EDP 617 Program Evaluation

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EDP 617 Program Evaluation

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EDP 617 Program Evaluation

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Course Code: EDP 617
University: West Virginia University

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Country: United States


Design an evaluation plan (impact or process) of a currently running program.You will be provided with a current health promotion program and are asked to design an evaluation plan for the program. This information is provided to give you a program to evaluate, you can’t change any of the information that is provided, but you can extrapolate to make things a little easier. Your evaluation plan is to be EITHER an impact OR a process evaluation.
Most programs have multiple objectives, target groups and strategies. For the purpose of this assessment, you can choose to focus on one or more of these.


Description of the health promotion program being evaluated
This is process evaluation plan for YMCA Victoria. Its commitment to improving the health and happiness of Australian communities is astounding and makes it worthwhile to evaluate the processes ensured to realize its core objectives in Victoria (de Silva?Sanigorski et al., 2011, pp. 117). YMCA Victoria is a huge non-profit organisation that provides recreational services. It manages about 70 local marine recreational sites on the behest of regional governments. Annually, these centres receive over 17 million guests. In early 2014, YMCA introduced a Healthy Food and Beverage Program to be effected between 2015 and 2017 in kiosks, cafeterias and all catering joints in all recreational centres in their jurisdiction (Peeters, Boelsen-Robinson & Gilham (2016,pp. 1-2). The YMCA program introduced a ‘Soft Drink Free Summer’ operation aimed at phasing out common soft drinks from Victorian YMCA by 2015. This evaluation plan will explore the impact of the campaign with regards to the scope of implementation, change in drink buying among customers and the financial implications YMCA Victoria centres.
Goals and objectives of the program
The overall goal of the program is to improve the health and happiness of Victorian population by availing healthy food choices at all YMCAs and restricting availability of unhealthy food options. To ensure that goal is realized the program has one main objective: it banned sale of soft drinks in YMCA Victoria centres.
Program strategies
The program employs two main strategies in the realization of its program goals and objectives:

Providing health choices and restricting access to unhealthy ones.
Educating the guests visiting YMCA Victoria centres on the need for healthier choices over unhealthy ones.

Literature Review
Healthy eating and engaging in physical activity are pre-requisites to good health. It is commendable that YMCA Victoria has acknowledged the importance of diet in the prevention and fight against many illnesses and more importantly it has taken a bold initiative to ensure that their guests make healthier choices (Davis et al., 2015, pp. 35). Food is an essential component of our daily lives. It performs a major role in influencing individual and communal health, general wellbeing and even affluence as a people. Victorians are a lucky lot because they enjoy an abundant diversity of food produced locally and internationally. The Victorian culture celebrates food in regards to production, preparation and use. They cherish sharing because it unites them as region and as a nation (Bendle & Kurzeme, 2014, pp. 40).
The appeal of food has been known to influence poor choices. People have been known to consume too much or too little of the right types of food with a potential link overweight or obesity. On the other hand, people who make positive dietary choices enjoy unparalleled productivity, improved physical and mental abilities and optimal growth and development in children.  The business is a multi-billion dollar industry. Multinational companies in the food industry will tend to shy away from telling its consumers the right food choices for purposes of profitability. They will do this by assuming that one will make their choices but this is largely untrue because the so called choices are limited to what one can find in the market and the environment in which one lives in (Wadden et al., 2012, pp. 1160).
Making healthy choices is much more than just an individual’s decision. The environment where one works, plays and learns ought to be taken into consideration. Working together with local governments, businesses, various industry players, healthcare professionals and as well as the community itself is for the greater good. YMCA Victoria offers a platform to promote healthy eating through easing access to nutritious and affordable food in addition to equipping people with the knowledge and skills necessary to make the right choices (Bahadue et al., 2011, pp. 2-3).
It is always wise to select core foods over discretionary ones (Rangan et al., 2008, pp. 356 & Crawford et al., 2008, pp. 1442). Core foods constitute of a five food groups including vegetables, legumes, fruit and grains. It is advocated to select wholemeal or wholegrain, leaner parts meat and dairy products with reduced fat composition. Consumption of appropriate quantities of foods from these groups or their alternatives is essential in providing the required building blocks of life which is the cornerstone of good health.  Discretionary food and beverages on the other hardly provide any nutrients for the body.  Mostly, they packed with high amounts of calories, saturated fat, sweeteners (Healthy Eating Advisory Service, pp. 2), more salt and even alcohol. Common examples include cakes, desserts, sweetened biscuits; sausages; sweetened milk; chocolate; over-sweetened soft drinks (Rangan et al., 2008, 356), fruit drinks, sports and energy drinks (Crawford et al., 2008, pp. 1442). Some physically active people may have the need to consume some of these foods in moderate amounts but such foods do constitute part of a healthy diet for the less active people who constitute a huge segment in nearly every society (Victorian Government Healthy Food Charter, pp. 1-4). YMCA Victoria finds itself in a unique position of interacting with millions of Victorians every annually and thus in a position to positively influence the eating behaviours (Woods et al., 2014, pp. 112).
Evaluation strategy (including methods)
Formative evaluation will be used as the main evaluation strategy. Use of formative evaluation will ensure that notification of evaluation goals and planning data is in line with methodological preferences to aid in arriving at meaningful judgements and findings (Evans, Clarke & Koprowski, 2010, 433 & Condrasky, Griffin, Catalano & Clark, 2010, pp. 3).


