Interpersonal Communication Style

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Interpersonal Communication Style

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Interpersonal Communication Style

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Discuss about the Interpersonal Communication.

Diagnostic Tools related to Communication
The communication is one of the important aspects of an organization for sustaining and development of communication across the workplace. For analyzing my communication style, I will be suing communication tools like Johari Window, Assertiveness Questionnaires, Communication Style Questionnaire, Social Intranet and Discussion Forums. As mentioned by Bloom et al. (2014), Johari Window is one of the effective diagnostic tools that helps in understanding the relationship with the people and with others. I prefer using Johari Window diagnostic tool for analyzing the communication style of the people in case of active listening. The goal of the Johari Window is disclosing the information and making the people more interactive, cooperative and effective in their communication. I prefer using Assertiveness Questionnaires, for verbal communication. In this aspect, it helps the students in seeking assistance to the people and looks for the opportunities along with resisting the peer pressure (Cummings & Worley, 2014). It helps the individuals in expressing themselves in a direct and self-assured manner. I have learned that it helps in engaging interpersonal behaviors of the individuals, which helps in contributing to the academic success and social development.
I prefer using the Communication Style Questionnaire in a written or non-verbal communication style that encourages individuals in the development of their potentiality. As mentioned by Goetsch & Davis (2014), it helps in the development of personal plans that helps in achieving potentiality in communication. Moreover, through this communication pattern, it helps in gaining the better understanding of the methods of interaction and the level of accuracy depends on the honesty reflected by the individuals. It is an effective method of communication that helps in understanding the tendency and outlook of the individuals towards a certain topic. I prefer using Social Intranet communication as it helps in easy and effective means of communication among the individuals engaged under the same institution. According to Harlow & Guo (2014), the Social Intranet helps in written communication among the individuals working in the same organization or educational premises. It helps in engaging the individuals and making them integrated with the information. It helps to make the individuals’ efficient in their jobs and also improves the customer services along with progress the internal operations.  I prefer using Discussion Forums communication tool as it facilitates free and open discussion of the topics among the individuals’. Heldman, Schindelar & Weaver (2017) opined that online discussion forums are an effective means of written communication that facilitates open discussion among the people. It creates the discussion of certain topics among the people having the interest in the same topic. It also facilitates bringing up of ideas, solving problems and get solutions to it.
Findings of the Tools and Identification of Key Communication Issues
The Johari Window tool is a tool that helps in training and understanding self-awareness, improving communications, interpersonal relationships and personal development of the organization (Oliveira & Welch, 2013). It helps in the prevailing positive working environment as this tool had facilitated communication between the co-workers and trust is prevalent within them. The assertive questionnaires help in formulating and communicating an individual’s thoughts and opinions in a precise and clear way. The Communication Style Questionnaire facilitates encouraging their development of the potentiality for promoting communication culture at the workplace. It helps in identification of the learning and strengths that can be used for the betterment of their potentiality. The Social Intranet plays an important role in combining and contributing communication across the workplace. It helps in connecting people in a meaningful way where the people finds the ability in creating content. The Discussion Forums facilitates the organization in holding conversations among the individuals through posted messages (Razmerita, Kirchner & Nabeth, 2014).
One of the communication issues that have been identified in this context is the inability to keep all the employees informed (Rosenberg & Chopra, 2015). I have identified that this is an important aspect as through communication, the employees are informed about the happenings in the organization. The failure of which, may cause the problem to the employees and may also lead to miscommunication and chaos at the workplace. The organization needs to communicate with its employees through emails and discussions on a regular basis. The other communication issue that has been identified is the lack of receiving feedback from the co-workers, managers, and supervisors. I have identified that it is a major problem in communication, as the employees failing in receiving feedback from the organizational heads tends to repeat the mistakes continuously. Their improvement in the work will be stagnant due to lack of feedback and will create a huge miscommunication and communication gap at the workplace (Singh, 2015).
Reflection on Two Professional Interactions
One of the professional interactions I had in the past 12 months was an employee of an organization regarding feedback communication aspect. Due to lack of feedback, the employees are unable to understand the right and wrong sides of their performance. It, therefore, cause repetition of the mistakes and the employees continue providing same quality work without any improvement (Taylor & Kent, 2014). Due to loss of feedback, the employees lose out interests in their work and the quality of workplace in the organization slags down gradually. Moreover, due to lack of feedback, the relationship between the co-employees and managers gets hampered and trust and mutual respect towards each other remain lacking. The other professional interaction I had in the past 12 months was with an employee regarding non-informing the employees at the workplace. Due to this, the employees remain uninformed about the happenings in the organization. It makes them feel left out and lack of motivation to work with commitment and dedication to the workplace. Moreover, it also impacts negatively on the employees as they are unable to discuss the problems either with the co-employees or with the managers (Harlow & Guo, 2014). I have seen that it have negatively impacted on the employees’ ability to cope up with the information that is not shared with them and leads to high employee turnover rate. 
