Impact Of Gender Diversity On Employee Turnover

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Impact Of Gender Diversity On Employee Turnover

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Impact Of Gender Diversity On Employee Turnover

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Discuss about the Impact of Gender Diversity on Employee Turnover and Overall Performance of the Marks and Spencer.

This research report depicts the impact of the gender diversity or variation on the organizational performance and overall employee turnover. There are three different competing predictions for the Marks and Spencer gender diversity performance relationship in terms of positive linear prediction, negative linear prediction and U linear curvilinear prediction. Not only this, but also how the moderating type of industry is affecting the organizational structure and the individual performance are also elaborated in this research report.
Marks and Spencer is a service type industry thus, it is the responsibility of the company to consider all necessary actions so that it can met the objectives. It has been found that due to gender diversity in the company the rate of employee turnover and performance of the company is increasing simultaneously. In order to conduct the study an accurate research methodology is also considered in this research report.
The aim of the research report is to determine the impact of gender diversity on employee’s turnover and overall performance of the employees in Marks and Spencer. It has been found that, this company fails to manage proper balance between the men and women. Thus, the employees are unable to provide an accurate work ambiance and work experience to the employees.

To identify the ratio of the male and female employees working in Marks and Spencer
To collect and analyze information those have been gathered from different literature regarding employee turnover in Marks and Spencer
To critically analyze the impact of gender diversity in performance of the Marks and Spencer

Research questions

What are the major differences between the number of male and female for the service type business organization named as Marks and Spencer?
Can gender diversity increase and decrease the rate of employee turnover and performance of the overall company?

