthy workplace that does not tend to hamper the lifestyle of the workers. It needs to be stated very clearly that the company vows to the number of workers who are identified as the dedicated ones and it shall be the responsibility of the organisation that the workers- irrespective of age, sex, experience and attachment to the company will be dealt with security so as to ensure a better future and association of the employees with the organisation.  As a matter of fact, it needs to be taken in to certain consideration that all the policies of the companies have been designed and structured with the help of the entire understanding of how the workers can be actively benefited by the company. By doing so, the company will be securing the basic ethical values of the organisation. No policies would be implemented in case of breaching ofhe ethical consideration of the working staff of the company. As a matter of fact, the basic understanding of organisational leadership would be taken in to consideration to execute the plans and strategies through WHS policies.
Committing Statement: 
Pitstop shall be highly committed to providing the policies that are supposed to be fit for the entire unit of the employees. Through the implementation of practicable measures the company would look after the safety issues of the employees.  This shall be benefiting the company through minimizing the underlying risks for the employees. The workers, contractors, builders and other stakeholder associates would be covered within the policies.
The company is highly committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011 and its relevant legislations.  The principles associated with the act would be stringently followed by the company with the driving force from the consultation and management body. However, the consultation of employees will also be taken in to certain consideration as the organisation deeply believes in the engagement of greater number of employees with it.  It further commits to channelize the plans and policies with effective mechanism so as not to skip providing a diligent service to the number of the employees.  
Implementing the Policy Commitment:
Pitstop shall be committed to confirming the health and safety security of the workers- constituting officers, executives, managers, waged labourers at work. The commitment of the policies will be achieved by the followings:

Provision and maintenance of healthy and safe working environment within the campus
Confirming that the work place is under control of Pitstop are absolutelysafe and secured
Implementation of vigilance management system through the deployment of vigilance officers and executives
Routine check up of the entire unit so as to avert risk
Reviewing through the workers and implementation of risk mechanism
Maintaining strong relationship between Pitstop and its workers at every level so as to receive immediate information even pertaining to the minimum risk points

Needful Definitions:
Terminology 1:
PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) 
A PCBU has the primary obligation to confirm the followings:

i) health and safety of the works at work
ii) conduction of medical check-up by the organisation

The organisation would be performing certain duties so as to be considered as PCBU.
Terminology 2: HSR 
HSR (Health and Safety Representative) works as an executive who represents the health and safety duty in association with the policies prescribed by the organisation. As a matter of fact, the very basic difference between an HSR and the other workers is that an HSR of the organisation would be taking specific care of WHS unit while the others would be performing duties on the core business aspect of the company.
Responsibility and Accountability of Work Health and Safety of the Company:
As a matter of fact, the basic concepts need to be comprehended and executed with the help of the following steps:

i) The stores are filled with unwanted chemicals and they need to be shifted out in order to minimize the risk
ii) As the workers are found to be working in front of the computer screens the company owes the responsibility to provide anti-glare screens or anti reflection glass to the workers.
iii) There would be a provision of stress mats upon which the accountants would be working for hours after hours.
iv) The most important initiative pertaining to the implementation would be the induction of the workers on the definition and application of workplace health and safety in an organisation. Therefore, in near future an effective induction program would be held to inform the staff in the organisation. As a matter of fact, the basic understanding pertaining to the entire criteria has to be taken in to certain consideration s as to acknowledge the staff with the procedure undertaken by the company.

Risk Management Procedures:
Risk management is one of the crucial strategies t ensure health and safety provision by the organisations for the employees.   One of the major initiatives that ought to be taken by the company is the provision effective fire emergency service. Though in case of high alert emergency the fire fighters are called upon, in house or internal emergency provisions should be emphasized by the company.  The following implementations need to be ensured:

i) Assessment of Danger in time
ii) Assistance to ensure that the fire does not break out to the vicinity as th store has the responsibility to take care of its own surrounding as well
iii) Technological assistance so as to ensure that the fire fighters are immediately alert