Literature Review
The two issues that will be discussed in this context are “lack of feedback” and “communication gap with the employees.” In this perspective, the concepts, key models, and behaviors that demonstrate efficient practice and competence in the communication area are discussed.
Lack of Feedback
One of the major issues in the communication that arises at the workplace is due to the lack of feedback to the employees. As stated by Bergman, Dellve & Skagert (2016), to establish and propagate strong business relationship at the workplace, efficient and effective communication practices are to be established. There are certain opportunities that take place within the organization through effective communication. A small or big gap in the communication may hamper the productivity and workflow of the organization. The employees, managers and higher officials should be aware of the problems that may arise due to communication gap and needs to take effective steps for solving the problems. The problems that may arise due to lack of feedback in communicational aspect are lower efficiency, decreased innovation and low employee morale. According to Bhosale & Pant (2015), due to the communication gap, the feedback from the co-workers and superiors will be reduced, which will lead to the abridging of the efficiency of the employees at the workplace. The efficiencies of the employees are questioned, and vague messages sent for clarification of their activities not only dissatisfy the employees but also make them lose interest in their work. Due to the inability of getting feedback, the employees fail to understand their flaws in their work and their skills and expertise become stable and constant without any improvement (Derrick et al. 2016).
Dozier, Grunig & Grunig (2013) opined that due to lack of feedback, the moral values and self-esteem of the employees are compromised. The poor communication at the workplace demoralizes the workplace environment and impact negatively on the employees. With the poor communication, the enthusiasms of the employees are lost and are forced to conduct boring presentations with unclear instructions. As a result, it leads to confusion among the employees and the monotonous work also hampers their moral values. Enuoh & Inyang (2016) had stated that the lack of feedback in the workplace also hampers the innovation tendency in the organization. It also results in inadequate handling of the projects due to having no feedback regarding the right way of handling it. It is because; the communication is directly proportional to the rise of existing and innovative ideas and improvements at the workplace. But the absence of the communication at the workplace leads to decreased innovation at the workplace.
To acquire competence at the workplace for improving feedback, the top officials, managers, and employees need to have sound communication with one another. As stated by Fire & Puzis (2016), communication helps in improving the relationship among the co-workers and managers and the feedback regarding the work is also communicated. It improves the competency of the employees and makes the organization more productive in nature. The workflow is not disrupted, and the employees learn from their faults. The mistakes are never repeated, and the employees confidently handle the organization’s projects without flaws. Moreover, with the flow of feedback, the motivation and commitment level of the employees are increased that reduces monotony and confusion at the workplace (Laukkanen et al. 2016).
Communication Gap with all the Employees
The communication gap at the workplace makes the employees uninformed about the happenings at the workplace. As mentioned by Parraguez, Eppinger & Maier (2016), due to lack of communication in informing the employees about the decisions of the organization makes the employees feel left out. They tend to lose out focus and vision of the organizational goals and also mismanage the business resources. Moreover, as the employees are not informed about the organizational decisions, they tend to enter into corporate politics where they make up stories about the decisions taken up by the management. It creates confusion, chaos, and disorder at the workplace, which destroys the workflow of the organization. Shimoni (2017) stated that due to lack of communication at the workplace, conflict among the employees and higher management occurs. It, therefore, leads to the breakdown of the productivity at the workplace. Moreover, due to poor communication, the employees cannot relate to the business goals and understand their respective duties and responsibilities, which lead to non-performance of the employees.
According to Shin et al. (2017), the communication gap at the workplace reduces the productivity, inspiration, creation and innovation of the employees. It makes the employees lack enthusiasm and also fear the unknown happenings at the workplace. Moreover, due to lack of communication, the management of the organization becomes ineffective and also leads to conflict the workplace. The employees tend to leave the organization in fear of losing out their jobs and for facing unknown organizational change, which they find difficult to cope up with. As stated by Bergman, Dellve & Skagert (2016), due to poor flow of communication, the information regarding any project change or alternation in the workplace is not informed to the employees. It, therefore, leads to misunderstanding and misinterpretation at the workplace, which leads to arguments and tensions. The overall environment at the workplace becomes disrupted, and the relationship between co-workers and managers are also at stakes.
As mentioned by Fire & Puzis (2016), the communication gap needs to be reduced at the workplace to improve the competitiveness of the organization. It makes the employees competitive, enthusiastic and creative in their approach, which helps in smooth operation and workflow within the organization. Moreover, it also helps in making good decisions in the workplace, which helps in fulfilling long-term and short-term goals and objectives of the organization. It reduces the occurrence of conflicts at the workplace and the employees knowing their responsibilities become mentally set to handle their assigned tasks. It also reduces the tension among the employees and also improves the relationship between the employees and managers that lead to organizational development and growth (Rosenberg & Chopra, 2015).
Action Plan
In this context, an action plan will be developed that helps in discussing the key activities and events, which will be undertaken by the researcher in the next 6 months for acquiring the knowledge. The Gantt chart given below includes the actionable items in a timeline, and the indication of its completion helps in measuring its success.

