INF80028 Business Process Management

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INF80028 Business Process Management

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INF80028 Business Process Management

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Course Code: INF80028
University: Swinburne University Of Technology

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Country: Australia

Part 1 Business Process Modelling:There are two sets of processes mentioned in the case description:1. Donations Process (Cash Donations, Credit Card Donations & Promised Donations)2. Regular Giving processes (New Donor Process, Process Regular Giving) As mentioned previously, to control the size of models, you can design models with various levels, such as the main process, level 1 sub-processes, level 2 sub-processes (sub-processes within level 1 sub-processes) and so on. You can have many levels depending on your design.In our case, you are required to create the main process which includes 4 sub-processes (Cash Donations, Credit Card Donations, Promised Donations and Regular Giving processes). For the
4 sub-processes, you are only required to complete detailed process models for the Cash Donations, the Credit Card Donations and the Promised Donations sub-processes). The Regular Giving sub-process (note: the Regular Giving process also include two sub-processes: New Donor Process and Process Regular Giving) will be optional. You are only required to include the Regular Giving sub-process icon in the main process, but you don’t need to provide details.In assignment 2, completing the Regular Giving sub-process with its 2 sub-process models will be one of the requirements. However, for those students who want to do extra, then you can attempt to complete the Regular Giving sub-process. It will be up to total 5 bonus marks for the effort.
Model Standard:? Model the process(es) in BPMN using the BizAgi Modeler. BizAgi Modeler has a report generator that can output in PDF format. However, this utility outputs much more than diagrams. Furthermore, the diagrams are shrunk to fit the report format. It is therefore unsuitable to use the BizAgi Modeler report generator as is. Instead, simply highlighteach diagram in BizAgi, copy and paste it into the report, crop and resize. ? Each diagram should occupy no more than one page.? All diagrams in the file must be printable as is, within margins and all diagram elements legible. Layout your diagrams to ensure all contents are readable when your submission is printed on A4 paper. Check the final result is readable. Indecipherable content cannot be assessed and will attract a mark of zero.
? It is up to you how you structure and layout the process diagram. The diagrams must be formatted in a logical and elegant way. The diagrams should adhere to the qualities mentioned in lectures and must be legal BPMN.? You must provide the main process and a reasonable number of sub-processes.? The process modelled should match what you have described in your analysis report.? The views of models must be consistent with each other, enabling the whole analysis to make sense.
Part 2 ReportYour report should be no more than 2000 words +/-10%, and it should:? describe the organisation, its structure, culture, strategies and how these impact on their processes and on efforts to re-design processes in the future;? explain the business process layers (for process layers, we suggest you use a diagram);
? Analyse the case’s current business process(es) and list all possible key issues/problems,then you should select two (2) which you consider being the most essential to resolve and discuss why these issues/problems need to be addressed. What are some of the benefits if the problem/issue(s) are addressed? Any assumptions? Any limitations? No details as to how to implement recommendations are required in this stage. The detailed suggested changes will be addressed specifically in assignment 2.? Explain each of the models provided, particularly the activities and decisions gateways included. List all assumptions and limitations and provide a brief explanation for each of them.? Conduct the resources allocation and performance analysis of the current processes discussed. You should discuss these topics and link them to the case processes, however,you are not required to quantify by actual number.Please note that you may need research to get further information.
Submission RequirementsJust submit a single MSWord document. Archives with multiple files and/or subfolders will not be accepted.? A word-processed report with no more than 2000 +/- 10% words which includes:o Executive Summary (not included in the word count)o Table of Contents (not included in the word count)o Introductiono Business Background and any assumptions made (for example on business conditions)o The main body (Discussion addressing the Task Requirements)

