Healthcare Demonstrating Critical Thinking

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Healthcare Demonstrating Critical Thinking

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Healthcare Demonstrating Critical Thinking

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Discuss About The Healthcare Demonstrating Critical Thinking?


Inter-professional healthcare team is considered as the collaborative practices which occur when the providers of healthcare work with people of same profession within an organization or outside people with same profession and with families as well as patients. The essay will focus on registered nurse as a member of the healthcare team. It will be defined the different role of nurse such as styles of leadership, collaborative team work, effective and ineffective teamwork and professionalism. Inter professional team helps patients and clients and it is the member which develop the common plan for clients’ outcomes and work to attain them. It is the team which is helpful and advantageous for not only healthcare but also for client, advisor and educator. Along with that the standards of registered nurse will be discussed in this essay.
Role of registered nurse as the member of inter-professional healthcare team
The practice of registered nurse is person-centered and evidence based along with formative, curative, supportive, preventive and palliative. The work of RN is to make the professional relationship with clients, groups and communities. These people may be influenced from the disease of mental or illness or any health challenges. There are certain standard which has to be followed by RN. Practice is not constrained to the stipulation of direct care of clinical (Farrell, Payne &Heye, 2015). The practice of nursing can be enhanced to any paid or non-paid form where the nurse utilizes the skills and knowledge of nursing. It is the practice of nurse which may include the various forms such as working in management, research, regulations, advisory, education, and policy development and in other roles which is considered as safe. These standards for practices consist seven standards such as thinks significantly practices of nurses, captivate in the relationship of professional, handle the capability of standard practice, make a plan for practice of nursing, offer the safe and appropriate quality nursing practices and analyze the results to inform the practices of nursing.
As a member of inter-professional team, the role of registered nurse is very effective.Registered Nurse can improve the services to provide the efficient care by enhancing the co-ordination of services. RegisteredNurse can use efficient time for clients and patients. As per nursing standard codes, standard 1 describes thinks critically and analyses nursing practice. With this practice, she will provide the benefits to providers as well in the form of professional satisfaction (Nursing and midwifery board of Australia, 2016), the role of nurse is to provide the innovation environment and permits providers to focus on particular areas of expertise (Griffiths, Ball, Murrells, Jones & Rafferty, 2016). As a member ofteam, nurse provides the various paradigms of healthcare to study. She has to maximize the resource and facilities. She will be able to reduce the burden on acute care facilities as an outcome of enhanced prevention and patient education interventions.Along with that there are so many roles of registered nurse as the member of inter-professional healthcare team. These roles can be distinguished as professionalism, leadership, effective and ineffective teamwork, and inter-professional collaboration with other healthcare team member. Registered nurse has various standards that has to be followed in healthcare system. Each standard of nurse has a specific criterion which demonstrates the standard.