Follows dietary recommendations  

Follows some dietary recommendations  

Attempts to follow some dietary recommendations

At the learning stages of dietary recommendations

Visitors ‘Awareness

Follows dietary recommendations by choosing from the five groups core foods: vegetables, legumes, fruit, grains and milk

Is able to verbalize some of recommendations of the need for the dietary recommendations.

Unable to fully verbalize the reason for the dietary recommendations

No understanding of the why for the dietary recommendations.


Demonstrates ability to make dietary choices that suits his or her needs

Demonstrates ability to make dietary choices that suits his or her needs but with some minor errors

Demonstrates knowledge general knowledge on how dietary selections can may be affected by the dietary recommendations

No ability to make connections between dietary recommendations and food choices


Demonstrates ability to modify menus to reflect dietary recommendations

Demonstrates ability to menus that do not fit in the dietary recommendations lacks ability to do the modifications by themselves.  

Demonstrates capability to pinpoint menus that do fit into the dietary recommendations but makes some errors.

Lacks ability to translate the dietary recommendations to foods and menus and needs assistance in selecting each of the foods items.

Evaluation Questions, Indicators and Data Collection 


Data Collection





How time, money, and other resources were pumped into the program?

Staff, money used, other resources put into the program

Program books and any other relevant documents

Perusal of program documents and records

Do people from Victoria States feel part of the program of ensuring sugar free YMCA Victoria centres?

Program feedback from those visiting YMCA Victoria centres

Centre administrators, randomly chosen visitors and complaints (in case of any) and suggestion boxes.

Interviews and primary documents

Do Victorian State members feel they are receiving the correct communication regarding stoppage of sugary foods in YMCA Victoria centres?

Percentage of visitors expressing gratitude to say the information is point on.

Visitors visiting YMCA Victoria centres

Survey methodology

Are YMCA Victoria members able to notice the benefits and threats of doing away with sugary foods from YMCA Victoria centres?

Percentage of visitors able to assign benefits and risks of doing away with sugary foods from YMCA Victoria centres

Visitors visiting YMCA Victoria centres

Survey methodology

Are YMCA Victoria members getting needed support from the program so they can adhere to recommended dietary guidelines?

Percentage of visitors reporting that there are no sugary foods in the YMCA Victoria centres but instead core foods are easily available

Visitors visiting YMCA Victoria centres

Survey methodology

Are YMCA Victoria members more knowledge about the benefits of core foods over discretionary foods after contact with the program such better health outcomes?

Percentage of YMCA Victoria members reporting being more knowledgeable about the benefits of core foods over discretionary foods after contact with the program such better health outcomes

YMCA Victoria members visiting YMCA Victoria centres

Survey methodology

Do YMCA Victoria members who visited YMCA Victoria feel the program was beneficial in promoting their health outcomes?

