Knee Pain Case

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Knee Pain Case

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Subject: Physiology

Table of Contents Introduction Patient Management Circle of Caring and Healthy People 2020 Details Concluding Points References Introduction The woman presents with complaints of severe knee pain. The patient’s problems include obesity, history of diabetes, stage I hypertension. The woman presumably has osteoarthritis as well. Importantly, since at the moment the patient is suffering from knee ache, it should be addressed first. It should be noted that it is highly possible that the pain in her knee, hypertension, diabetes, and rush have been caused by excessive weight, the lack of physical exercises, and improper diet.

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Patient Management The woman experiences several chronic conditions simultaneously; therefore, she requires particular and ongoing attention from the side of a healthcare specialist. According to the physical examination, the patient’s knee is swollen and inflicts pain to her; thus, pain management is essential. An X-ray should be ordered to determine whether the patient has osteoarthritis (Swearingen, 2015). The main goal of the treatment plan will be to reduce the level of pain the woman is experiencing and ensure the functionality of the knee. In terms of medication, the patient should be prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and Acetaminophen (Swearingen, 2015). Since the woman is suffering from constant acute pain, it is essential to initiate weight loss and physical therapy to alleviate the condition. In addition, the patient should be advised on the application of heat and cold packing. Apart from that, the patient has a two-year history of diabetes. It is important to order an HbA1c test to make sure the patient had control over her condition during the past three months. Circle of Caring and Healthy People 2020 Importantly, the patient might benefit greatly from the Circle of Caring concept. It implies that nurses are given greater authority in educating patients and their families on healthier lifestyles and practices. Objective D-5.1 “Reduce the proportion of persons with diabetes with an A1c value greater than 9 percent” is important for that matter (Healthy People, 2017). The patient should be educated on taking self-blood glucose monitoring (SBGM) to be aware of the disease progression. Details Based on the patient’s detailed history, thorough physical examination, and low complexity decision-making, level 99203 should be billed. In terms of follow-up strategy, patient education is of particular importance. The patient has been keeping poor control of diabetes, and excessive weight is one of the main threats to the further decrease in the health status (Swearingen, 2015). Thus, it is crucial to advise the woman in a shame-free environment on the importance of proper dieting. In addition, the main complementary therapy should include physical exercises and nutrition (drinking pure water, eating sufficient amounts of fruit and green vegetables). It is important to raise a woman’s awareness of the potential positive impact of being physically active, which will be reflected in weight loss, controlled chronic condition, and general improvement in her health. Moreover, the patient should be advised on the appropriate exercises to strengthen the muscles over the injured area so that she can function successfully at her work. Concluding Points It should be stressed that voluntary weight loss does have a positive impact on people’s well-being. However, it should be the result of leading a healthy lifestyle (proper diet, drinking water, physical activity) rather than the consequence of limitation in food or famishment. Keeping a healthy weight enables patients to control their blood pressure, sugar levels, and remaining active, which implies lower rates of morbidity and mortality, especially in the case of older adults (Swearingen, 2015). Community, nursing, and family support is an important aspect of a long-term commitment to remaining physically active (Swearingen, 2015). In addition, the availability of facilities and open spaces for long walks are other significant factors. However, most importantly, community support is the basic aspect of dedication to fitness (Swearingen, 2015). If the community provides residents with a possibility to engage in group or family activities, people will be more likely to stick to a healthier lifestyle. References Healthy People. (2017). Diabetes. Web. Swearingen, P. (2015). All-in-one care planning resource. New York, NY: Elsevier.

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