CHC50113 Diploma Of Early Childhood Education And Care

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CHC50113 Diploma Of Early Childhood Education And Care

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CHC50113 Diploma Of Early Childhood Education And Care

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Course Code: CHC50113
University: Victoria University

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Country: Australia


How long you have been here?
Does Alice remember Japan?
Tell us something about your other family members or your culture?
Have you ever taken support from any Long day care center before this?
Is Alice comfortable in staying away from her mother for few hours?
How does Alice get along with other kids?
Can you please share a routine of Alice’s activities throughout the day including her sleep and meal timings?
Does Alice suffer from any chronic clinical issue, if yes, please share us the details. 

Involvement of the family members in care for the child is necessary because, this helps to establish a warm and positive relationship between the educators and the family members. Engaging family members facilitates exchange of information about the activities of the child at the home and school and thus helps in shared decision making (Jappens and Van Bavel 2012).

Strategies for encouraging the family members to involve in centre:-

Organizing special programs for the family members such as organizing grandparents’ day and celebration of mothers’ day when the family members would be invited to accompany the child for a whole day (Jappens and Van Bavel 2012).
Asking for feedbacks and recommendations at a regular interval.
Conduction of workshops and meetings with the parents.
Partnership with agencies like Children’s Mental Health, addiction services can also attract the parents to know about them, as families might need to turn to the agencies for any future support.
Providing a non-threatening and friendly atmosphere so that the family members do not feel alienated.

I would distract the child with toys and warm cuddles, such that the parents get the chance to get out of sight of the child.
4 ways to gather feedback (Jappens and Van Bavel 2012):-

By telephonic interviews
By conducting meetings
By letting the guardians to fill an evaluation sheet
Keeping a drop box for lodging any complaints. 

As the head of the institution, I will inform Sally about the rules and regulations of the institution, the facilities that the institution provide for children for each age groups, information about the time schedule, things that has to be sent from home with the children, some recommendations for the children and the admission fees (Brussoni et al. 2012).
Information regarding the age of the children should be enquired such that proper sitting arrangements and a support worker for managing the children could be made, such as provision of a cot in the sitting area, or toys for the four years old.
In order to get a fee support, Sally can get in touch with the Australian government department of human services and apply for additional child care subsidy, where financial support in provided to the one in financial distress.
The agencies will have a full information about the names, addresses and an account of the family income of Sally, with valid proofs in order to ensure the authentication of the client.

Scenario 3

The authorities of the organization could be negotiated with by requesting or by giving additional money, or the caregivers can be requested to adapt Ben to the new schedule, but in a slow and steady manner. Training can also be initiated in the house prior to the admission in the care setting, where Ben can be accustomed to scheduled meals and sleep.
Limitations like Ben will have to eat and sleep in scheduled timings, in absence of any restrictions and under the supervisor of the carers. This will help to maintain the sleep cycle of the child and feeding the child at appropriate intervals and not spontaneously would help in the long term wellbeing of the child.
A care plan has to be made stating the problems and the associated objectives, the interventions and the rationale for them. The information would be recorded in the register under the name and information of the particular child, so that the information is accessible to all the carers and the educators (Lucassen et al. 2012).

Scenario 3

At the first place we would apologize for the entire circumstances, admitting the mistake of the carers. Steve should be assured that such incidences will not be repeated in future and special attention should be given to Meg and other children to avoid any mishaps like slips, falls or fights. We would ensure that there would be a strict surveillance regarding the cleanliness of the organization such insects, mites; animals do not get the chance to enter the rooms.  
The effective way of communication to deal with an unhappy client as Steve are as follows :-

Carrying on the conversation by keeping calm (Marsac et al. 2012).
Apologizing respectfully in a polite tone.
Identifying the problem
Reestablishment of the brief
Putting all the complaints in writing
Going an extra mile for the client, such as giving a regular follow up to the parents about the child or taking a regular feedback from the parents.

It is relevant that Steve should know about what had bitten Meg as Meg is a small child and insect stings or animal bites can have subsequent health effects. Bites can also be associated with infections and delirious health problems. Hence it is necessary to inform Steve about the bite such that necessary medical actions can be taken if required.

Information about the bite should be given at the time when Steve has calmed down and is ready to hear the fact and act mindfully.

I would request Steve that although it his choice to cancel the enrolment, but it can be guaranteed that such mistake would certainly not occur in the future and that our organization can move to any extent to satisfy the customer and take care of their babies. In fact, Steve can be asked for a chance to review the performance of the organization and then take necessary actions.

Assessment task
Case study 1

Information can be gathered by conducting face to face interviews and filling up forms addressing the mentioned criterion.  

Confidentiality should be maintained by carrying out the discussion in enclosed area. All the information should be documented and should be kept in close cabinets.

As per The Family Education and Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) and The Division for Early Childhood Code of Ethics, the child care professionals are legally accountable to main the privacy of the family (Solove and Schwartz 2014).

