Healthcare Policy: Impact of Health Legislation on Nursing

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Healthcare Policy: Impact of Health Legislation on Nursing

Words: 557

Subject: Nursing

Summary of the Bill Encouraging funding for Covid-19 status individuals’ grouping. Increased test kits and personnel if adopted. Training on emergency preparedness and infection control. Numerous programs to tame Covid-19, support bill. Cushioning of elderly and PWDs in society. Impact of the Bill on Nursing Practice Standards; If Passed Enhanced strict following of all Covid-19 protocols Upholding ethical code of conduct, especially communication. Dedication of staff to serve most vulnerable. Stringent measures enhancing service delivery amongst facilities. Quality health, social and emotional support provision No staff, patients and families guidelines. No measures enacted to curb pandemic spread. Exposure of elderly and PWDs not addressed. Likely compromise of caregivers’ safety and health. No technological systems adopted in nursing practice. Impact of the Bill on Individual Nursing Practice Favorable patient-nurse ratio; engaging additional nursing professions. Gained skills in new infection control protocols. Exhibiting caring skills while dealing with vulnerable. Frequent counseling and moral support to victims. Provision of appropriate PPEs and conducive environments. Concerns about or Support for the Bill Based on Nursing Practice, Standards, or Patient Outcomes Bill looks into safety of all stakeholders. Provides for Covid-19 preventive and control measures. Lays foundation for handling any impending pandemic. Lauds nursing homes and their inherent workforces. Support bill; advocates assenting by congress committees. Impact of the Bill on the Community Vulnerable persons in society will be protected. Enhanced correlation between community and nursing homes. Employment of the unemployed and nursing trainees. Supply of personal protective equipment to community. Improved communication channels between facilities and families. Restrictive Measures to Strengthen the Fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic Restriction of physical visits to nursing homes. Limiting direct contact with the infected persons. Reduced exposure hours to the isolation sections. Restrictive inter-facility transfers and discharge of patients. Social-distancing for patients in assisted living facilities. Nursing Homes as Fundamental Facilities in Handling and Containing Covid-19 Pandemic Caregivers – centered as critical factor in patient-care. Handles safety concerns in complex care facilities. Offer support and services to older adults. Facilitate living of disabled persons at homes. Creation of awareness amongst individuals in community. Safeguarding the Vulnerable Persons in the Society from Infection by Pandemic Universal testing of all staff and residents. Providing paid sick leave for vulnerable staff. Protective safety gears supply to vulnerable residents. Health PPEs for all staff handling Covid-19. Separating elderly and PWDs persons in facilities. Bolstered Protocols in Communication Channels in Nursing Home Facilities Families are continuously informed about victims’ care. Informing families on alternative facilities placement procedures. Timely communication on inter-facility transfer or discharge. Caregivers putting in place advance Medicare plans. Facilities providing video-enabled devices for family-patient communications. Precautions to Caregivers to Observe Personal Safety and Health Calls for unconditional provision of adequate PPEs. Management protocols for individual well-being and safety. Lowering anxiety of caregivers during healthcare provision. Initiating programs to mitigate the associated stresses. Encouraging caregivers to join online support groups. Mobilization and Engagement of Social Work Trainees Addresses the shortcoming of shortages in workforce. Entrusted to maintain social support to patients. Assigned to offer communication support amongst parties. Also facilitate the universal testing of residents. Enforce facility’s adherence to infection control procedures. Conclusion Bill prioritizes everyone’s safety, well-being and health. Visitation restriction should not affect family-patients engagements. Accredits elderly are most vulnerable to Covid-19. Family, residents and staff connectivity is crucial. State ombudsman to help streamline Covid-19 guidelines.

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References: GovTrack.us. (2020). H.R. 6972 — 116th Congress: Nursing Home COVID-19 Protection and Prevention Act of 2020. Web. Text of H.R. 6972: Nursing Home COVID-19 Protection and Prevention Act of 2020 (Introduced version) – GovTrack.us. GovTrack.us. (2020). Web. Questions for H.R. 6972: Nursing Home COVID-19 Protection and Prevention Act of 2020 – GovTrack.us. GovTrack.us. (2020). Web.

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