Figure 1: Standards of registered nurse
Source: (Mellor & Greenhill, 2014).
Role of Registered Nurse
In the role of professionalism, she practices in a safe and competent manner. The practices of nurse are accordance with the standards of profession. RN respects the dignity and culture. She encourages the patient for getting treatment and care (Dellefield, Castle, McGilton, & Spilsbury, (2015). It involves effective action to make sure the safety and quality of their care which cannot be compromised due to prejudicial harms attitudes such as culture race, gender, color and spirituality. Engages in therapeutic and professional relationship is the standard 2 of RN that helps to establish the effective communication. RN provides advice regarding patient care with its benefits and loss of alternative care. It would be very helpful for the clients to make choice. RN shows the enthusiasm of their services which they want to provide. It is the responsibility of the nurse to maintain and create the trust of an individual, groups and communities on the professional of nurse. It has been observed that the unlawful and unethical actions of any team member of inter-professional team will influence adversely on the reputation of the profession. Along with that RN fulfill roles outside the professional role such as family members, community and friends. RN knows that double bonding always demeanor the relationship of professional with the prior purpose of advantage for the care receiver. It is the important duty of the RN to take care of all those aspects which is considered important in the point of view of safety (Kangasniemi, Pakkanen&Korhonen, 2015). RN in the inter-professional team does not accept any gifts. It has been described in the standard 5 of RN is to develop a plan for nursing practice. Being as a professional, RN should develop a plan by using assessment data. The role of RN is to co-ordinate with other team members effectively for planned actions. RN uses plans and negotiates how plan will be executed and by what time it would be accomplished. RN evaluates and analyzes the growth of the goals as per their expectations. RNs,as regulated health professional, are liable for making sure that they are working or getting services at safe place, and have the ability to perform well. it has been mentioned in standard o3 of RN is to maintain the capability of practices. It involves the on-going self-analyses and answering in the case of concern about other capabilities of health professional for practices. RNs are responsible for the development of professional and giving relevant information to enable people to decide and take action in terms to their health. RNs should be complied with guidelines, regulations and policies to the term of practices while making decisions in the context of health concern and use framework of ethical. RNs should contribute in the improvements of quality and factual research.
Leadership is the important element for registered nurse because in inter-professional team, RN needs to manage all aspects which come under safety zone. Inter-professional healthcare team has numerous people to attain the same objectives so the leadership of each member will be different. Registered nurse need to be accepted a single form of a leadership style for attaining a desired objectives. Inter-professional care is the important element in the healthcare industry services. Registered nurse need to be having various skills of leadership to provide the better services of inter-professional care. Leadership style of registered nurse can be transformational leadership (Hunt, Ramjan, McDonald, Koch, Baird &Salamonson, 2015). It is the one of the important type of leadership which defines inspiration and motivation in numerous forms so that followers can get influenced towards accomplishing the task. By following this style, registered nurse can inspire other staff members and staff to accomplish the work beyond the expectations of the organization. Inspirationalmotivation by registered nurse includes the vision and mission of the organization and motivates others to complete the task. Intellectual stimulation will be helpful to replace the old assumptions in a new way.  A personalized consideration occurs when registered nurse would concern about the skills of his or her followers. It would definitely impact on the patients as well in the context of getting effective services from the staff of the organization (Ishani, Christopher, Palmer, Otterness, Clothier, Nugent & Borah, 2016). Transformational leadership will be helpful to provide the satisfaction services t he patient because it motivates other members and bring new ideas in the organization. Registered nurse need to be active and effective while performing the task because transformational leadership is only succeeded when leaders performefficiently because in this style followers follow them and do as they did. It has been mentioned in standard 4 of RN is that conduct assessment that are holistic and culturally efficient.   The role of registered nurse to give better example to motivate and observe every activity while providing the services to patients by other members of inter-professional team. Communication skills, integrity and confidence of registered nurse should be perfect to convey the message to others regarding motivation and patient care. Patients’ care is important for the hospital and being a transformational leader will be helpful to the organization for getting effective outcomes (Bahr, Siclovan, Opper, Beiler,  Bobay& Weiss, 2017). RN brings new initiative in the organization so that possible changes can occur as per demand of time changing.
Effective team work
