Health Policy: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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Health Policy: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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Subject: Administration & Regulation

Health Policy: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation This paper aims to consider one of the voluntary foundations, which is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It is going to dwell upon its health policy. Apart from that, it will reflect on possible ways to make improvements to it.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is a non-commercial organization that relies on volunteers. It aims to increase public awareness in terms of public health issues. They touch the issues of “health leadership, health systems, healthy communities, and healthy kids, healthy weight” (Robert Wood John Foundation). Besides, the foundation is involved in “research, evaluation, learning, and building a Culture of health” (Robert Wood John Foundation). As for alterations to the policy, it might be wise to shift from a status of voluntary help provider to a non-voluntary status. Voluntary help is acknowledged to be received from everyone of every sort regardless of the level of professionalism. Nonetheless, the help of well-trained doctors and nurses who are supposed to be employed in the organization regularly might be more valuable. To achieve this, it is important to find sponsors for the organization (Bacchi, 2016). Not everyone is willing to help voluntarily. Besides, however cruel it might sound, no one is obliged to spend their time helping others for free. It is important to note that people tend to have different living conditions and private situations. Some of them have to struggle to put the best foot forward while earning their living to provide for the family. So, such people cannot participate in voluntary organizations due to financial issues. However, some of them might appear to be great professionals that are required to be involved in the work. That is why it might be wise to find sponsors for the organization to have some financing. This will allow employing specialists that are needed to provide those who are in trouble with a range of medical assistance free of charge. What is more, it could be organized in the following way: professionals get their fees for help, whereas people who are willing to help voluntarily can feel free to assist. Apart from that, it might be admitted that some good doctors with big hearts will help people without asking for payment in the framework of the organization. As for my participation in the organization, I am ready to provide my services free of charge and help the community stay healthy. However, I can’t work full-time voluntarily. Therefore, this can be considered as a part-time occupation which might give me a chance to work side-by-side with doctors of good reputation. When it comes to alterations, I can assist in searching for a sponsor and attend the meeting since I have strong communicative skills to get involved in negotiations. As for the effect which the change might entrain, it is possible to assert that these alterations will be for the better. Proper financing will improve the quality of the provided services since financing will allow attracting medical staff and administrators with good qualifications and experience. In conclusion, it is necessary to note that this essay has considered the operation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It has revealed its health policy. Besides, it has suggested some improvements for the organization’s improvement.

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References Bacchi, C. (2016). Problematizations in health policy. SAGE Open, 4(6), 1-16. Robert Wood John Foundation (2017). Web.

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