Case Study Of Maria

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Case Study Of Maria

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Case Study Of Maria

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Discuss about the Case Study of Maria.

The current decade has seen an increasing mental stress arising out of peer pressure and lifestyle changes in an individual. The current assignment focuses upon the ill health effects and perils associated with the development of addictive behaviours in a youth. The study here focuses upon the diverse impact produced by alcohol on the body and mind of an individual. The assignment further analyses the different domains, which can be used for gathering sufficient information regarding the support user. The domains have been further elaborated to develop into useful questions, which can be used during the referral. The collective information can be used for proper analysis of the problem situation.
Case background
Gemma is a 19-year-old AUT student and enjoys her life fully with her friends from college. However, recently her careless and party freak attitude has taken over her studies. This has resulted in Gemma getting behind in her studies. Gemma had also resorted to drinking to cope up with assignment deadlines and the pressure to cope her well in her exams. However, Gemma’s mother has come to discover about this drinking problem of Gemma. Additionally, she fears that this tendency to drink might attribute to a strong genetic disposition. This is because Gemma’s father was also an alcoholic.
Domains of assessment
The assessment and intervention for drug addiction can be measured through a variety of factors such as:

Family relations
Peer pressure
Mental health
Past history of trauma
Medical interventions

Role played by family in assessment of addiction
Substance abuse and alcoholism is a common peril affecting the current decade. The problem is drastically pertinent in the youth group owing to the huge amount of social and peer pressure that they might be subjected to. However, the role of family is immense in the intervention and treatment of alcohol abuse (Caetano, 2017). The organization of the family as well as the specific structure of the family plays a crucial role in the mental and emotional well being of the children. The disruption in normal elements of the family may subject a child to additional mental and emotional stress (Sibley, 2014) . Therefore, the counselling agency or the care personnel need to ensure that the family of Gemma is actively involved in the care and treatment plan.
Children of alcoholics possess a greater risk of being exposed to a range of psychosocial and emotional problems. They are at a greater risk of carrying mental illnesses such as depression into their families. The probability of alcoholism to be present within the next generation is 37% in case of alcoholic parents (Studer, 2014). Reports and evidence have suggested that emotional anxieties, confusion and distress regarding personal role identities are some of the symptoms expressed by an alcoholic. The student services have found Gemma to be coping with the stress of finishing her assignment within deadlines along with the pressure of exams.  Thus, unable to cope up with the additional stress Gemma took to drinking. However, in this respect, her father who was also an alcoholic might lay down the example to her.
The presence of an alcoholic culture in the family might have triggered Gemma resort such means of stress relief. The inculcation of the family members of an alcoholic in the treatment plan might act as an additional level of security (Georgie, 2016). The student services might also propose a visit to a psychologist by Gemma and her family. This could help in providing the family with an additional amount of emotional care and support needed. In order to gather sufficient and collective information from Gemma, the following questions could be asked to her such as:
“How would you define your relationship with your family members?…Who is the one closest to you?……….How do you think they affect your thinking and attitude towards life?……Do you think your father is right to profess to alcohols most of the time…..Why or why not? ”
Effect of peer pressure
Peer pressure can have a profound effect on the lifestyle options and individual habit of the teenagers. The submission of alcohol or other forms of substance misuse such as drugs is often triggered by social and emotional peer pressure. The disposition to drinking is often developed in an individual out of sheer a competitive spirit. In this respect, the goal is to outdo some of the other friends in the group, which soon becomes a trend (Leung, 2014).  The genetic factors also play a crucial role in determining the pattern of individual behaviour. In this context, Gemma’s father had been an alcoholic. Therefore, growing up in an environment like that Gemma had been continuously seeing her father. Therefore, she might be pre-disposed to think that being alcoholic has no profound perils associated with the same.     
In this context, the peer pressure could also be related to social stigma. An individual here is often bullied for the natural behaviour or attitude possessed by them. Thus, constant negative accolades received by may often result in the development of defensive behaviour in an individual (Conway, Journal of American psychology). Here, Gemma had been suffering partying had been seen to develop a tendency of partying hard with her friends. Most of this resulted in Gemma neglecting her studies, which later developed into anxieties and frustrations. The role played by the student support Council is immense in providing additional safeguards against the development of additional mental diseases subjected to chain alcoholism (Ding, 2014). Moreover, the addiction to drinking has resulted in Gemma not being able to remember the past events. This might subject her to security concerns and need to be addressed accurately.
The following questions may be put forward to Gemma to understand the influence her peers may have on her decision:
“Do you like partying with your friends…How often do you party with your friends?… Do you often prefer hard drinks over soft drinks in the parties…Why or why not?”
Mental health of the support user
