Interpersonal Communication Of Mc Donalds

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Interpersonal Communication Of Mc Donald’s

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Interpersonal Communication Of Mc Donald’s

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Discuss about the Interpersonal Communication of Mc Donald’s.

Effective communication plays an important role for an organization so that employees of each level can deliver and receive accurate set of information on that basis many activities supposed to be performed. Having accurate and precise communication system leads an organization to the path of success and sustainability. Effective communication helps the organization in the process of inflow and outflow of relevant information in a proper manner by which entire activities to be performed in a systematic manner as decided by the manager. By including effective communication within business premises, all the related activities would be executed within given time frame which further makes sure that organization would be capable to attain desired output and remain sustain into the market. This project report will be focused on developing effective communication system into the organization through which company can be able to eliminate its issues associated with the communication system. In the present competitive scenario, it is important for the organizations that they must include updated and accurate system of communication within their premises by which they could manage the internal business decorum. For execution of this project report, company Mc Donald’s has been taken in which its internal system of communication will be evaluated through survey. The reason for selecting this organization is that Mc Donald’s possesses efficient communication and co –ordination among the employees serving within the organization.
Diagnosis and reflection
Mc Donald’s is a famous fast food chain that delivers its glorious services in all over the world to its customers. This was developed in year 1940 by owner Richard and Maurice Mc Donald, since then it has developed large base of customer. There are many customers working in Mc Donald’s presently i.e. 36,900 customers and for such type of big food chain it is necessary to develop and uphold effectual inflow and outflow of communication so that all the workers serving there could perform their work in an organized manner. There is a systematic chain being chased by the employees in Mc Donald’s like whenever someone places an order at billing counter then an employee standing at the counter receives it after that the order is being communicated to the person who is working in the kitchen area through other staff member. There is also a direct system of communication followed by the employees working there (Delavier, 2010).
For the execution of this project report, I have went to one of the several branches of Mc Donald’s in order to conduct internal survey for collecting relevant information associated with the system of communication followed by the Mc Donald’s Restaurant. Through the collected information, I have identified that there are some issues related with the communication system being confronted by the employees of Mc Donald’s and still they are trying to manage these issues. With the help of some diagnostic tools, I have managed to recognize the communication issues confronted by the employees (Krajicek, 2008).
Some diagnostic tools like Communication Style Questionnaire, Simple Interview Method, Personal interview, Johari Window Model, Assertiveness Questionnaire were used by me to collect the appropriate information from the workers serving over there. These models helped me in providing guidance regarding the generated issues of communication system within the organization. Proper evaluation of various aspects that provided me assistance in availing the guidance in respect to Mc Donald’s, will be done by using these tools so that organization could be able to execute appropriate strategies in order to eliminate all the issues and hindrances related with the communication system of Mc Donald’s (Claussen, 2009).
Johari Window Method – To increase the individual perception on others, Johari Window Model is used. Johari Window Model is basically depends upon two aspects i.e. trust is considered as important element that can be discovered by your information to other person and developing some knowledge  about your own with the help of responses given by the other person. This tool provides assistance to describe the facts related with the aspects that is known by one person and nor known by the one. Related aspects that are known by person is placed in the open area and the aspects that are not known by one is placed into the façade or in closed (hidden) area, some other aspects that are known by oneself are placed in blind area and remaining aspects stay unknown which are not known by others (Allen, 2015).
Assestive Questionnaire Method -Two set of questionnaire have been prepared after collecting information associated with the aspects of Johari Windows Model. One format was based upon the assertiveness questionnaire and another was communication style questionnaire. A set of assertiveness questionnaire is based upon the queries associated with the feelings, thoughts, needs, etc. The main purpose for preparing this set of questionnaire was to collect relevant information linked with the feelings of employees working in the Mc Donald’s. A set of assertive questionnaire provided assistance in getting the information about the internal feeling of employees confronting the issues and problems in the workplace by which a proper direction were developed towards the execution and implementation of strategies within Mc Donald’s in order to resolve the communication issues (Bird, 2012).
Communication style questionnaire – Another set of questionnaire i.e. communication style questionnaire helped in collecting the opinion of the workers linked with the organization’s communication issues so that organization could be able to achieve its target effectively by resolving these communication issues through applying appropriate strategies. With the help of these two sets of questionnaire, a proper understanding has been developed by which employee’s state of mind has been identified. I have also recognized the perceptions or opinions of employees connected with the Mc Donald’s communication system (Desjardins & H, 2013).
Simple Interview Method- In this method, employees had to give answers of some questions which were asked to them. Through this method employees expressed their perceptions towards the organization and its related issues.
Personal or Face to face interview Method – In this method, discussion were done personally with the employees through which the related issues of organization have been revealed.
Employee’s responses have been received after applying various Diagnosis Tools from which it was indentified that there was several issues that were being confronted by the employees of Mc Donald’s and by using a proper set of strategies, these issues could be resolved. Some issues which are identified after survey that the employees of Mc. Donald’s did not possesses sufficient information about their duties like what they need to perform exactly and another issue is with the employees interpersonal skills because of this they could not be able to interact with the customer properly. A proper guidance or direction would be provided to the organization to overcome the issues of communication system within Mc Donald’s.