Percentage of YMCA Victoria members reporting being that program was beneficial in promoting their health outcomes in the past one year

YMCA Victoria members visiting YMCA Victoria centres

Survey methodology

How YMCA Victoria members who visited the centres knew about the program?

Sources reported by members on how they came to know about the program

YMCA Victoria members visiting YMCA Victoria centres

Survey methodology

The evaluation seeks to show that for a program to succeed all stakeholders have to be on board. The funders of the program need to be on board by providing the resources necessary including but not limited to money and personnel (Frieden, 2014, pp. 21-20 & Barasa et al., 2015, pp. 719). They community, who are the primary recipient of the services need to feel part of the program. The legislative authorities play a fundamental role in institutionalizing laws and collaborating with local key players in realizing the set goals. In the current case, nearly 24 local authorities have surrendered the management of aquatic recreational YMCA Victoria centres who appear to have honed the art of marine management.
Description of the evaluation design
Reduction of Sugary Foods in YMCA Victoria centres evaluation design/Logic Model

Activities[Select 8 YMCA Victoria centres to implement no sugary food policy and execute the following]

Short-term Outcomes (0.5-1 year)

Intermediate Outcomes
(1-2 years)

Introduce Food Service Protocols that replace discretionary foods with core foods

Increased adherence to Food Service Protocols

Unrestricted availability of core foods

Change procurement practices to favour core foods

Increased integration and standardization of procurement practices

Increased procurement of core foods relative to discretionary foods

Introduce new menu modifications to serve only core foods

Increased strictness to observance of menu guidelines

Improved weight

Implement economic and behavioural supportive modifications like making core foods affordable

No fluctuations in prices to support buying behaviour

Reduced risk of obesity

Rationale for the evaluation design
The chose design befits the duration of the program. The program lasted two years, that is, 2015 to 2017. The strength of this approach lies in evaluating only short-term and intermediate outcomes. The duration of the program renders the design weak evaluating long-term outcomes.  
Data collection and analysis
Data will be collected from YMCA Victoria members visiting YMCA Victoria centres and Centre administrators. Considering that over 17 million people visit YMCA Victoria centres, one thousand visitors will be randomly selected starting October 2018. For each month, 120 study participants will be subjected to the study tools. This will ensure that a representative sample of the YMCA Victoria members is obtained with regards to behaviour (Marshall, 1996, pp. 526.
In conducting the survey, a number of teams will be covered including but not limited:

Knowledge of YMCA Victoria centres
Knowledge of core food

Knowledge of YMCA discretionary food

Application of knowledge of discretionary and core food
Program support on the kicking out sugary foods in favour of nutritionally sound ones.

Some of the questions that survey may cover are as follows:

How time, money, and other resources were pumped into the program?
Do people from Victoria States feel part of the program of ensuring sugar free YMCA Victoria centres?

Do Victorian State members feel they are receiving the correct communication regarding stoppage of sugary foods in YMCA Victoria centres?

Are YMCA Victoria members able to notice the benefits and threats of doing away with sugary foods from YMCA Victoria centres?
Are YMCA Victoria members getting needed support from the program so they can adhere to recommended dietary guidelines?
Do YMCA Victoria members who visited YMCA Victoria feel the program was beneficial in promoting their health outcomes?

Time-line for the evaluation strategy


Person Responsible

Involvement of Stakeholder


Contact the Program Management Team

Principal Investigator


October 2018 (Two months prior to data collection)

Collaborate with YMCA centre administrators to communicate intension to visitors  

Principal Investigator and data enumerators


November 2018

Remind all stakeholders of date of data collection

Principal Investigator


December 2018

Collect Data

Principal Investigator, YMCA centre administrators, data enumerators and YMCA centre visitors


January 2019 to January 2020

Data analysis

Principal Investigator and data analysts


February 2020-May 2020

Report Wring and Presentation

Principal Investigator and data analysts and all stakeholders


February 2020-July 2020

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