Inter-professional team comprises with number of professionals and families and communities. It is important for the each member to perform perfectly to enhance the performance of team. Better individual performance facilitates to grow team work. It is the team which comes in existence to make sure that professions of team complete the care task appropriately (Bloomfield, Gordon, Williams &Aggar, 2015). Team of healthcare providers does not mean to put them together that they know automatically about the work (Bernoth, Dietsch, Burmeister& Schwartz, 2014). There are so many factors which may influence the effective teamwork such as economic and historical political factors. The role of registered nurse need to put effort to define the complex interactions between psychological traits of team, outcomes of team, design of team, process of team and importance of team to gain the advantages by providing the efficient services. Task design involves the team effectiveness such as project management and delivery of care. Effective team work can be move ahead progressively if communications between team members done efficiently. Task design is capable to show the results directly or indirectly (Lartey, Cummings &Profetto?McGrath, 2014). Integrated team effectiveness model plays a crucial role in the inter-professional team of health care. It is the model which is capable to differentiate between objectives and subjective results. Objective outcomes determine the measurable improvements in the results of patients’ care suchas functional status and satisfaction, efficiency and cost of organization, behaviour of staff such as absenteeism and stipulate patterns.  On the other hand subjective result refers attitudinal effectiveness of team such as role and perception of team memberstowards the team effectiveness. The role of registered nurse in the effective teamwork should be co-operated (Smolowitz, Speakman, Wojnar, Whelan, Ulrich, Hayes & Wood, 2015). He or she should focus on team effectiveness by contributing his or her work as a team.  RN’s role is in effective teamwork to establish relationship in a way that distinguishes the boundaries between professional and personal relationship. He or she communicates appropriately because it maintains the reputation of health care in the eye of an individual. Along with that, provides support team members to optimize health related concerns. RN needs to utilize supervision, delegation, consultation, referrals and co-ordination in the relationship of professionals to obtain improved outcomes of results. To increase the team effectiveness, RN should participate in the team meeting and perform as per decided structure. Considers and answers within a time frame to the health and wellbeing of self. Effective teamwork will enhance if an individual actively mingles with the professions. The aim of inter-professional team will be accomplished if each member of team focus on one goal and bring innovative ideas to accomplish the task within the time frame (Smolowitz, Speakman, Wojnar, Whelan, Ulrich, Hayes & Wood, 2015).
Inter-professional collaboration
The emergence of inter-professional collaboration is considered as the patient centered care. Interprofessional collaboration is the communal involvement of numerous professional providers of healthcare working with caregivers, patients, other professional and family for the purpose to communicate effectively s that unique and better patient’s care can be delivered. It has been mentioned in the standard 6 of the registered nurse to provide safe, appropriate and effective nursing practices. In the role of as leader, RN should be empowered as the partners of collaborative in the conception of results of values for the patient and community in which they serve. There can be so many barriers which may influence the collaboration of inter-professional team (Melnyk, Gallagher?Ford, Long, &Fineout?Overholt, 2014). To reduce that impact, Interprofessional team should build the environment of Interprofessional collaboration and way to reduce disparities of healthcare. There is an example of Interprofessional collaboration is illustrated by through a joint meeting of Virginia BON and the board of medicine in the year of 1970. It is the meeting which was conducted to enhance the clinical skills and surgical first assistant of RNs. The role of RN in Interprofessional collaboration is to provide the deep knowledge about the requirement of healthcare system because RN has the good bonding with physicians, nurse, colleagues, researcher, accretingrepresentatives and administrators who have huge influence on the result of patients as well as communities (Hellman, Jensen, Orchard &Bergström, 2016). In addition to communicate with other members of inter-professional team, RN contributes its services in to the development and implementation so that possible improvement could be done in the health process such as tele-nursing and E-health records. The scope of RN is important in the inter-professional team because the role of them is being a good listener, interact with patients as well as other team member, earning trust of others and empowering others. Strong Interprofessional collaborative team make sure its members to hold care of patient and concern about the policies and protocols which is based on team and patient centered. RN is able to interact with diverse populations such as physicians, patients, and administrator and family members. As per standard 7 that are evaluate outcomes to inform nursing practice defines the monitor of progress towards the expected goals. This ability makes them excellent co-coordinator. Various efforts of collaborative give opportunity to RN to lead an improvement process by showing clinical leadership skills. There can so many barriers come in Interprofessional collaboration team such as lack of employer accountability and insufficient research investment. To reduce these impacts, RN should build a shared commitment on the basis of evidence programs which should be cost effective by the development of collaborative (Brock, Abu-Rish, Chiu, Hammer, Wilson, Vorvick&Zierler, 2013).
It has been concluded that Interprofessional team comprises with various professionals, family members, groups and communities. It is made to attain the one goal which is decided by team for the growth of health care. It is the essay which has been described the role of Registered nurse in various aspects. RN has the practice of person-centered. The work of RN is to identify the history and culture to health. RN is liable to the Midwifery Board of Australia which has settled up about the registered nurse standards for practice. The role of RN as a professionalism, leadership, in effective team and Interprofessional collaboration is an important. RN plays a lead role to interact with other team members as well as patients and their family. There are a various standards of RN which has to be followed while performing in the context of healthcare. The role of RN is responsible for independent practice within active systems as well as other health care professionals.
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