The sound mental and physical health of the support user is important determining factors in the development or absenteeism from alcoholism. The mental condition of an individual is affected by a variety of factors such as past life history along with present family conditions of an individual. In this context, the failures to meet the pressure of the assignment deadlines as well as the anxieties of the exams have propelled Gemma towards alcoholism.   A number of factors affect the mental stability and resilience of an individual. Some of these factors include family history or presence of genetic diseases. It has been found that pre-disposition to drinking and other forms of substance misuse could be attributed to the presence of (Brooks, 2014) depressive attitudes in an individual. Some of the mental diseases such as bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia have shown additional tendency to be subjected towards alcoholism. Mood disorders along with elevated levels of melancholy could be associated higher risk of being subjected to alcoholism.
In this context, Gemma had been unable to cope up with the huge backlog in her studies. The pressure had developed into a situation of mental frustrations propelling her towards substance abuse. The student council can act as a support group to the ones suffering from substance abuse. The support of the peer group can act as a motivation for the youngsters suffering from the perils of substance misuse (Human, 2014). Some of the exercises that could be implemented by the student council in order to relieve the situation of Gemma could be to organise group talking within the daily regimens.
The plausible questions that could be asked to Gemma in order to investigate the thought process behind the addictive behaviour depicted by her are:
“How pressurised you feel the burden of the assignment deadline impose upon you?…….What can do you do to cope up with the pressure situation?…… What future strategies you could adopt in order to prevent the recurrence of similar situations?
Effect of trauma on drinking
Physical and emotional trauma can have a profound effect on the lifestyle choices and mental health of an individual. In this respect, Gemma has grown up in an environment where her father had been a compulsive alcoholic. Thus, such a disturbed environment at home might have affected her moral attributes. The effect of the bad habits and life style patterns adopted by parents often have a dominating effect on the life style options chosen by an individual (De Bellis, 2014).
Gemma owing to the lack of parental support and concern might be exposed to feelings of loneliness or isolation. Thus, Gemma may want to be more so in the company of her peers from whom she may get mental and emotional support. However, one of the challenges, which are most often faced by the councillors in dealing with support users such as Gemma, is privacy concerns. It has been found that most of the support users do not wish to open up about their past life experiences or any kind of abuses faced by them. Thus, such confidentiality may often lead to suppression of facts, which are vital to the success of the treatment plan (Haller, 2014).
As a student counsellor, a number of questions may be asked to Gemma to understand the perils faced by her in the past:
“Tell me about your past life experiences… some of the moments which had a profound effect on your life…Good or bad! How do you perceive them? What can you do to change them?”
Possibilities of medical intervention
A number of possible medical interventions could be applied in order to cater to the need of support requirements of the counselling service users. In this context, behaviour modification can be brought about by counselling. In most cases, a very thin line exists between the motivation to bring in the required changes within the lifestyle of an individual and seeking adequate medical help (Roy-Byrne, 2014). Moreover, behavioural changes through support group assessment where like minds going through similar situations of distress interact as such exercises generate positivity and encouragement within an individual (Mertens, 2015).
Additionally, conventional medical interventions might be practised such as acamprosate, which may control the cravings for alcohol in an individual by, restoring certain chemical balances in the brain. The doctors may use naltrexone in order to reduce the dependency for alcohol in an individual (Gustafson, 2014). Moreover, support users like Gemma may be put into a holistic care regimen, which is mainly based upon incorporation of fresh fruits in the diet of an individual. Along with group, talk and light exercises can also help an individual in coping up with the cravings of alcohol. Additionally, positive counselling and sufficient participation and cooperation from the family members of support users like Gemma can also help in aiding the process.
In order to analyse the effectiveness of a particular medical intervention and approach in coping up with the alcohol addiction of support users like Gemma, the following questions could be put forward to her:
“Tell me about the medical help that you have sought for dealing with your alcohol addiction?………How far have been the approaches helpful in providing you with the required solution?…..Or do you think otherwise?”
Using the information to analyse the problem situation
Detailed assessments of the problem situation of Gemma have presented a number of loopholes. In this respect, Gemma had been addicted to drinking owing to the stress, which was built upon her due to inability to meet up with her required deadlines of submitting the assignment. Moreover, the addiction to alcohol was making her more miserable. Therefore, a number of causative factors could be entailed over here such as impulse to outdo some of her peers with respect to catching up to the modern trends. Additionally, Gemma’s father had been a long time alcoholic, which might easily trigger her resorting to alcohol.
 However, there are a number of other problems where Gemma might be needing help such as help to meet up the additional requirements of her course curriculum. In this respect, a number of additional pre-requisites need to be considered such as the past life history of the service user. The data gathered through such analysis can help in evaluating the cause of worry of the support users. Moreover, maintaining a checklist while gathering responses through the questions framed above can also help in reaching a suitable solution.
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