Cost And Quality Management Project

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Cost And Quality Management Project

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Cost And Quality Management Project

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Discuss about the Cost and Quality Management Plans: St. Dismas Medical Center.

Cost management plan for St. Dismas Medical Center: Overview
Cost management plan is referred to as one of the most important areas of project management that involves all necessary processes those are required to successfully finish the project within the estimated budget (Shang, 2017). In order to construct and design the building the project manager of St Dismas Medical Centre construction project has considered certain phases and based upon the skills and knowledge proper resources are also allocated for successfully completing the project. The first task of the cost management knowledge area is the plan cost management process (Rumane, 2016). Through plan cost management the project manager will be able to establish policies, procedures, planning documentation, expanding and controlling project cost etc.
Project cost measurement
Unit of measurement: The cost of the project should be measured based upon the requirements of materials. Based on the project change and time the cost rate varies. For measuring the length United Kingdom and United States uses inches whereas; the European countries use square foot for measuring the units (Oakland, 2014).  As the measurement of the cost is critical from the developer’s aspect, thus St Dismas Medical Centre develops a cost management plan to deliver and meet the expectation of the consumers.
Level of precision: These are also should be included to the cost management plan which defines the total number of decimal places (Park et al., 2017). However, for large projects consideration of precision will vary the total cost thus this should be avoided in case of mega projects.
Control threshold:  The control threshold should be included in the cost management plan of St Dismas Medical Centre project.  In order to get the assumed track, for a particular action the budget variance should take (Fleming & Koppelman, 2016). For any project if the total budget is 1 million and the control threshold is set as $40,000 then it implies that the project manager is responsible to take all corrective actions to control the cost to prevent the cost move beyond this.
Performance measurement rules: Earned value management is one of the most widely used tools that help to complete the project successfully within the estimated budget and time as well. The cost management plan also includes the earned value analysis details. However, it cannot be said that, the cost management plan of any project will be measured at the initiation phase (Heagney, 2016). Rather with the changing time phase the project manager should track and monitor the details.  With the project progress the project status and cost according to that should be considered.
Cost variance
The role of the project management and the finance manager is to estimate the total cost for the successful completion of ay project. The costs for each of the activities are estimated based on their size and complexity. It is important to estimate the cost properly to avoid internal conflict and commercial failures (Heravi, Coffey & Trigunarsyah, 2015).  For this project the cost is allotted for the different parts such as fixed cost, material cost, contractor cost and cost for other necessary facilities.  The cost required for the facilities are the highest as the aim of the project is to deliver quality service and care for the patients.  Though, it is not necessary that each tome the estimated cost of any project will be equal to the actual fixed. During the development of the project it may happen that additional requirements are needed. For them additional cost will also be required. Thus the project sponsors should estimate the budget in such a way so that it needs not to add any extra cost during the project development and implementation phase (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). However, for this particular project the cost variance rate is shown in the above cost estimation table.
The cost management plan developed for St Dismas medical centre, defines the control threshold for the project and all the necessary action those are needed to ne undertaken for the successful implementation of the project.  If is found that during the project development phase the estimated budget is exceeding unexpectedly then necessary actions  should be identified and approved by the project sponsors so that it can meet the requirement of the project within time (Moretti, Cantisani & Di Mascio, 2016).  Again the project manager should also take care that the time is not exceeding the estimated period because for that also the project of St Dismas medical centre will ne eventually negatively impacted.
Cost change control process
Fr this particular project there is no such changes identified. Thus it is expected that the project will successfully meet the requirements of the project within estimated time with a greater level of revenue and commercial success at the same time.
Cost management approaches
There are different cost management tools and techniques available those are widely used by the project developers of the St Dismas Medical Centre construction project. Besides the project manager the finance manager is also responsible to develop the project cost structure accurately
Project cost
For this particular project the estimated cost is elaborated in the below section.