It is necessary to learn about the needs and the strengths of the family. It is necessary to develop cultural sensitivity by being aware of our own assumptions. Culturally appropriate communication strategies should be used for understanding the experiences and the perceptions of the family. These would help to develop a positive relationship with the child’s parents (Knox et al. 2012).
The family should be involved in the decision making process. Meetings should be conducted for discussing the betterment of the services, where the parents would be invited to take part in the service program by educating them about their importance in the comprehensive development of the child (Vera et al.2012).
Caregivers should be engaged in the provision of parent support network as parents are an important part of the child’s life and mental wellbeing of the parents is directly related to the wellbeing of the child. The care givers are the ones who stays close to the children and understand their grievances, which keeps them in the frontline to understand the needs of the child and the families.

Hiromi and Stan can be educated about how to assimilate into new culture and with other parents as well. The parents can be helped out by providing them with important referrals like availability of child subsidy, availability of home supports (Vera et al.2012).

The family can be greeted with complementary goodies. Providing them a tour round the organization would help them to have a clear understanding of how things go in this organization.
A monthly meeting or a weekly telephonic feedback exchange can be helpful in information exchange about the child’s interest.
Communication strategies:-

To become aware of the language skills of each parents.
To provide a trained interpreter while communicating with the family (Vera et al.2012).
To understand the body language of the parents.
To learn about the cultures and background of the families.
Active listening to identify the expectations of the families and their perception about child care centers.

Case study 2

Active listening, using words of empathy towards Sue would facilitate sharing of ideas and concerns with the client. Establishing a rapport with the client would help in building up the ambience to educate Sue about the provision of rest to James. This would also help in getting a room for the giving recommendations regarding how James could be get to sleep, may be by reading story books or a lullaby.
I would listen to Sue respectfully as sleepless nights for both the child and the mother can be of major concern as it can have a delirious effect on the health. But it should be noted that James remains very active throughout the day, for which he becomes tired and thus requires rest in the afternoon. Sue should be educated, that children are often faced with irregular sleep cycle, which will eventually be rectified with age. It is necessary to inform Sue that sleep directly affects the mood of a child and it is the time when the body repackages the neurotransmitters and chemicals that helps the functioning of the brain cells (Bordeleau et al.2012). Furthermore it also helps in detoxifying the body, preventing obesity and other health issues.
considering that James needs should be met, an hour’s sleep can be allocated in the morning between the play, such that James does not feel the urge to sleep so long in the afternoon and would also have a good sleep at night. This would also help in maintaining the circadian cycle of the child and would also give relief to the parents.
In order to implement this new strategy, it is necessary to take approval from the administrative head before making any changes in the strategy; appropriate time should be chosen for James for sleeping, eating or playing, which should be consulted with the parents in presence of a child specialist. After the new strategies have been decided with, that should be written down in the enrolment form, which contained all the information about James. Al the staffs will be informed about the new strategies by conducting meetings or including the strategies in the daily care plan.
In order to follow up with this situation, I would check that the support workers or the carers are abiding by the strategies decided. The sleep cycle and the intervals between the meals should be monitored. A feedback would be taken from the parents, to determine their satisfaction level about the organization (Vaughan et al. 2013). Feedback from the parents are also necessary to understand about the activity of James or whether he is having a good sleep after the strategies have been taken.

Case Study 3

Sara should undergo a total physical examination by a child specialist in case of any internal injury. It is necessary to monitor that the cut is not bleeding anymore. The intensity of the pain and the psychological distress of the kid due to the cut should be assessed. Warm hugs and cuddles are necessary to keep the child distracted.

It is necessary to keep a written note of the whole incident such as an incident report. It is required that the carers maintain a daily report on each child, which will act as a written remainder, if anything has to be informed to the parents.

It should be mentioned that a warm and a positive relationship with the child’s family helps in disclosing bad news easily. Hence the truth has to be clearly stated along with an apology for not being able to take care of the child properly (Marsac et al 2013). Things should not be taken personally and Words of empathy and apology helps the parents to get a perception that their child is being loved or is actually cared for. Similarly it is also necessary to understand the perception of the parents regarding the injury of the child as many parents might react frantically hearing the news, even if it is a small cut.

I would say that, “it was very unfortunate that Sara have hurt herself while playing, it was our mistake that we did not notice the branch on the floor. However a specialist has examined Sara and has confirmed that she might have the pain for a day, otherwise she is completely fine as the cut was not too deep.”

Parents might give strong reaction initially, but it is an obvious reaction as parents are of the perception that the organization they have chosen for their children is the safest place and hence their safety would be preserved (Brussoni et al.2012). Hence it is our duty to keep calm and let the parents absorb the news such that we get a scope to share other health information with them.
Being a part of the service I would have kept a close watch that toys, stones or branches are not littered on the ground as any children might trip on them and can suffer from a fall.

I would verbalize this to the parents, but in a way that would not disregard my other colleagues. I would use “we” instead of “I” in case of implementation of future strategies such that other colleagues feel a sense of responsibility.  
Bordeleau, S., Bernier, A. and Carrier, J., 2012. Longitudinal associations between the quality of parent− child interactions and children’s sleep at preschool age. Journal of Family Psychology, 26(2), p.254.
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