Herbal and Complementary Therapies for Depression

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Herbal and Complementary Therapies for Depression

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Subject: Pharmacology

Table of Contents Symptoms of Depression Treatment of Depression with Complementary Therapies Treatment of Depression with Herbs Different Herbs for Different Purposes Exercises for Depression Reasons for Use References Symptoms of Depression A bleak and depressed state. Inability to make a decision. Loss of interest in life and goals. A lasting sense of physical fatigue. Overeating or a significant decrease in appetite (Henneghan & Harrison, 2015). Drowsiness or insomnia, constant irritability. Treatment of Depression with Complementary Therapies Developing a habit of keeping the back straight. Increasing the amount of magnesium. The use of natural sweets. The rejection of harmful products. Regular exercises and practicing any sport. Contact with friends and close people. Treatment of Depression with Herbs Teas and broths for cheerfulness. Invigorating and tonic drinks for energy. Effects on the nervous system. The return of joy and goals. Environmentally friendly treatment with various herbs. The ability to personally collect plants. Different Herbs for Different Purposes The broth of chamomile and mint removes tension (Izzo, Hoon-Kim, Radhakrishnan, & Williamson, 2016). The broth of grain with honey gives glucose. A valerian broth normalizes the heartbeat. The broth of St. John’s wort removes gastric spasms. The broth of dog-rose improves blood (Henneghan & Harrison, 2015). The plantain stalk heals wounds. Exercises for Depression A purposeful smile even in a bad mood. A full relaxation of all the muscles. Rubbing the extremities to improve the blood flow Raising arms to the sides. Singing favorite songs that can exhilarate. Meditations and unhurried thinking over problems. Reasons for Use Improvement of mood and general well-being. Good appetite and sound sleep. Complete safety and absence of chemical impurities. Availability and a rather low cost. The opportunity to treat on one’s own. Additional positive effects on the body. References Henneghan, A. M., & Harrison, T. (2015). Complementary and alternative medicine therapies as symptom management strategies for the late effects of breast cancer treatment. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 33(1), 84-97.

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Izzo, A. A., Hoon-Kim, S., Radhakrishnan, R., & Williamson, E. M. (2016). A critical approach to evaluating clinical efficacy, adverse events and drug interactions of herbal remedies. Phytotherapy Research, 30(5), 691-700.

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