Health Harms from Smoking and Other Tobacco Uses

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Health Harms from Smoking and Other Tobacco Uses

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Subject: Public Health

The health issue, its importance, and the need for government intervention Smoking is one of the major causes of death in the United States and globally. Tobacco users are said to lose a decade of their life expectancy compared to non-smokers (Schmidt par. 4). With the various chronic diseases caused by smoking, it is very important for the government to intervene in order to reduce the harmful effects. The Surgeon-General’s report on this issue indicates that tobacco causes more deaths than other causes like AIDS, road accidents, and suicide (Schmidt par. 4). Considering this revelation, the government’s intervention is needed.

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The economic aspect of the issue The economy of a nation highly depends on the health of its citizens and their wellbeing. According to the report, smoking and the use of none-smoke tobacco has far-reaching effects on both adults and children. Non-smokers and smokers alike are exposed to dangers that can render them ineffectual in the economy. Besides, the chronic diseases associated with smoking are very expensive to treat. They include cancer, heart diseases, and leukemia among others. Tobacco also has the potential of destroying the economy indirectly. As ascertained in the report, smokers are more likely to engage in the use and trade of other illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana (Schmidt par. 16). If so, such illegal trade can hurt the economy significantly. Illegal trade increases the rate of inflation in an economy and denies the federal government the opportunity to gain revenues. Response to the issue through the economic analysis The issue of smoking is a health challenge that affects the entire world. Unfortunately, the tobacco dependency rate is rapidly increasing hence creating a bigger challenge while dealing with it. In addition, tobacco is one of the biggest revenue contributors to the economy in the United States. These factors make it difficult to control its use. To respond to this issue from an economic point of view, the federal government must shift its dependence on economic gains made from tobacco sales. In addition, the high cost of treatment on ailments emanating from the use of tobacco should be subsidized to make it affordable. Research question Why should the government intervene in the issue of smoking? This is the main research question that should be addressed. This question is important because it will justify the government’s involvement in the fight against smoking. Justifying the government’s role in managing its citizens’ health is a fundamental function. In addition, the government has the ultimate control of resources that are needed to manage the widespread use of tobacco. Through government regulations and policies restricting the excessive use of tobacco, the fight against smoking can be won in the end. It is important for the government to intervene in this situation to avoid the implications of smoking and the use of tobacco in the economy. The sole role of the government is to protect its citizens from harm and tobacco’s effects are not an exception. Considering the health concerns associated with tobacco, the government’s intervention is the most prudent action. Otherwise, the effects of tobacco have the potential to destroy the entire population and render the young generation obsolete in the economy. In addition, the cost of reversing the effects of smoking and the use of tobacco is very high although it can be avoided. Works Cited Schmidt, Lorna. Health Harms from Smoking and Other Tobacco Use. 2014. Web.

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