HSC230 Cultural Safety In Healthcare

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HSC230 Cultural Safety In Healthcare

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HSC230 Cultural Safety In Healthcare

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Course Code: HSC230
University: Charles Darwin University

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Country: Australia


Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the Construction Industry  
Your task:
You have been asked by your company to give three short talks at lunchtime staff training meetings. Each talk will be of 15 minutes duration and use Powerpoint slides.  
Formatting will be discussed in class and will include facilitator’s notes for the slides -provided in sufficient detail that someone else could give the talk in your absence.
Choose three from the following seven questions, and cover one in each presentation.

Occupational Health.

How big an issue are long term occupational health issues in the construction sector (including our supply chains) and
What should we be doing about them?

Working with Small/Medium Enterprises. (SME).

How do we handle OHSW on sites where there are many smaller subcontractors operating alongside our people?

What kinds of corruption can we expect in different regions?
What impacts do corruption commonly have?
What can we do to maintain standards regarding OHSW in situations where corruption is largely accepted as normal in daily business?

Pike River.

Why is a mining disaster so significant for the construction sector?
What lessons should the construction sector take from the events and aftermath of Pike River?

Safety II and Safety Differently.

What do these terms mean?
What practical changes might we see if these ideas were widely adopted in the construction sector?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

What are the differences between this and the previous legislation?
What does the construction sector need to do differently to comply?

Systems Approach.

What do we mean by adopting a Systems Approach?
What differences might adopting a Systems Approach make when attempting to tackle problems such as the long term health of staff in the sector?


Topic 1: Occupation Health

The constructions industry has drastically developed in the last decade and it’s a crucial contribution to a country’s economic stability. However, it has a significant impact on the health and safety of the of the individuals working in the industry (Giovannone, 2016).

The constructions industry is regarded as one of the industries that have poor implementation and records in relation to health and safety

In spite of this, there are numerous standards and regulations that constructions company have to adhere to

It is the expectations of workers to work in a conducive environment where their health and safety is implemented effectively to prevent any avoidable and unnecessary workplace accidents

According to the international labor organization (ILO), it is estimated that there over 6000 workplace related fatal accidents in the construction around the world every year. This estimates to the occurrence of an incident after every 10 mins which translates to worst health and safety implementation in the industry (Rowlinson, Shen & Koh, 2016).

Occupation Health Impacts

A further analysis in the construction industry by ILO shows that the sectors in countries that are industry employs about 6%-10% of the overall regional work force.

However in cases where there are injuries or fatal accidents its evident there there is lacking in accountability since only 25%-40% of the cases are solved or accounted for.

Equivalently the impact of quality of the work force is also the same. Moreover 30 % of the work force in the constructions industry is estimated to suffer from back pains and muscle constraints

Long-term occupational health issues have a drastic impact to the construction industry as well as it supply lines

Cost is a major impact the constructions companies will have to incur either by accounting for the accident whether minor of fatal. Moreover some accidents may actually cause damages to the projects under construction which will consume more financial support .This will be through replacement or repairs to be done and increase in the billing of the work force (Wu et al2015)

Legal setbacks and penalties could be imposed in cases where the workplace accident has become severe to the extent it can not be handled privately by the construction through compensation such as medical settlements.

The reputation of the construction brands is always put on the line in cases where there are too many health occupational issues that loyal and prospective client go to rivals

Continued occupations health issues will have a negative impact on the work force by reducing there efficiency and productivity.

Disruption of projects life cycle

Occupation Health: Issue Management And Control

Engineering efficiency where it entails awareness of the safety rules and guidelines in designing equipment

Training employees on how to conduct their daily operations or schedule work according though observing safety procedures

Enforcing rules and regulations of the construction industry firmly

OHS risk assessment and management

Occupation Health: Conclusion

It’s always the expectations of workers that their employees will always consider their interest and provide a conducive working environment. However its a different scenario in the construction industry as its prone to occupation health issues which vital to the success of a firm in the industry as it has many negative impacts (Ofori,2015).

However, it is important for the firms to utilize OHS risk management frameworks. Moreover, the should enforce the standards and regulations put in place to ensure health and safety standards are met. It’s essential to involve the employees through training and awareness programs that will come in handy in the long run.

