Business Research: Challenges Managing Global Teams

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Business Research: Challenges Managing Global Teams

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Business Research: Challenges Managing Global Teams

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Discuss about the Business Research for Challenges Managing Global Teams.

A remarkable growth has been evidenced in the field of remote working and the extent is resultant of increasing global expansion and heights. Developing countries like UK, Australia, and USA are demonstrating high degree of growth which welcomes ample of challenges in managing global teams along with increasing recruitments of employees globally Cramton & Hinds (2014). The present study is a section that inculcates the literature review on challenges that are faced in managing global teams. For this, Telstra which is the Australia’s top telecommunications and information Services Company has been taken. Being regarded as the well known brands in the nation, they are associated in providing eight million lines which are fixed and ten point five million services related to mobile IBM Australia, (2017). Telstra is chosen to support the current study which will be undertaken by various research work and scholarly evidences.
Literature Review Scope And Objective
The ultimate aim of every globally working business organization is to attain the success through the implementation of effective monitoring and evaluation over its diverse team. Along with functions and operations that company is engaged into brings coupled of challenges. This focuses majorly on team performance and work that are directly associated with organization’s productivity and yield.
According to the study conducted by Barak (2016), companies who are working overseas has to develop virtual teams. The chief objective lies in assessing various confronts that are required to examine in order to improvise over hurdles that affect the smooth global operations. Furthermore, engagement is pointed as the major area of concern while handling teams across different nations. This includes regular monitoring, quick response over assigned work, and deliveries. The barrier is ultimately being recognized in involving many people at the common place. In concise, communicating with each other is what researcher felt as the major trouble that hinders participation of employees in the same organization across nations.
Telstra has effectively worked on facilitating the business ready networks by initiating only IP Wide Area Network (Dailey, Kumar, & Bentz, 2014). Through the same, the issue of connecting their staff and employees over wide area has been resolved. Along with the same, they fulfill the need and requirement of public association by offering platform to customers and business partners. They have business process that enables them to gather their real time data in providing real time platform to foster key business elements.  
Moreover, Boutellier, Gassmann & Von Zedtwitz (2013) had studied on another area of challenge that is about different culture while managing global team. The biggest issue that a leader faces in leading team is with respect to their mother tongue. Unable to express and present them in front of staff and executive members may de-motivate and affect the quality of efforts and work done. It leads to situation of fragile when floating of information creates hindrance and may leads to delay in work and results. This may also hampers the quantum of cooperation involved and thence may leads to failure.
Hoffman, Casnocha & Yeh (2014) has chosen very ground level of issue that is about face to face communication where authors suggested that close communication is essential to yield fruitful results and outcomes. This is effective also in terms of knowing about work, the kind of operation carried by individual and his / her performance. Eye contact, body language, gestures are few aspects that can be crucially analyzed through fostering face to face communication. Weekly meetings, sessions and monitoring are ways through which teams can enhance better work progression. Contrary to the same, Baruch, Altman & Tung (2016) shared their views that while having team in various locations leads to possible roadblocks and lowers the required level of attention and communication over needed areas and fields.
Time zone difference is another issue which has been identified in managing global work aspects. For instances, Telstra has well flourished business working across world whereby expecting availability of every required member at a time becomes bit tough and may be impossible. Thence, this is one of the major issues which are carried by lack of leadership aspects Cramton & Hinds (2014).
Another challenge as suggested by Adair, Hideg & Spence (2013) is about performance evaluation that demands effective workplace decorum. Achievement of team goals is another needed parameter that comes from group work and involvement in the firm. Employees in organization work together work on some clear defined goals and objectives. The evaluation of successful working is done on the basis of shared efforts and team’s SMART doing. But, in lieu of this, when employees do not meet and aware about each other’s potential to work, then it may affect the overall content and resultant.
According to Harvey, Parry & Vorbach (2014), operational concerns are another major aspect where managerial decisions pertaining to international work are required to be taken. Researchers believe these are needed to consider as core part of team management. If these are not managed effectively, then it can affect the future business opportunities in adverse manner. Thence, in order to run production functions in uniform level, there is high need to consider the equal order of functions in all business located in different parts of the world. This is essential in order to acquire the high level of achievement. Furthermore, managing team is quite tough when there are firms who deal with supply chain orientation Zweifel. (2013). If team from same department situated in different parts of the world is not effectively trained to work on single business rule then the level of productivity varies and may not serve the objective of the organization.
In the words of Boutellier, Gassmann & Von Zedtwitz (2013), training and recruitment are other crucial considerations which can be taken into action while leading team at global level. If people from diverse parts of the world are provided uniform kind of learning and development programs then the probability of resultant outcome may remain same. This has been acquired from the training programs such as global integration, virtual team training, development at overseas etc run by organizations.