Courses Undertaken

1st Month

2nd Month

3rd Month

4th Month

5th Month

6th Month

Media and Society







Media Writing







News Reporting Writing and Editing







Professional Writing







English Language 1- Post Foundation







Essay Writing







The mentors identified are the professors from the CQU institute. The Academic Advisor or the Counselor advices the students to get enroll in the courses as per their requirement. After completion of the ELC Program, they are advised to follow AS (Associate in Science), AAS (Associate in Applied Science) or AA (Associate in Arts) Educational Degree Plan that has been filed by their respective Academic Advisor or Counselor. The students have acquired conceptual knowledge regarding the communication interactions. It is seen that the communication is an important aspect for the students to make them prepared for their future. The different courses those are taught in the institution helps in developing the interaction and communication skills of the students. Both written and oral communication skills are taught to the students, which will facilitate them in conveying their feelings and opinions to the other people without any problem. It helps them in their future when they will join organizations or learning institutions for either higher studies or the purpose of jobs. At the point of time, academically the communication skills will help the students in getting good grades and degrees that are required for their future career.
The personal journals that are taught in the courses facilitate the students in easy communication with one another. The three important aspects of communication are reading, writing and listening, which are to be developed among the students that will help them in promoting their communication skills. The listening skills should not be limited to the classroom as it helps in easy conversation with one another regarding the problems faced by the students and or getting appropriate solutions to it. Moreover, the oral skills help in continuing conversation among the students for both professional and personal discussion. The writing skills help in communicating the learned aspects and feelings of the students and for jotting down the expressions and thoughts. The self-esteem of the students gets elevated with effective communication among the students. The good communication courses help in increasing learning among the entire class and also improve the class participation. It facilitates the students in improving the class performance as they can understand the teaching of the teacher. It also helps them in understanding the feedback received from the teachers, which they can work on for improving their learning and communication
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Taylor, M. & Kent, M.L., (2014). The value of social media for pushing activist organizations social agendas: Implications for PR theory and practice. Quarterly Journal of Business Disciplines, 1(1), pp.76-87.

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