Case Study: Project Management Methodologies

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Case Study: Project Management Methodologies

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Case Study: Project Management Methodologies

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Case Study: Project management methodologies. 

This paper takes  a close analysis about the effectiveness of a project, the efficiency of a project manager, methodologies and technical support needed for a project success. However, alot of tasks are required to be perfomed for project monitoring, activity networks construction, project cost analysis and plan generation. Accordingly, developing experimental
Project management is mainly divided into various categories or domains that contribute to the projects life cycle. Some stages, which cover some or other processes in the business finance services. For example, the use of  PMBOK guide which is used as the most popular project management standards, and is developed by the Institute of Project Management (PMI). In this project we analyse the 5 basic stages of a business finance services project, called groups processes:(Charvat, 2003) they include; initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, control and closure. The same is used in business financial projects.
The life cycle of a business finance project is be defined as the period of time since the first project idea until the complete elimination of the business finance project time. Like any type of project during its lifetime, the business project goes through various phases and stages that must be managed.
A broad division of the life cycle of the project, classified in the following phases: In these phases very different essential job tasks are presented. The establishment of these project areas in large groups of tasks that must be managed, the following names could be used:(Charvat, 2003)
Project Initiation
Project initiation is the basic conception and start-up of a project. In business finance service, the conception stage is the project commencement ,followed by planning, implementing, monitoring, control and closure.
Phases of life cycle management of business finance services
Project initiation, in the broadest sense, means combining the factors location, project idea and capital with the ultimate goal of creating sustainable business finance services projects economically competitive, generators and consolidator’s employment and social compatible and environmentally, which they can take advantage of durable and cost effective manner.(Cleland and Ireland, 2008)
Determining factors in the business finance services project
Some of the procedures to evaluate these determinants are:

Market analysis and location
Investment analysis, risk and sensitivity
Development of ideas and alternatives and exploitation
Development of financial alternatives
Legal analysis for the project

Management and project control
There are many definitions of project management. For example in business finance services, defines it as “the set of all tasks, organization, techniques and directing means, for the full realization of a project”. If we have that under the “direct” understand the control and management of activities in a necessary organization for the purpose of greater hierarchical importance, it is manifest that in the business finance project, its management includes tasks client / promoter.(Cleland and Ireland, 2008) 
So that from the Project management, client functions / promoter assume, these have to be delegated. Customer tasks can be classified, not delegated tasks (eg .: definition of the project objective, closing contracts for the realization of these objectives, supreme control and facilitation of temporary and quantitatively appropriate means) delegable
Delegable, but under no circumstances, any of the agents already involved in monitoring and control tasks in the project, since this can lead to conflicts of interest.
By extension, and face some tasks more easily, a small portion of non-delegable tasks, are also designated as belonging to the project managemen(Cleland and Ireland, 2008)t. For the part of delegated tasks, control project addresses client features that are neutral and independent perception, in the technical, economic and legal sense of a construction project.
an overview of how they could be assumed tasks shown, as may be delegated or not delegated, for the direction, management or control of the project. In short, in terms of the tasks that are specific client / promoter, we could differentiate between:
Project management, consisting of Project Management and Project Control
Control of the project, which is an advisory service without authority decision, which is part of the template in the structure of the organization.
Project management, comprising part of the functions of client / promoter with decision-making powers and imposition.
So, you integrating the direction and control in the organizational structure thereof, would fall within the Project Management (Project Management), as shown in the business finance services project.
Facility Management and Building Management 
Best level practice in business finance services project
Business finance services is, together with workers, capital and technology, one of the most important strategic resource for maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises. To achieve optimal evolution of values, they have established methods and management procedures, which are included in a concept internationally assumed: Facility Management.
According to European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the British Standards (BSI), Facility Management is “the integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services that enhance and maintain the effectiveness of its primary activities”
On the other hand, the Society for Facility Management describes Facility Management as “a set of business processes that are aimed at improving the flexibility of utilization, labor productivity and return on capital through the integration of planning, control and operation of buildings, facilities and equipment.(Gould and Joyce, 2000)
Life Cycle Continous Improvement Diagram
As for this project the it will require a continuous  improvement diadram that will help achieve its desired effect.