After completing the survey, I went to the manager of the Mc Donald’s and done interaction regarding the identified issues of the organization. I described that in your organization there are some issues associated with the communication system. One of them is that employees of the organization did not have proper interpersonal skills by which they are not able to interact or communicate with the client efficiently. Employees are not able to explain the information about the products and services being delivered by them. So, in order to overcome this issue, you should conduct proper set of Training for the employees through which they will acquire some confidence and they can communicate with the customers easily.
After this discussion, I mentioned the manager about the second issue that in your organization employees did not clearly know their roles and responsibility by which they are facing problem in performing their duties. For the solution to this issue, I recommend the manager that you must conduct daily meetings within the organization in order to describe the roles and responsibility of the employees and daily meetings also will help them to present the issue of the organization to the manager directly and get the solution for it.
Literature Review
With the help of effective communication, an organization could manage its business activity in an organized manner as communication plays vital role for a company to become successful. Communication is helpful in providing appropriate structure to the workers of organization regarding various aspects and on that basis they can perform their work in an effective and efficient manner. Various issues have been identified with the help of using diagnostic tools. In order to eliminate these issues, Mc Donald’s needs to focus upon some appropriate strategies and implement them within the business premises properly. These issues can influence the entire business activities and needs to be controlled. With the help of diagnosis, several aspects related with the employee’s mindset have been recognized that leads to identification of proper solution in order to resolve these issues (Vangelisti, 2016).
It was determined through collected information that Mc Donald’s has been facing these issues from the past four years and still they manage their work accordingly. Workers standing at the billing counter are facing the problem while interacting with the consumers. People’s mindset and their standard of living are changing with the time. At present, employee of any organization desires to get feedback of the services and products being provided by them. It has been recognized that employees managing the billing desk were confronting the issue in providing information to the customers regarding the services and products being delivered by them. In Mc Donald’s, the main issue identified that proper training were not provided to the workers  due to which they were facing problem while interaction with the customers (Dixon, 2012).
Another issue which has been identified that the employees of Mc Donald’s did not have proper set of information associated with their work profile that they need to perform.  There were not any managerial support provided to the employees and all the activities that are need to be performed by whom is decided by the executive level. It was also determine that there were no meeting organized from the past few years through which they could get to know about their roles and responsibility (Gluyas, 2015).
As it is concluded on the basis of above discussion that in Mc Donald’s there are several issues confronted by the employees that needs to be solved as soon as possible by applying some appropriate strategies through which employees of the organization could interact with their customers in an effective manner (Gerson and Gerson, 2007).
Mc Donald’s should implement some set of strategies to eliminate the issues related with the communication system. Some set of strategies which should be adopted by Mc Donald’s are described as below:
Providing proper training helps the employees in enhancing their interpersonal skills by which they can interact with their customers without any hesitation. Training also helps the employees in gathering the relevant information associated with the services and products being delivered by them to the customer. Proper training also helps in boosting the self confidence level of employees so that they can easily solve the customer’s queries and also provides improved support to the customers as well (Delavier, 2010).
Another strategy which will help in eliminating the problem of communication system is organized daily meeting. To acquire the knowledge about generating issues within the organization, management needs to get associated with their employees. Top level management should properly allocate the duties and responsibility to each and every employee so that they can perform them in a systematic manner (Anon, 2016).
One more strategy related with this aspect is team building activities. Employees of Mc Donald’s should develop team work among them to perform their activity in accurate manner. Management should divide the employees into several teams and work should be distributed to them accordingly.  By involving such activities into the work pattern will help in building up the better co –ordination among workers so that they can manage their work (Krajicek, 2008).
Some more activities that can be taken into consideration in developing the system of communication of the premises are organizing cultural activities at workplace, official parties, involving fun activities, etc. would provide assistance in developing better relationship with each other and can perform their tasks in an effective manner (Guidelines for Special Issues of the Journal of Business Communication and Business Communication Quarterly, 2009).
Management of an organization should maintain proper interaction with the employees time to time by the affect of which top level management gets to know about the issues generating within an organization and they can provide proper set of support in eliminating these issues so as to sustain the proper decorum of the organization. The issues related with the communication system should be resolved on priority basis so that operating activities could be managed by the employees of organization in an effective and efficient manner. It is essential for the Mc Donald’s to motivate their employees by using Maslow’s motivational theory so that employees give their best in performing their roles and duties and develop better communication system within the premises. Another theory that can also be taken into consideration by Mc Donald’s is relationship theory by which better co –ordination will be developed among the employees of the organization which can be beneficial to eliminating the issue related with the communication system. With the help of effective communication system, Mc Donald’s can easily achieve its targets as well as can sustain in the market (Claussen, 2009).
Action plan