As suggested in the words of Majchrzak & et.al (2014), cross cultural barriers are another issue that is faced while dealing global team. As staff members belonging from different nation of the worlds are from various culture, race, customs and traditions. Their need thus vary in terms of environment for doing work. The work of organization may also hamper if the associated firm may not be able to provide that level of results and market research tools for finding effective solutions to the problems developed. For the same, (Boutellier, Gassmann & Von Zedtwitz (2013) shared the opinion that if firm manages to apply proper management program from the end of Human Resource team then the reason to create equality over work could be gained easily.
Furthermore, Taras & et.al (2013) mentioned that if there is no management function may taken to resolve the cultural issues then communication gap may gets extended. This is the reason why firms such as Telstra ensure in high degree to smoothen the flow of communication in its working at all level and at all nations of its working. The consequences of miscommunication as reveled from study, if may not be developed through the use of proper tools of communication such as email, phones, wireless tools etc, then work patterns may get affected adversely. However, it is also opposed and stated that on the other way round, this problem can be resolved easily with the assistance of using methods and ways such as translator. Effective interpretation of message and flow of information is good way of ensuring good interaction.
Managing members in all locations through single hand becomes difficult. Kumar (2016) inferred that various principles of strategic management which is another consideration for meeting firm’s goal. It is suggestive to use tools such as generic competitive strategies and value chain process by organization to make certain key principles. Along with the same, different country has its own ways of external factors that vary to the great extent. They have core impact over business activities and functions. For instances, legal permissions of one nation are different from another and thence, requirements pertaining to permission to work and assess business activities are also different Salacuse (2015).
In support to above explanation, Moran, Abramson & Moran (2014) have also supported that leadership is another need that can take the level of managing global level team towards to efficient standard. For example, Telstra firm is more focused towards autocratic leadership but as per the environment of Australia the business employees are more focused towards participative leadership. Therefore, it is required to adopt management measures that edges towards the perfection Gibbs & Boyraz (2015). Thence, it is very crucial for manager who is from diverse nation and who is appointed in unfamiliar country then should be developed with training and development programs. Also, company must also organize training related to communication for the manager to adapt domestic language for conquering with the concern of weak communication.
Schein (2015) researched that teams working in different nations offer high flexibility and other potential benefits, but they generate frequent leadership confronts. They usually face particular challenges consisting of cohesiveness of group, belief, communication, and deadlines. In the words of LIMA & et.al (2014), there are five main disadvantages to a team working across abroad. These are deficiency of physical communication, thrashing of face-to-face sharing, and low level of trust, better anxiety with inevitability and reliability. Along with the same, it has also been stated that there are various challenges that happen in teams working abroad. These are inclusive of Failures of technology, gaps in Communication, divergence, unproductive Processes of work and other challenges. Kumar (2016) inferred the drawbacks of managing teams on global concerns. They aligned refusal of person’s recognition, revels of team activities, lack of visibility, the issues of expertise and trust.
With respect to current research, human resource management in the company is being regarded as a comparative consensus on the processes to be developed. From the point of concern of tactical-operations, the role played by manager is considered on practical issues. These are comprises of recruitment, selection, development, evaluation and compensation.  Working in different countries is a complex task and job. This process encompasses aspects which are inclusive of facilitating expatriate staff and execution, contrast and alteration of practices of firm that employees of diverse nations work (Moran, Abramson & Moran (2014). Thence, one of the effective ways to fulfill the variation that prevail is to adopt company’s policies.  This way of thinking is also about individuals and their associated management policies.
The study also reveals the fact that this must be effective and flexible which should be able to pact with variations. This reflects the great requirement of surveillance of demographic and cultural distinction. This becomes the job of manager to undertake the implementation and execution of various processes into practices. This includes planning of human manpower, knowing, calculating and transmitting the needs of skilled manpower for the project during the time of execution of the project, recruiting project task to the team and choose and find the personnel need for execution of the project (Ivanaj & Bozon, 2016). Along with the same, enlargement of Project Team and ensuring the need of training to get better ability and communication of members is also done (Boutellier, Gassmann & Von Zedtwitz (2013). This enables to run the same project activities with productivity, excellence, security and opportune agreement.
The above study has been successful conducted by understanding the possible barriers that may come across fostering team work in international market place. Human resource has been considered as the backbone of every business entity. Thence, it becomes imperative to consider ways that can analyze the need of managing teams. Group of employees work across border are different in various aspects. Through the current study, it is evaluated that when team work over another nation, there are required to assess different efforts that prove useful in yielding better outcome and productivity. 
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