Corruption In The Construction Industry: Introduction

Corruption is one of the oldest set back to the development and prosperity of societies both political and economically

Corruption can be defined as the abuse of power for private gain

There has been a constant increase in corruption over the last decade in the construction industry

The construction industry is the foundation of financial development and stability in many nations as infrastructure development such as school ,hospitals etc. as they rely heavily on the construction industry

Corruption In The Construction Industry

Given the greatness of funds that are piped every year into development projects both by governments and the private sector, the magnitude for corruption and profiteering are high.

Governments and private sectors require more prominent instruments to review and screen open spending and better oversee public and private organizations in the construction industry ( Locatelli, et al2017)

Why Is The Construction Industry Prone To Corruption

Size of the development project

Uniqueness of the development project

Complexity of the development projects

Government involvement

Culture of secrecy

Lack of frequency of the development projects

Number of phases in the development project

Cost of integrity

Kinds Of Corruption In The Construction Industry

Bribery-act if reviving or issuing something such as money in most cases with theintention of influencing the recipient in some favorable way

Fraud-wrongful deception that lead to some financial gain

Collusion-A secret agreement between two parties to limit competition is a specificmarket through misleading information or actions

Kinds Of Corruption In The Construction Industry

Embezzlement- illegal siphoning of funds belonging to a firm for ones self gain

Extortion- illegally gaining an upper hand through force or blackmailing in order toinfluence an individual in power for ones self gain

Nepotism-practice among those in power where the tend to favor friend and relatives

Impacts Corruption Commonly Have

Corruptions leads to poor service delivery

Controversial or lack of real competition in the construction industry

Time consumption during procurement process

Possible Solution To Corruption In Regards To Ohsw

Creation of a honest and ethical culture in the industry

Implementations of checks and audits of the system at random intervals

Supervision of the development project process and its life cycle


Corruption is a major barrier to the success ,growth and development of the construction industry as projected by the year 2030

It further leads to the provision of poor services infrastructures that would lead to increase accident , injuries or even financial set backs

Therefore measures should be taken into consideration before that situation gets out of hand in the long run

Topic 3: Safety Ii And Safety Differently

Safety is a key word that is very significant to the occupation health in the industry

Accidents in workplaces are s as result of capacity of issues leading such scenarios when resources are not enough to deals with those demands

What Is Safety Differently

safety differently is a safety change movements where its corer objectives is to change the perspective of organizations like in this case the construction industry through three significant area which are

how safety is defined,

the role of individuals within and organization

the focus of the organization.

This point view from safety differently differs from the traditional or ‘Norm’ safety

What’S New In Safety Differently Safety Ii

The is a new approach to safety that precedes the traditional approach Safety I which at the time was considered to be working well

This approach presumed that things do not go according to plan due to the identifiable failures or glitches of particular segments:

These segments are technology and innovation, the human workforce ,procedures and the associations in which they are embedded

Safety II precedes the traditional approach by valuing the human touch and the ability of the system to succeed under varying conditions

It further assumes that every performance condition provides a basis of adaptability which would in the long run lead to success or a work a round on a barrier

Changes If Safety Ii And Safety Differently Are Adopted In The Construction Industry

Increased interactions between employee and the employers in relation to their health and safety as well as their working environment

A significant reduction of occupational health issue will be adamant and efficiency in handling such scenario will increase

Changes If Safety Ii And Safety Differently Are Adopted In The Construction Industry

Increase in the quality of service delivery and quality of infrastructure

Reductions and management of corruption cases will be done efficiently

Changes and updates to the health and safety standard by international regulatory bodies can be implemented effectively with ease


safety can be understood as an outcome of work on employees set their employees for success where that capacity is undermined where its challenged and if they do that they will have a better chance of improving productivity, efficiency well being and achieve the purpose of the organization in the long run (Weber & Dekker, 2017).

It is essential to the maintaining standards of health and safety through safety II ad safety differently that should be implemented in the construction industry reducing occupation health issues in the long run


Giovannone, M. (2016). Vulnerable workers: health, safety and well-being. CRC Press.

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Sousa, V., Almeida, N. M., & Dias, L. A. (2015). Risk-based management of occupational safety and health in the construction industry–Part 2: Quantitative model. Safetyscience, 74, 184-194.

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