H0: Gender Diversity impacts the performance and employee turnover in Marks and Spencer.
H1: Gender Diversity does not impact the performance and employee turnover in Marks and Spencer.
Critical literature review
According to Vasilescu et al., (2015), the workforce gender diversity is increasing in all over the world day by day. From secondary survey it has been found that, in United States the women representation act as civilian labors force is reaches to 22.9 Million in the year of 1954.  Both the focus of the researchers and the practitioners are turned towards the continuous enhancement of the workforce gender diversity. The workforce composition of genders in Marks and Spencer affects the group, individuals and at the same time the performance of the individuals.
According to Cloutier, Felusiak, Hill and Pemberton-Jones, (2015) at early state of 1990 the practitioners and scholar all were working on effects of the workforce diversity on the performance of the employees. The gender diversity can act as a competitive advantage source for any business (Schwab et al., 2016). Though, from different theories it is also defined that this may lead the business either towards positive outcome or towards negative outcome.
It is defined that the resource based view of Marks and Spencer suggests a diversity performance relationship which is negative in nature on the other had the social identity theory of the business organization shows the diversity performance theory as a positive one (Terjesen, Couto & Francisco, 2016). Though the topic of gender diversity whether it is beneficial or not is still under serious controversy. From the mixed evidence it is found that, the gender diversity is focused on competing prediction. Whenever, the prior knowledge leads any business organization towards at least two or more reasonable explanation the competing prediction around to be very much useful.
The moderating affect of the industrial context, may help the researcher to explain the inconsistency in the past research for achieving more precious as well as specific understanding of the primary level of gender diversity relationship of the performance (Ali, 2016). From the resource based view of an organization the diversity performance relationship can be easily derived. It is also proposed that, the organizational diversity is a source that is intangible as well as socially complex resource which can again provide the business organization a sustainable competitive advantage (Walton, Murphy & Ryan, 2015). The social and tangibly complex resources are derived from the gender diversity in the business organization together with creativity, market insights, innovation as well as problem solving capability.
 The different experiences of the men and women can also provide high insights in various requirements of the male female consumers. The overall creativity as well as innovation can be enhanced accordingly with the help of gender diversity as it combines the skills and perspectives of different people altogether. High quality of decisions can be made with the help of gender diverse workforce because the men and women are able to bring various perspectives that may lead to different alternatives. From different angles these varied alternatives are then evaluated (Lu et al., 2015). From the detail study of the resource it has been found that, that the competitive advantages can generate positive relationship among the organizational gender diversity and employee performance.
Whenever, the gender diversity maximized the organizational performance will deliver the biggest for the company. Thus it can be said that, the organizational gender diversity act as a positive influence. In addition to this, based on the negative linear the gender diversity performance relationship within an organization is based on self categorization as well as social identify theories. The employee categorization are generally done based on certain visible variation in terms of gender, age etc. Thus, the gender divertive workforce can generate psychological groups also that is comprises of female group members and male group of members (Barak, Findler & Wind, 2016). On the other hand the gender diversity can produce also negative behavior like improper communication among the working team members, stereotype roles expected, consistency lack etc. Though the empirical research always support the theory which implies that the gender diversity can generate negative dynamics those re predicted by the self categorization as well social identity theories.
A detailed presentation of project methodology 
In order to ideate and analyze the impact of gender diversity in performance and increasing rate of employee turnover in Marks and Spencer, it is necessary for the researcher to create proper research methodology while conducting the research work. For this research work all the measures are considered including research philosophy, design, approach, data collection method data collection by the researcher (Boehm, Kunze & Bruch, 2014). At the organizational level the impact of the gender diversity can either be high or may be low one.
Research philosophy
Three different types research philosophy are there such as positivism, interpretivism and realism. Based on the research background the moist suitable research philosophy is required to be chosen by the researcher (Nakagawa & Schreiber, 2014). For this particular topic the researcher is needed to select the positivism research philosophy. It will help the researcher to retrieve all the hidden facts associated to the Marks and Spencer employee turnover and performance. With this philosophy the research will be able to do scientific analysis on the research topic.
Research approach
After deeply analyzing the research topic the researcher should select the most suitable research approach (Lewis, 2015). There are two different types of research approaches are there such as inductive and deductive.  After analyzing the research topic it has been found that for this particular topic the researcher should select the deductive research approach. The deductive research approach will help the researcher to model the research domain much scientifically and professionally (Vaioleti, 2016). All the research gaps will be minimized with the implementation of this particular research approach. As the inductive research work deals with real time scientific data. It is expected that, with the successful application of the research approach all the issues of Marks and Spencer regarding the employee turnover and performance issues due to gender divergence can be easily gathered.
Data collection method
Basically there are two types of data collection methods are available and based on the research topic the researcher is required to choose the most suitable data collection method. The primary data collection method is conducted through survey and questionnaires (Smith, 2015). It is defined that, for the successful primary data collection method the researchers are required to design a survey questionnaire. The participants of the survey are also needed to be selected by the researcher. On the other hand for the secondary data analysis the researcher are required to choose all necessary journals and books and other secondary resources at the same time (Choy, 2014). It is the role of the researcher to choose that which data collection method she or he is going to choose. Sometimes, mixed data collection methods are also selected by the researchers to conduct the research work successfully.