% Complete



Project quality management plan

 $      12,000

 $          20,000




 $        32,000


 $        32,000


Project quality requirements

 $        5,000





 $                –  


Project quality standard setting


 $          18,000





 $                –  


Cost estimated for the risk management plan

 $          28,000





 $                –  


cost estimated or the construction


 $          70,000

 $          70,000




 $      140,000


 $      112,000


Interior  design and issues fixing


 $          32,000

 $          22,000

 $               12,000




 $        66,000


 $        39,600


facilities and technical cost


 $          30,000

 $               48,000

 $             42,000

 $               54,000

 $           35,000


 $      209,000


 $        40,000


cost for raw materials


 $            3,500

 $                 4,000





 $                –  


Cost estimated for the legal licenses and food services


 $             18,000

 $               14,000

 $           12,000



 $                –  


cost for stakeholders management plan



 $           12,000

 $           5,500


 $        17,500




Plumbing and electricity cost




 $           4,000


 $          4,000


 $                –  


cost for control measurements




 $       50,000


 $        50,000


 $                –  


Cost for final quality checking











 $          14,000

 $        14,000


 $                –  


Monthly Planned Value (PV)

 $ 25,000

 $    75,000

 $  102,000

 $    55,000

 $        35,000

 $      15,000

 $        10,000

 $     60,000

 $           9,500

 $       50,000

 $          14,000

 $      532,500


 $      223,600


Cumulative Planned Value (PV)

 $ 25,000

 $  100,000

 $  202,000

 $  257,000

 $      292,000

 $    307,000

 $      317,000

 $   377,000

 $       386,500

 $     436,500

 $        450,500



Monthly Actual Cost (AC)

 $ 25,000

 $    75,000

 $    40,000

 $    65,000

 $        40,000






Cumulative Actual Cost (AC)

 $ 25,000

 $  100,000

 $  140,000

 $  205,000

 $      245,000

 $    265,000

 $      285,000

 $   305,000



Monthly Earned Value (EV)

 $ 25,000

 $    75,000

 $    40,000

 $    55,000

 $        35,000






Cumulative Earned Value (EV)

 $ 25,000

 $  100,000

 $  140,000

 $  195,000

 $      230,000

 $    240,000

 $      240,000

 $   240,000


Cost estimated according to the Work Breakdown Structure
The aim of any project is to gain competitive advantages and to deliver quality service to the consumers as per their desire. With proper quality cost effective services the St Dismas medical centre project will also be able to increase the number of patients and also can retain the existing consumers (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017).  In order to develop the project an accurate project plan in terms of work packages are created. It is the responsibility of the project manager and project team members to follow the project plan accurately and deliver their responsibilities for particular activities. The activities listed for the project are differentiated in small parts such as management, interior designing, issue fixing, technology incorporation, food service, legal terms, site visiting, layout and marketing. For each phase project team members are allowed in terms of resources (Heravi, Coffey & Trigunarsyah, 2015). It is the responsibility of the project manager to allot necessary human and physical resources based o their skill, knowledge and importance as well. Catering service, electricity plumbings are the activities considered for the successful implementation of the project of St Dismas medical centre. The St Dismas medical centre has non-profit 450 bed is facing huge loss in their patient admission. Mostly the person who are catastrophically ill and several time injured are offered treatment. Both the short term and long term success plan are developed by the project managers and the project team members associated to the program to meet the project aim within the estimated cost. The long term objectives of the St Dismas medical centre is to increase the census in the hospital’s impatient units by adding location where the people will be able to gain necessary facilities.  Based on the size of the apartments and their equipments, proper budget is also estimated by the finance manager and the project manager of the project. It has been found that the total cost allotted for the project is between $8,500,000 and $11,000,000. Mainly for facilitating the construction this construction amount is estimated and on the other hand, the estimated cost also includes the land cost, furnishing cost and connection shelters of the hospitals. It is the role of the project team members to take follow up of all these components accordingly with the changing time period.   It can be said that the construction is not the end of the project but in order to gain effective competitive advantages and commercial success proper marketing criteria are also needed to be followed by the project team members. The total income estimated for the project is around $9,000 and $12,000.  On the other hand the total cash flow of the project is estimated to be $1,500,000. 
Quality management plan for St. Dismas Medical Center
Background of quality management plan
Quality management plan is referred to as a process through which the quality of any project can be measured statistically and functionally as well. It has been found that with an accurate quality management plan any organization will be able to grab new consumers and also can retain the existing consumers (Heravi, Coffey & Trigunarsyah, 2015). The quality management plan develops for the St Dismas Medical Centre is comprises of organizational responsibilities, policies, procedures and program details. A professional QMP serves specific drawing outlines for any particular project.
It has been found that if accurate quality management plan is developed then St Dismas Medical Centre will be able to gain expected outcomes. Quality management plan defines the success of any project. As this is a construction based project thus for accomplishing this project the steps those are to be followed include- contract to raw material suppliers, blueprint of the building structure, designing the structure, interior development and others (Heagney, 2016). Quality management project is defined as a meta-project that is project within a project. Based on the status of the project, stakeholders should be appointed. However the stakeholders must be aware of the project requirements and the objectives.
Steps for developing a QMP for St. Dismas Medical Center
In order to develop the project for the St Dismas Medical Centre, the necessary steps those are followed accordingly include:

Designing a quality program
Schedule for review and the check points
Documents on control plan
Construction inspection as well as testing Quality assurance plan
Construction quality training manual
Laboratory system manuals

Purpose of quality management plan
The purpose of developing a quality management plan is to meet the expectation of the consumers from the project. In the initiation phase the project manager should create a quality management plan. The quality of any project are somewhere fully and somewhere partly dependent on the project activities (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). The activities should be developed focusing upon the requirement of the project.  Project quality identifies the quality standards and the procedures to deliver quality project to the consumers.  In addition to this a quality measurement metrics is also developed for measuring the performance of the project.  
Quality assurance
The project manager is responsible to control and monitor the entire project from the staring till the final success of the project.  Again the business and quality analysts of the project are responsible to analyze and review the condition of the project. The quality of this particular project deals with raw material suppliers, construction blueprint, building design details, quality of the interior design, electricity, plumbing etc. The quality measures are rated as follows:

Schedule Performance Index


Cost Performance Index


For this project the control threshold is from the range between 0.9 and 0.8. Both the CPI and the SPI are beyond the threshold level (Heravi, Coffey & Trigunarsyah, 2015). The CPI (0.95) is above the range and the SPI (0.74) is below the range thus both of these are in critical situation.
Quality assurance is referred to as a systematic work package that determines whether the project is meeting the specific expectation of the consumers or not. The quality assurance is meant to increase the confidence of the consumers along with the company credibility including work processes, efficiency (Moretti, Cantisani & Di Mascio, 2016). With an accurate quality assurance plan the St Dismas Medical Centre will be able to add better values to their services. There are different tools and techniques such as cost benefit analysis, control charts, benchmarking, statistical sampling, cost of the quality etc through which the quality of this project can be measured. In this particular project a cost benefit analysis has been done to measure the quality of the project in terms of loss.
Reason to develop Quality management plan for St. Dismas Medical Centre
Quality is a degree which is followed accordingly by the developers to meet the requirement of the consumers. The St Dismas medical centre is currently facing huge declination in their admission (Flemin & Koppelman, 2016). The focus of the medical centre is to rehabilitation of the center with additional service and management. The success of any project can be measured based on the quality of the project. In order to identify the future opportunities for the medical centre the company is focusing on retreat.  However, two major levels of strategies are considered by St. Dismas medical centre to gain effective commercial revenue and market level success. In order to deliver the impatient care the short run initiative are very much cost effective on the other hand, the other one is the long term strategy that helps to develop new level of programs and services simultaneously that may collectively improve the existing system and service (Abdullah et al., 2015). The aim of the project is to deliver quality service to the patients. However, the operational a functional activity of the St Dismas medical centre is not that much appreciable thus the managerial authority of the medical centre is focused to developing its reputation in the existing market place. A potential Return on Investment is also calculated by the project head to estimate the possible benefit can be generated from the capital invested.
The St Dismas medical centre is focusing to construct a new building with additional facilities, patient care unit and additional accommodation to deliver necessary care for the patient. It is expected that with the successful implementation of these components they will be able to grab more patients throughout and also high level reputation at the same time (Flemin & Koppelman, 2016).  After considering the background of the project required blueprint of the building is also designed which is examined by also many companies to oversee the design details, building, the facilities and operation they are going to incorporate in the St Dismas medical centre service. The development team also makes a complete analysis to increase the population and catchment area.
