Hypertension Patient Engagement

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Hypertension Patient Engagement

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Subject: Cardiology

Hypertension is a condition that most people often disregard as not dangerous or fail to notice. However, it affects many people throughout the world and can lead to adverse patient outcomes if left unattended. Furthermore, hypertension generally cannot be treated in the long term using medical interventions. As such, the patient has to change his or her lifestyle to remove the factors that have led to the emergence of the condition. As such, the role of the healthcare system is to ensure that the patient monitors the changes in his or her habits and their effect on blood pressure.

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People without medical expertise generally lack the knowledge and dedication necessary to implement and maintain changes. However, Milani, Lavie, Bober, Milani, and Ventura (2017) indicate that a digital-medicine program can improve patient engagement and ensure that much more people reach the target blood pressure level. Furthermore, Ciemins et al. (2018) indicate that modern smartphone technology can integrate with wireless tools to gather information automatically. The system is robust and can be deployed in settings with limited connectivity and damaged infrastructure, as shown by Nishizawa, Hoshide, Okawara, Matsuo, and Kario (2017). However, it can be improved for increased accessibility and ease of distribution. The approach would benefit more people, particularly those from disadvantaged populations if the systems were more accessible. The requirement of smartphone ownership can be restrictive for individuals who do not own one. Such people would also have improved access to care if the devices could be distributed from the healthcare center, whether temporarily or permanently. They would benefit from the improved integration into a centralized electronic health record as a result. However, to achieve the goal, the devices would have to become less expensive and more durable than they are now. References Ciemins, E. L., Arora, A., Coombs, N. C., Holloway, B., Mullette, E. J., Garland, R.,… Coon, P. J. (2018). Improving blood pressure control using smart technology. Telemedicine and e-Health, 24(3), 222-228. Milani, R. V., Lavie, C. J., Bober, R. M., Milani, A. R., & Ventura, H. O. (2017). Improving hypertension control and patient engagement using digital tools. The American Journal of Medicine, 130(1), 14-20. Nishizawa, M., Hoshide, S., Okawara, Y., Matsuo, T., & Kario, K. (2017). Strict blood pressure control achieved using an ICT‐based home blood pressure monitoring system in a catastrophically damaged area after a disaster. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 19(1), 26-29.

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