DPI Project Theoretical Foundation: Patient Safety

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DPI Project Theoretical Foundation: Patient Safety

Words: 283

Subject: Public Health

Patient safety and quality improvement have traditionally been fields that relied more on practice and evidence than theory. However, Aase and Braithwaite (2017) identify the theoretical domains framework (TDF) as a specialized approach that is designed for use in the field. It is designed to cover a variety of aspects, all of which are relevant to the performance of patient safety and quality measures. Aase and Braithwaite (2017) highlight how the theory can be used to identify behavioral and attitudinal barriers to interventions and resolve them. As such, it is appropriate for this project, which aims to teach seniors and their caretakers to manage falls.

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With that said, while the TDF is useful for identifying issues, it struggles to help professionals design specific interventions. The project will use Orem’s Self-Care Framework, which is intended for use by patients and caretakers (Fawcett, 2016). It aims to help patients meet their self-care needs as well as those of the people who are dependent on them. The goal of this intervention is to ensure that seniors who live alone or with helpers can minimize the incidence and damage of falls throughout their daily lives. As such, the framework is appropriate because it promotes patient safety in environments where medical workers are not immediately available. Orem’s Self-Care Framework aims to enable the patients to recognize and address their needs. As Kearney-Nunnery (2019) describes, the framework features ten power components, which include the ability to control one’s body position and movements and the ability to decide and put these decisions into practice. By teaching patients and their caretakers to identify and manage their issues, the project seeks to reduce the number and severity of falls that they sustain. References Aase, K., & Braithwaite, J. (2017). What is the role of theory in research on patient safety and quality improvement? Is there a Nordic perspective to theorising? In K. Aase & L. Schibevaag (Eds.), Researching patient safety and quality in healthcare: A Nordic perspective (pp. 57-74). CRC Press. Fawcett, J., (2016). Applying conceptual models of nursing: Quality improvement, research, and practice. Springer Publishing Company. Kearney-Nunnery, R. (2019). Advancing your career: Concepts of professional nursing (7th ed.). F.A. Davis Company.

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