However, in order to understand and evaluate the impact of gender diverse on employee turnover and performance of the Marks and Spencer (Dumay & Cai, 2015). The demand from the consumer’s end and satisfaction of the employees who are working for Marks and Spencer can be measured with the successful implementation of the research report. With the help of the secondary sources the issues that the company is facing in their service and other services can be easily identified. Based on the identification proper the company will be able to take proper actions for resolving the issues.
There are two different types of data are there such as qualitative and quantitative dat.  The qualitative data are all about the data hose are qualitative in nature and on the other that the quantitative data are the quantity of the total data those have been collected from the secondary resource (Lushey & Munro, 2015). For this particular research work the researcher needs to collect both the qualitative and quantitative data simultaneously. The collected quantitative data help the business organization to resolve the issues with employee turnover and performance of the organization in terms of service and productivity all together.  
Ethical consideration: 
Ethical consideration is another important aspect that has to be chosen for conducting the research work. The researcher should make sure that none of the unethical actions are taking place in the Marks and Spencer Company (McCusker & Gunaydin, 2015). The journals, books and the blogs content those are chosen for conducting the research work are required to be absolutely valid and verified accordingly.
The data those are going to be collected from the different resources must not be shared with any outsider (Wildemuth, 2016). The information must not be disclosed in front of any third party. The standard rules are regulations are required to be considered by the researchers while collecting data from the journals and blogs. The researchers should maintain proper honesty while producing the research work.
Research design
There are three different types of research design methods available such as descriptive, exploratory and explanatory. Based on the research topic and research details the researcher is required to select the most suitable research design. With the help of the accurate research design the research gaps and the hidden facts can be easily identified. If the issues are identified properly then the company will be able to take all necessary actions those are important to resolve the issues. For this topic, the descriptive research design is needed to be selected by the researcher (Bilau, Witt & Lill, 2018). It will help the researcher to meet the research objective much easily. The nature of the research problem and the possible steps those may be take for resolving the issues of the gender diversity in Marks and Spencer by incorporating necessary actions and professional business strategies.  
Findings from secondary data analysis
It has been found that with the successful conduction of the research work the researcher will be able to understand the details of impact of gender diversity in employee turnover and performance of Marks and Spencer (Bilau, Witt & Lill, 2018). Under the light of the skill and the shortage it is determined that high rate of employee turnover are taking place in different business organizations. For instance, in the financial year between 2012 and 2014 the total rate of employee turnover in Australia was around 9%. The turnovers of the employees are the number of employees who are departing their companies where they were working along wise (Kao et al., 2016). The turnover of the employees generates high non financial and financial organizational cost.
Form the detail of the secondary analysis it is also found that, most of the turnover research work are focused on the individual’s roe in the business organization. From the secondary analysis it is also determined that, there are many reasons for which the rate of the employee turnover in Marks and Spencer is increasing. On the other hand the, the turnover also negatively impacts the performance in terms of service and delivery of products in Marks and Spencer (Vamsi Krishna Jasti & Kodali, 2014). The secondary data analysis also shows that from the context of Marks and Spencer can either strengthen or even weaken for the gender diversity effects.
From the overall discussion it can be concluded that due to the gender diversity and frequent discrimination among the employees both the female and male the rte of the employee turnover in Marks and Spencer is increasing every day. Due to the absence of a supportive work ambiance the company is keep on facing serious commercial drawback.  In order to conduct this research work on the identified topic different issues are faced by the researcher those are elaborated the research limitations are also illustrated in this section. All the predictions are tested using proper different testing mechanism. It has been found that with the help of the finding the industry context can be strengthening and the gender diversity associated issues can be minimized effectively.
In order to resolve the identified issues it is necessary for the researcher to follow all the rules and regulations properly before initiating the research work. The recommendations on this research work are as follows:
Proper research outline formulation: The researchers are required to formulate the research work professionally considering all the necessary aspects. It has been found that, all the methodological challenges will be completely resolve with the proper formulation of research outline.
In depth analysis: Before conducting the research work the researcher is required to go through in depth analysis on the research work. It will help the researcher to explore all the mixed ideas.  
Consider all critical success factors: It is the role of the researchers to identify all necessary CSF to make the research work much easier.
Formulation of research objectives and aim: It is necessary for the researchers to formulate the research objectives and research aim properly before initiating the research work. However, the research aim should not be formulated much broadly because it will confuse researchers about the specific domain on which they are to conduct the research. It is recommended to the researchers to formulate narrow research objectives because it will help the researchers to keep their focus on a specific section.
Proper implementation of data collection method: It is necessary for the researchers to implement an accurate data collection method. It will help them to collect all needful data from the resources. In addition to this, in order to conduct the research work, based on the research topic the research should have to be conducted.
Sample size: Though this research will be conducted based on secondary data analysis but if in case of any research works on primary data analysis the researcher is required to create and consider an accurate sample size for the interview and survey questioning.
Lack of previous study: If the basic of the research domain is not properly designed and deeply analyzed by the researchers then the entire research work will be a failure. In order to resolve this issue the researcher is required to conduct proper critical literature review.
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