First Aid Service Provision:
The organisation can invest an effective amount to recruit a health checker during the working hours. In case of emergency, the first aid bo would certainly be helpful, however, provision of a health checker or an elementary physician would be more effective to eradicate the underlying risk.  Following the CPR procedure can be helpful in this case.  The company can organise a short training camp pertaining to the usage o first aid box in emergency period. As a matter of fact, it needs to be taken care of that the basic difference between a safe workplace and an unsafe one lies in the awareness spread among the workers. Hence, it shall be the obligation of the higher authority of the company to make the employees become aware of the risks and provide training to adopt the risk management system designed by the organisation.
Documentation and Record Keeping Process:
Since the company would be planning to organise effective induction and training program the minutes of the program can be archived. Documentation is highly essential in confirming the basic need for the entire understanding of the company so as to ensure effective staff engagement in the entire process. As a matter of fact, it has to be taken care of that the working employees are extremely important to grasp the entire policies pertaining to WHS management system.  The documentation process can be ensured with the help of the following tasks:

i) Periodical Backing of Electronic Data
ii) Insurance policies of the company and the paper related to it needs to be documented in a proper file and should be kept in a safer place. On the other hand, it is the obligation for the organisation to ensure employee life insurance policies so that compensations can be claimed in need.

Part 2: Planning and Implementation of the WHS and Leadership across Organisation:
In order to implement an effective strategy on work health and safety management system, different theories need to be adopted and taken in to consideration. However, this particular portion holds the consideration of accident and risk management theories that can easily be implemented during application of the strategies.
Accident Theory and Its Association with WHS Management:
According to the Entropy Model, loss and damage are linked with the concept of accidents and risk. Fortification of the development of occupational or workplace health and safety management can be driven with the conceptualisation of accidents. As a matter of fact, it needs to be ensured that the cause of accidents is properly identified so as to move forward to the incorporation of risk management system.  In most of the case it has been found that the firm’s effects are the basic understanding of the entire case.  If the risk is not eradicated from the organisation r the work place, the accident would be brought up thus entailing a negative consequence.  Hence, during the strategic implementation of the process, three basic steps need to be taken in to account. These are the detection, comprehension and implementation.
Risk Theory:
According to the accident trajectory model proposed by James Reason in the year 1990, a defensive approach needs to be developed by the organisations so as to ensure the basic steps to eradicate risk from the organisational practices and work forces. Human risk factors, according to the Swiss cheese model are formed within a regular and similar trajectory thus entailing active failures of risk management. The organisations are supposed to find out the root of the accidents and need to work on them instead of waiting for the risks to take its ultimate form of accident.
Implementation of the aforesaid theories in terms of strategising WHS management system depends on how effectively the organisation would be taking actions. As it has already been stated that the organisation would need tp find out the meaning of the entire concept in terms of creating a positive check with the help of the entire understanding of how the basic structures are followed. As a matter of fact, it needs a greater understanding of the cases so as to provide the employees with a better structure.
Leadership has played an important role in determining the standard of work health and safety practised by the workers in the company.  As CEO Jim has been extremely diligent in terms of providing training to the workers pertaining to the resistance of WHS management policies designed by the company. Since the CEO has been identified as a motivational leader, his working criteria has been a method of value provision to the employees.
Part 3: Monitor and report on WHS performance
In order to ensure the execution of the evaluation of the activities stated within the policies of the organisation, an effective monitoring system needs to be implemented. The best way to do this is the provision of technology such as vigilance camera, android monitoring system and human monitors. As a matter of fact, the monitors should have proper communication standard with the senior management of the organisation. In terms of the entire concept may be stated with the factual description of how the plans can be executed.   With the following steps, the information and activities of the organisation can be monitored:

Effective and authentic audit report
Reports of ongoing hazard and proper documentation and investigation of the same
Constant check upon the employee behaviour pertaining to the fellow employees, especially regarding sexual discourses
Constant feedback from the employees upon the parts and gap in infrastructure within the store
Consultation with the working employees regarding the implementation of innovative WHS plans
Tracking of ongoing budget on the purpose of detecting gap
Making report assessing the risks underlying and visible within the store tat might lead to the accidents of the workplace
Managing Stakeholders
Improvement of Training and Education

Having studied the WHS management practices of the company it can be stated that the company needs to follow the standards set by Standards Australia. As per the paradigm set by the aforesaid organisation, every organisation ought to review and improve the ongoing WHS system with the effective set of the issues. As a matter f fact, there is a need for the entire understanding of how those reviewed would be taken in to consideration to execute future strategies.  The monitoring of Workplace Health and Safety management system has to be taken care of properly thus measuring the consequences in a positive manner.  Since Pitstop is associated with different health and safety activities during its business practices, it needs to move a step[ ahead to improve the present standard in order to become an exemplary paradigm in its business sector. This is how the basic need of the organisation is to find out how the entire concept of health and safety issues is handled and they are executed with a proper application.

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