.investigating of new opportunities within the project
Explore technological readiness
Evaluate pre concept match with users


           Stakeholders needs identification
           Evaluation of alternative project concepts


Develop desired plan


Perform system impact test


Operate system to utilize users needs


Provide sustained project capability

With these definitions clarify the often misinterpreted difference Management building as Facility Management not only includes the step of use or use, but must be integrated from the planning phase. This is clear why Facility Management is used sometimes as a concept of utmost importance for all activities within the life cycle of the property.
Key tasks of the Facility Management
The aim of the Facility Management must be both relationships to achieve optimal value-added processes, to contribute, through reducing costs and building operation, increase the value of the company.
Management building and operational management during the construction of the project or use of the building forms the main part of the Facility Management. It can be defined as “the set of all services for the management and administration of buildings on the basis of global strategies, including financial and technical elements and commercial and infrastructure services.
The successful operation of the building depends crucially on the quality of the relevant information of the building, which, to a certain time of commissioning, is collected in a structured way. For this reason, the Facility Management must be established to advise on the Project Management and in the early stages of planning. That is precisely the main task of the figure of the Facility Manager technical advice around the building, as defined decisive information for the designer in later stages.
Enterprise project management methodologies
The definition phase is fundamentally a planning phase. Every project must be some proportionality between the effort of planning and implementation effort. So bad is trying to get a perfect plan that considers every detail, as a project without a plan. Must “plan the work and then work according to plan.” Many projects fail because it begins to run from poor planning, which often results in numerous changes, cost overruns and delays. Smart planning is one of the keys to successful project management. The business plan is the main deliverable of this phase. The business plan is a description of the reasons why the project is undertaken together with justification thereof, based on cost estimates, durations, risks and expected benefits. The business plan must answer for both questions: what goals are to be achieved, because it is important to reach them, and how and when they met. The business plan consists of:(Gould and Joyce, 2000).
Estimate of cost, time and schedule, and risks. This information is taken from the project plan 
Quality management plan
The performing organization should identify the minimum organizational level must have the sponsor to act as such (functional responsible, responsible for programs, etc.), authority for decision making level, and the body they must report. In addition to the authority to start the project by providing it with funds and resources and the appointment of project manager, the minutes of the project must contain the high-level objectives of the project: cost, duration, expected quality, scope description at a high level, and justification or benefits expected from the project.
The three elements of the management process should be used to ensure effective OSH performance.
OSH program in the construction of the Management of a construction project unlike running a factory where it operates “Regularity conditions” in most cases, business finance services projects are aimed mainly due transient organizations. The projects have a beginning and an clear, and in between the end often they have a very intense activity. This applies to most business finance services projects.
Project Planning and Scope 
OSH program in the business finance services project
“Basic view” of the key objectives of a construction project OSH program in the business and finance project
Limitations of a “basic view”
Modern management methods can reduce the degree of granting required (ie the dimensions triangle project are reduced). It is a narrow economic vision of a project.
Project managers are critical to meeting the executive functions of management, especially leadership. most of business finance projects require a certain amount of directors projects, who must work together effectively. 
Main Project managers in the business finance services project are:

the customer’s project manager, who will lead the entire project representation of the client, from beginning to end;
project manager of the design team, who will work with the director customer project and direct the entire design team and their advisors specialized; Y
project manager of the business finance company, who will lead all project as provided in the business finance contract, including all subcontractors and suppliers. 

Effective project manager are:

be a good team leader, able to establish good relations;
have an open and honest style of management;
be a good communicator – “direction as a performing art”
be able to focus on results, and have a “sense of mission”;
be competent from the technical point of view, and understand the process construction;
be competent from the financial point of view, ie, understanding revenues and project costs;
have confidence and perseverance – “when things get tough, the strong are those who keep going “;
understand management systems and use them effectively.

OSH program in the construction and engineering project management
Factors that affect project success
Financial developers and builders reveal factors affecting development works in the project
They consider that some public works face problems during the planning and execution for lack of clarity that can exist when planning land use and infrastructure planning in general.
A more detailed studies and previous designs, the lower the unforeseen situations in the works, and therefore budgets are developed and which give rise to budget availability with which contracted state entities will be less likely to have failure of resources in the contracts.
The degree of accuracy in determining the cost of a project can vary from 75-80% in the feasibility stage (phase II engineering), up to 90-95% if there detailed financial services (phase III). That is, more information to less uncertainty in the final cost.
Social management (to affected communities) and environmental (on the impact of the works) in construction projects often exceeds the capacity of management of state contractors, given that decisions on these issues are in the hands of public entities that have jurisdiction over different aspects of the projects.
In many cases, simple administrative decisions as authorization for the transfer of trees or decisions for handling the debris, are adopted belatedly and inopportune which creates delays in implementation and difficulties for the contractor for minor drawbacks, reveals the report.
The capacity of the contracting entities to manage decisions that affect or are the responsibility of other entities in the district order is practically nil, especially if one considers that in the case of utilities, these decisions generate the need to postpone project activities, possible price increases and rethink the implementation schedule.
On the other hand, greater synchronicity of the contracting entities with the environmental authorities is required since in many cases the process for licenses and permits takes much longer than that required by the pace of work. 
In many cases, social management prebusiness financial services projects are poor or non-existent. These deficiencies create difficulties during project implementation to the extent they can generate social discontent of population groups (merchants, neighbours, users, among other communities) which can even be converted into protests that end up affecting the project implementation(Twort and Rees, 2004). The reality shows that when a project is completed, the client, and many of the other parties involved, tend to forget that the project was carried out quickly and a low cost, and will care more about the quality of installations already completed.  
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