Business process management is vital for an organization for expanding and growing their business. This report discusses regarding a similar case of Swinburne Cares Foundation. It discusses about the recent prevalent process occurring in the organization. The analysis of procedure is also given that contains the identification of the field of procedures used by organization, which raise problem for it. After analyzing the processes utilized by the company the problems faced by the organization has been identified.
            This report describes the background of the business procedures implemented by Swinburne Cares Foundation. The report discusses regarding the business process layers and the found out problems in the models that the organization is using presently.
Business Background
            Swinburne Cares Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides help to needy, underprivileged and people with various disabilities. The organization receives financial support from donations provided by other organizations and individuals. They provide various services to disables people. These services involve organization’s assistants. In some cases, accommodation and teaching aid is provided to people in order to simplify their everyday life. They make certain arrangements for people in order to cope up with the situation or gain knowledge of some skills that are required for their sustainment. The organization has been operating since few years and they have brought about huge changes in their sector.  
            The association has been operational for various years and there is enormous change in the part for the association. The ongoing government enactment which would incorporate the National Disability Insurance scheme and the look after the matured individuals for undertaking a noteworthy change inside the association.
Business Process Layers
            The processes of business of the present system of Swinburne Cares Foundation is divided in various layers:
The procedures used by the organization can easily be divided in two layers, one being the service process and another being the funding process. It is known that for the part of services, the company provides services to people who are underprivileged in various areas.
Assistance and translation: The organization has assisted various individuals in work. It helps the people in translation as well as hearing and communicating facilities.
Live-in careers: The organization helps people in almost all of their activities.
Shared homes: The organization lets the underprivileged people to share homes where they will be given with the assistance that they need. There doubts would also be looked after.
Community activities: The organization gives a chance to the individuals to interact with each other and also help them to perform various co-operative activities.
            Along with the services provided by the company, they also have a procedure of funding. This process is also divided into various layers. This process helps the organization to collect the finances for the needy people. The funds are collected in order to fund the services provided by the organization to people. Apart from this, there are many vertical levels of controls in company and as a result, there is a figure of authorities at the upper part of hierarchy for the company. The various divisions are divided into numerous groups which would again have some divisions under them who would have the responsibility to perform tasks of collecting funds for company. The environment in the company is little competitive and rigid. There is various communication systems along with that, this would help the company as well as the people in the company to communicate between them. Along with this, the process of funding is considered as the process of donation, this donation contains the procedure of cash donations, promised donations and card donations. The giving process could be divided into Process Regular Giving and New Donor Process
AS-IS process

the regular process the regular donor makes the donation and the hence the there are no addition made to the database and only the donation is processed by the bank.
Issues/Problems for the processes

            Procedures that are presently being utilized by the company are traditional procedures, the traditional process have very less number of disadvantages that would affect the efficiency of organization. Along with this, it was noted that as time passed by, the business process charges accordingly but it never speeds up, the process stays slow. Organization as well as organizational head of SCF is trying to bring various changes that would be followed by the organization. The new procedures that would be utilized by the organizations would help it to adapt to the factors. It would also help the organization in improving all the procedures that the organization uses.
Senior management of company is accustomed to the word agile or agile development. At the same time, this has introduced changes to the organization all over the world as well as the management in SCF has been worrying regarding the matter that the organizations cannot cope up with the sudden changes. This is because the agile procedure brings about sudden changes in the organizations and very fewer organizations cope up with the changes brought about in the operations. As a result, the management of top level should get accustomed with the processes that should be followed while developing the business process with the use of agile methodology in such a way that they can use it to the fullest.  
Identification of the essential issues and related solutions
            While analyzing the procedures of business used by the organization, a huge number of issues are identified in the present processes used by the organization. While analyzing various processes, the major problem that was identified was management turnover and high employee. This has disrupted the process and new employees as well as new managers are hired when they can be provided the needed training. The knowledge that older employees had, they could not pass it to the newer employees and the new employees had left the company. This has caused the generation of void in the company.
            Secondly the organization also faced various problems related to policies followed by the company and inconsistent system of the company across employees as well as managers. When the managers and employees are allocated again, they lose the experience. As a result, the procedures followed by the organization are not efficient any more when the time increases.
            As result, it is identified by management that they need to improve the business operations used by them. They would also need to document the processes in an efficient manner. The business models of various organizations need updates and a good model that can be maintained.
Benefits of addressing the issue
            The problems faced by the company will be addressed effectively and employees of the company will get a proper perspective regarding the process as well as the model of the ongoing system. This will help the organization to increase its efficiency.
Explanations and Justification of the models
            In order to develop the models, the layers as well as sub-layers are used. This will divide the process of the organization in two sectors, they are funding and services. The funding is again classified in donations received and the process of donation will again be divided. In this organization a vertical hierarchical model is followed.  
            It has been found out that in the system of credit card donation, the transaction will get cancelled automatically after one re attempt in gathering the funds. In the donations that were promised, the people who failed to donate would fall under the cancellation category of the procedure of funding. The donation can also be cancelled if the donor has rejected the funding.  
Along with assumptions, there are various limitations in the given model. The model is just limited to the process of funding as more insights on services for procedures used by the company are not given. In the regularly used giving process, no option has been provided in case fund, the request would be cancelled.
Resources allocation and performance analysis of the current processes
            In the present procedure the assets which have been dispensed for the gift system are principally human Resource based and subsequently, the examination on the HR for the association has been for the most part centred around this. Moreover, information also has been a critical factor and the stream of learning must be enhanced in the system. The framework the documentation methodology is to be presented so the information in the system is archived which can be utilized by the organization for some time later.
            From the above report, it can be concluded that Business process management is very important for any business weather small or big. In this report, the case of Swinburne Cares Foundation has been considered. The current procedures that are followed by the organization are described in details in the discussion part. The report discusses regarding the background of the business of Swinburne Cares Foundation. The data has been extracted from the case study of the organization. It also discusses regarding the resolution for the problems faced by the organization.  
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