Effectiveness Of Character Education System

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Effectiveness Of Character Education System

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Effectiveness Of Character Education System

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Discuss about the Effectiveness Of Character Education System Align With Mental Capabilities, Behavioral Style, Personal Characteristics And Aptitude Measurement. 

The effectiveness of the character education systems helps in maintaining the efficiency of the performance of the workforce through the identification of different mental capabilities, behavioral style, personal characteristics and aptitude measurement (Damon, 2013). The identification of the change in the systems of the business is dependent on the functioning of the workforce. Character education helps in maintaining the sustainability and mental stability in the mindset of the people working for the organization. It helps the organization in retaining a balanced workforce while operating as per the objectives of the business in the markets.
The research aims at undertaking a study, which will be judging the relevance of the character education and the manner it affects the different mental capabilities, behavioral style, personal characteristics of the people recruited in the organization. It also helps the organization in judging the aptitude capability of the people working in the different segments of the organization while operating on the common objectives of the business (Ecclestone, 2012). The development of the cognitive abilities of the individuals and the manner in which the people react to different situations is based on the characters that they hold. Therefore, the study of the different behavioral trends is facilitated through the induction of the character study, which is aimed by the research.
Field of Research
The research on character education is deemed to be quite complicated as it includes several values. The definition of character education is observed to be universal and the outcomes related with it are distinguished (Lockwood, 2015). Character education research focuses on maintaining self-discipline, trustworthiness, responsibility along with self-discipline. The research will on such subject has extensively focused on analyzing certain traits in character education such as respect, honesty, kindness as well as empathy. There are several ways through which the students must indicate good character. This concept considers that children learn an array of behaviors those when repeated turn into habits (Davis et al., 2013). This also facilitates in developing a good character. From analyzing the previous researches in this subject, it has been gathered that character education might not be a major focus in most of the schools but is deemed to be an unavoidable aspect.
This must be taken into consideration by the schools for future inclusion. Character education can also be considered as a proactive manner of supporting the students those might be at risk of not finishing school (Heckman & Kautz, 2013). The influences of the character education program are also deemed to have better impacts on several issues that are dealt by the schools in the recent years because of drug use, aggression, decreased school attendance along with low academic achievement. Most pf the previous reasechers also believe that character education programs can be effective in dealing with issues such as school violence along with drug addiction (Rushdoony, 2014).
Topic of Research Proposal
The topic that is selected in this research will be “The effectiveness of character education system aligns with mental capabilities, behavioral style, personal characteristics and aptitude measurement.”
Background or a brief literature review on the research topic
Character Education Programs
Vella, Crowe&Oades, (2013)stated that there are several research-based models related with character education which are employed to generate a positive learning surrounding and for implementing positive character among students. Considering same, the reasechers also stated that there are more than 300 programs available for character education within the school districts among which just 20% have strongresearch base. MacKenzie, (2012)revealed that the character education programs those taches the students to perform good things for others and it is deemed to be the best at the time the lessons are implemented all through the course of character education. These reasechers also indicated that character education programs that are included within the subject areas for in this manner teachers, parents as well as school counselors work jointly as team for reinforcing such curriculum. Moss, Kelcey& Showers, (2014)indicated that there are certain other ways in which character education is employed within schools. For instance, teaching students the proper ways to employ character education as one of the major subjects in reading lesson. Through implementing such process, teachers can support students in realizing the content of the aspects they are reading along with sharing questions regarding development of good character. Galkina et al., (2015)also revealed that in this character education program discussions on the characteristics of hero, downfall of villain along with leadership qualities can focus on the outcomes of better character of students. These reasechers also explained that Youth Frontiers is another non-profit character education program that provides exceptional retreats for the students as well as educators. Such program is deemed to be effective and are developed in having considerable impact. Such retreats include opportunities to work closely with students in lively mix of small group discussions along with biggergroup activities directed by experienced teachers from Youth Frontiers (Snyder et al., 2012).
Mental capabilities, behavioral style, personal characteristics and aptitude measurement aspects
Jie, (2012)stated that mental capabilities evaluation considered analyzing the predictive and reliable performance to evaluate academic aptitude. For analyzing the behavioral style through thecharacter education program that is deemed too important for the success of both the character improvement and behavioral style of people. Henry, Hill& Leitch (2017)revealed that behaviors can be practiced as well as improved along with authentic dispositions of the educational program. Moreover, the individuals also attempt to develop their personal characteristics in enhancing their societal virtue rather than just enhancing personal value of individuals. The core virtues along with personal values offer internal reference regarding important and constructive aspects. Lu, Hallinger&Showanasai, (2014)indicated that the aptitude measurement serves as the process through which students employ their interpersonal skills that guides their decision making. These reasechers also stated that enhancing personal characteristics facilitate in improving respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline along with integrity-based skills. Quinlan, Swain, & Vella-Brodrick, (2012)stated that character education supports the students in development of self-reflection that results in well-developed personal identity along with development of understandability regarding relationship in the world. These reasechers also indicated that community partnership serves as an effective tool in generating a culture of character development among the target people. Rengiah, (2013)revealed that behavioral style of people focusses on analyzing that values generate certain mental capabilities that facilitates people in solving common human issues for survival along with exploring the values that basically guide their life.
Objectives of the Research
The objectives those are to be addressed after competition of the current research are explained below:

To analyze the positive effects of quality character education programs
To evaluate the programs those have been chosen to offer the students with character education and the benefits of same for school and community
To analyze that the character education systems helps in maintaining the efficiency of the performance of the workforce
To identify different mental capabilities, behavioral style, personal characteristics and aptitude measurement aspect effectiveness of character education programs

Research methodology  
Research philosophy
The Research philosophy helps the researcher in identifying the varied essence of the research study through the utilization of an effective research paradigm (Quinlan, Swain, & Vella-Brodrick, 2012). Research philosophy comprises of four different types, which mainly include positivism, interpretivism, realism and pragmatism. In this context, the researcher will be considering Positivism as the philosophy of the research as it helps the researcher in undertaking the study based on the utilization of scientifically proven techniques.
Research approach
Research approach is the most crucial step while conducting the study as it helps the researcher in actualizing into the desired outcome of the study. It also helps the researcher in conducting an unbiased study, which will be culminating into a favourable outcome. Research approach is of two types, namely, inductive approach and deductive approach (Henry, Hill & Leitch 2017). In this context, the researcher will be considering the deductive approach as ideas from various theories and relevant current literature will be utilized while undertaking the study on the character education and its importance in identifying the different mental capabilities, behavioral style, personal characteristics and the like.
Research design
Research design will be helping the researcher to guide the study towards achieving a specific goal based on the research objectives (Vella, Crowe &Oades, 2013). It will be helping the researcher to undertake an unbiased study. Research design can be of three different types, which include explanatory research design, exploratory research design and descriptive research design. In this context the researcher will be concentrating on the explanatory research design as it will be helping the researcher to determine the cause and the effect of the character study and the manner in which it will be helping the researcher in undertaking an unbiased study (Moss, Kelcey& Showers, 2014).
Data collection process
Data is measured as the fundamental need to verify and support the statements made by the researcher as per the needs of the study. The success of a research study is based on the collection of suitable data and the manner in which it is utilized to achieve the target results. In this context, the researcher will be considering Qualitative data collection process(Vella, Crowe &Oades, 2013). On the other hand, the researcher will be undertaking Secondary data collection method, which will be allowing the researcher to gather data from the evolution of different peer reviewed journals, blogs, articles and government aided websites which will be helping the researcher in undertaking an unbiased research report.
Work schedule- Milestone chart


             Year 1

              Year 2

              Year 3

Selection of topic and search for justification










Constructing literature










Selecting appropriate methods










Data collection










Data analysis and representation










Reviewing the outcomes










Conclusions and recommendations










Submitting draft of the project










Printing and final submission










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Vella, S. A., Crowe, T. P., &Oades, L. G. (2013). Increasing the effectiveness of formal coach education: Evidence of a parallel process. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 8(2), 417-430.

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