Health Benefits & Coverage in the United States

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Health Benefits & Coverage in the United States

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The American healthcare system is rather inefficient as the funds invested are some of the highest in the world, but the quality is not sufficient. The system needs reforms that have to be implemented within a short period of time. The primary focus should be on the efficient allocation of resources. People should pay a reasonable price for the services they receive, while the staff has the right to earn fair salaries. Although the affordability of health care is important, it should not be a priority at present due to the scarcity of resources.

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The ten essential benefits that are secured by insurance plans within the scope of the ACA Health Care Marketplace include diverse services. These benefits are outpatient care, emergency services, hospitalization, pre- and postnatal, as well as pre- and post-partum, care, mental health and substance abuse care, drug prescription, rehabilitation, laboratory services, wellness, and pediatric services (“Health benefits & coverage,” n.d.). The plans have become more comprehensive and can improve public health. The inclusion of such aspects as maternity care and mental health, as well as wellness, services can be seen as the successes of the ACA. It also enlarged the number of people who have access to healthcare services. At the same time, the ACA is characterized by numerous failures. First, it did not reach the established goal as it did not provide universal coverage. Secondly, the healthcare system has become even more confusing than it used to be. Thirdly, due to the ineffective distribution of resources, the provided services are of low quality or can be accessed by some groups only. Clearly, all these flaws need to be addressed before the demographic burden becomes unbearable for the system that may collapse. The number of patients is increasing while the quality and accessibility of care are still unsatisfactory. Reference Health benefits & coverage. (n.d.). Web.

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