Quality management plan
Across the country the business development team visited many facility providers widely.  However, the role of the construction project manager is to take necessary steps to control the quality of the project for long term sustainability. Besides accommodation the medical centre is also focused to keep the security of their services (Heravi, Coffey & Trigunarsyah, 2015). The official credentials are needed to keep security during the migration of the data centre.  Proper technical control and security protection should be developed by the technical team of the project to give proper shelter to the connections. The network or information flow channel should be developed in such a way so that it can develop an accurate business model for the successful implementation of the planned strategies. The project manager is responsible to control the quality of the project (Perera, Zhou & Victoria, 2016).  People who took admission for both minor and major treatment are offered proper residential accommodation. The therapy programs developed for the patients are again referred to the geriatric population.  The accommodation is not just offered to the patients abut also the residential are developed to those who were in the need for hospitalization like aged people or weak person who have any serious unrecoverable disease.  In order to develop the resident the project development team took advice from the architectural construction management (Moretti, Cantisani & Di Mascio, 2016). The developers are responsible to identify and analysis the competitive market so that they can stand on the competition with a higher level of reputation and can deliver quality service to the patient by providing residents (Hong, Siegel & Ferris, 2014). The St Dismas medical centre project can be defined as a healthier generic population project for the consumers.
Information management for quality record keeping
A technical computerized system should be adopted by the project team members so that they can keep the credentials secured from the external attacks. In order to make the project team members aware of the ALF project,  the project head decided to arrange staff meeting program at the launch meeting and the members who are requested to attend the meeting include the Chief Financial officer, vice president, business development and marketing team,  Rehab service medical director etc (Flemin & Koppelman, 2016). All of these members are allowed to serve their responsibilities accordingly so that the aim and objectives of the project can meet the expectation. The information system director of the project development team is responsible to define and set up all necessary facilities associated to the telecommunication and information system (Perera, Zhou & Victoria, 2016). Upon moving to the required facilities the director informed that he or she is responsible to design the communication package, clinical services, in house council etc. In order to operate the medical centre facilities it has been determined that adequate supportive automated information system should be designed to assist the living operational activities.
Quality control
Similarly there are many quality control techniques available through which the quality of the St Dismas Medical Centre project can be controlled.  The quality of the services of St Dismas Medical Centre will be ensured if accurate designing processes are followed. Again the design process requires to be backed with appropriate process design supported by suitable technology that confirms the expectation and need of the consumers (Moretti, Cantisani & Di Mascio, 2016). It also makes sure that all the risks and errors are completely prevented. For this particular project the QC include the following steps- planning, designing, implementation, gap analysis and necessary improvisation (Hong, Siegel & Ferris, 2014). If the project developer delivers a stringent quality control plan thus the St Dismas Medical Centre will gain the following profits:

It will decrease the service level defects those were leading to variable cost with the raw materials and the labor
The scrap, pollution and wastage will be reduced
St Dismas Medical Centre will be able to deliver quality services for sustainable time period

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