Serial. No.

Initiated Activities

Total days

Date of Starting

Date of Completion

Action which is to be executed


Communication System to be managed at Mc Donald’s

183 Days

1 April 2017

30 Oct 2017

By using this action plan, evaluation of all the problems and issues related with the communication system of Mc Donald’s will be done. Further, this plan will assist in taking correct decision regarding issues (Eggins and Slade, 2013).


Assessing the Current Position of Mc Donald’s

30 Days

1 April 2017

30 April 2017

Time duration of this process is for one month in which face to face interaction with the employees, who are at present facing the problem, will be done by the top level management team. With the help of this process, responses of the employees will be collected through questionnaire (Gueldenzoph Snyder, 2008).


 Upfront discussion with all Mc Donald’s workers

15 Days

1 April 2015

15 April 2017

Face to face discussion between the manager and employees of the organization will be executed in order to gather useful information regarding the hindrances and issues of organization. That will help employees personally to resolve their problem (Padgett and Yoder, 2008).


Collection of feedback through questionnaire as well as evaluate them

15 Days

15 April 2017

 30 April 2017

For execution of this project, a set of questionnaire will be prepared by the management which includes some bad as well as some good aspects of the Mc Donald’s company. On the basis of these questionnaires, responses of the employees will be collected so that they can develop proper strategies regarding with the certain issues (Kargin, 2016).


Compare the employee’s responses and identify proper strategies.

30 Days

1 May 2017

30 May 2017

After taking responses of the employees, comparison and evaluation will be done on the basis of their given responses. After evaluation, complete report will be delivered to the top level management team that includes the issues and hindrances that are being faced by the workers of Mc Donald’s. On that basis certain strategies to be developed accordingly (Levitt, 2016).


Provide Training

30 Days

1 June 2017

30 June 2017

Next step is all about to provide training to every workers of the organization in order to eliminate the issue. Time duration of training would be for three months. It is a hard task to manage the entire employee during their training period (Morgan, Paucar-Caceres and Wright, 2014). This training includes face to face interaction with the customers as well as to manage order getting from them. All these activities will be performed under the guidance of supervision so that employees could perform well.


Some Extra Activities must be included.

60 Days

1 July 2017

30 Aug 2017

It is necessary to include some extra activities apart from work would be there in order to reduce the boredom and enhance the creativity of employees but these activities must not influence the work of employees. It is required that employees must participate in each activities by which they can get some entertainment and feel refreshing at the premises. It is important for employee to enjoy their work so these activities will play an important role for this (Opt, 2017).


Organize Meetings Daily


1 April 2017

31 Oct 2017

Daily meetings are the solution for every problem in an organization. Management of Mc Donald’s must follow the process of daily meeting within the premises so that employees can easily discuss their problem to the management directly and these problems can be solve timely (Weerasinghe and Thisera, 2014).

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