BUSN1001 Business Reporting And Analysis

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BUSN1001 Business Reporting And Analysis

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BUSN1001 Business Reporting And Analysis

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Course Code: BUSN1001
University: Australian National University

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Country: Australia


 In this assessment task, students will use the detailed case information provided in a written case study. The purpose of this task is for students to show their understanding of how theory relates to practice.
Students will:
1.Identify a practice theory (or theories) relevant to this particular case study. Students must use one (or more) of the practice theories explored in the course content and textbook. Briefly outline the practice theory
2.Justify the application of the practice theory (or theories) and argue the relevance to this particular case study.
3.Describe how you would apply this practice theory or theories to this particular case.
What are the particular strategies and techniques relevant to the theory that you would use in this case, and how would you apply them in practice?


The report will help in evaluating different facts of the case study presented. The practice theory is the concept to evaluate human beings and their different aims and intentions to bring changes in the society, nation or the world in which they are living.  The primary objective of this paper is to recognize a theory of practice which will be appropriate for this case study. The paper will justify and explain the theory of practice suitable for this case. Moreover, the article will also discuss the implementation along with the strategies of the practice theory related to this case study.
Identification of the Practice Theories
The case study is about Leah Smith, a woman of 33 years, who lives with her husband John and her two children, Alex and Dora. She visited the ABC Center for Help but she was beaten by her husband. She works in an as a full-time office assistant in State University and clarifies that she is satisfied with her job. However, she is not happy in her personal life and does not want to live with her husband, but she had no other option to live anywhere else.  She was staying at home for few days after getting frustrated and started planning for some other place. In this given case, the psychological theory is applicable to Leah.   Psychological theory is the analysis of human behavior and mind along with awareness and unawareness perceptions and also the emotions and opinions (Meyer, 2015).
 The theory of psychology describes that the self-assessment of a person develops and changes as they come in contact with several social crises all through their life. These social crises might consist of trust and distrust, and informs the trustworthiness of the person, industry, and inferiority which shows the qualities such as work ethics, capability and self-confidence; and familiarity and isolation, which are the basis of love (Yazan, 2015). The social crises reflect the self-perceptions of the persons, their reaction to the world and the people near them, and their skills development ability.
The main objective of the psychological theory is to realize human behaviors, thinking, opinions and feelings. With the help of this theory, many other theories have been analyzed to describe and predict the different factors of human psychology (Greene, 2017). Most of these theories have given the test of time and has been accepted at present. Each of the theory gives the basis to understand human psychology.  Every theory will give vital information related tothe psychological history, the development of thought on a specific topic and a deeper realization of the modern concepts (Kleiman, Liu & Riskind, 2014). 
Justification of the Practice Theories
The psychological theory is vital for providing guidance in education, mentality, business, and many other human psychology. They offer solutions to questions related to several types of thoughts like the opinions, feelings, learning, and problem-solving (Boys et al., 2015). There are different types of theories related to human psychology; humanistic theory, personality theory, social psychological theory, behavioral theory, development theory and the cognitive psychological theory (Trevithick, 2014). In this case, the cognitive psychological theory, the behavioral psychological theory, and the personality psychological theory have been applied.
 The cognitive psychological theory is the evaluation of internal human mentality, like the views, opinions, emotions, memory, attention, education and language (Buckner et al., 2017). There are many practical implementations of this theory like offering help to cope up with the mental disorders, increasing the accuracy of the decision-making abilities, finding methods to help in recovering people from injuries, and creating the educational environment to encourage education (Kintsch & Vipond, 2014). The ways to study the human thoughts not only helps the researchers to gain knowledge about the mechanisms of the human brain but also the psychologists to create new procedures to help the people in dealing with the psychological issues. The cognitive psychological theory also helps to know the process of creating, storing and recollecting memories.
The behavioral psychological theory is the analysis of learnings on the basis of the concept that all the behaviors are developed due to the conditioning. The conditioning is the process of communicating with the environment (Grossman, Park, & Russell, 2016). The behavioral psychological theorists believe that human reactions shape human actions. This theory is frequently utilized as a therapy to help the autistic children and develops their skills. The behavioral psychological theory is based on human behaviors, so it is easy to quantify and gather information during the research. This process is helpful for both adults and children (Levit, 2017). 
The personality psychological theory is usually explained as being created by the pattern of thinking, emotions, and behaviors to make a unique individual. It has been found by some researchers that the while the external aspects could affect some human characteristics, personality always forms in an individual (King et al., 2018). Some of the factors of the personality might change as a person grows old, but personality also has the tendency to remain constant all through life.     
Implementation of the Practice Theories
Leah does a full-time job and loved her work. She identified that her colleagues are supportive and cooperative, especially regarding her personal life problems. She is time and place-oriented woman and seems to self-reflective (Leary et al., 2015). Sometimes, she is tough on herself when she thinks about her past and current decisions, especially her marriage to her present husband John. She has said that she is proud of her achievements related to her job, as her workplace is the desired area which makes happy and respected by her colleagues (Czyz, Berona & King, 2015). Here the cognitive psychological theory is applicable which concentrates on internal factors like the motivation, problem-solving, management, thinking, and attention. This psychological theory will help Leah to be calmer so that she could concentrate on her work and try to solve her personal issues.  The motivational portion of the case is that Leah herself want to know the reason for her unhappiness in her life and marriage. She has explained that she loves to talk and has good social capabilities.
The behavioral psychological theory is a learning philosophy created on the concept that all the behaviors are developed due to the situations. The behavioral methods are generally utilized in the therapy centers to help customers in acquiring new skills and behaviors. In the given case, Leah has said that she is worried about her managing and decisions making abilities (Nadorff et al., 2014). She mentioned that last week she was so upset that she left her children and husband on the mall and came back home, while it was raining outside. She has not spoken to them for 36 hours and when her children came to her, she closed the door and said them to leave the room. She was facing screaming attacks which was uncontrollable for her (Miller, Esposito?Smythers & Leichtweis, 2016). She has mentioned that the bruising marks after she is beaten by John, are always in that parts of the body where the other people could not observe. This psychological theory would be beneficial for Leah so that she could control her anger and her attacks of shouting and screaming. She could also take care of her children and behave nicely and politely with them.
The personality psychological theory observes the patterns of human thinking, emotions, and behavior which creates a unique individual. Leah is loyal and faithful staff in the State University and loves her job. She has a permanent job and her employer gives many benefits and facilities to her and her family (Dill, Mohr & Ma, 2014). She has clarified that she is healthy and sometimes drinks wine in any occasions. She is an educated woman with a higher education degree. But she wants to complete her college studies. She is not satisfied with her husband, but she loves and takes care of her children. This psychological theory would not change the personality of Leah but would be helpful to become organized and consistent. She could become more stable in her personal life and solve her marriage issues with her husband John.
The article had explained the detail information related to the case study. The paper had recognized a theory of practice which is appropriate for this case study. The paper had also justified and explained the theory of practice suitable for this case. Moreover, the report had also discussed the implementation along with the strategies of the practice theory related to this case study. As per the case, the psychological theory had been applied for evaluating the case study. The cognitive psychological theory, the behavioral psychological theory, and the personality psychological theory had also been implemented to analyze the case study of Leah Smith.
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