Making the Case for Nursing Specialty Certification

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Making the Case for Nursing Specialty Certification

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Subject: Nursing

Introduction The article “Making the Case for Nursing Specialty Certification” explains why nurses should pursue certification in the field in order to receive numerous benefits. This process makes it possible for them to acquire additional financial benefits and become more acceptable as providers of patient care (Blozen, 2019). Nursing certification is an evidence-based practice for expanding the career opportunities of professionals. This happens to be the case since they are viewed as skilled and competent. Some studies have also revealed that the acquired certification is capable of increasing the level of self-confidence.

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Many people will record decreased turnover and deliver high-quality care to their patients. For example, Blozen indicates, “certification improves certain patient outcomes” (61). Due to such benefits, Blozen (2019) encourages nurses to pursue such a goal by completing various exams and engaging in lifelong learning in an attempt to renew their certificates. Some of the key issues certification agencies consider include the nature of education background and the number of years in the targeted specialty. Those who follow these suggestions will be in a position to get new jobs in different organizations and eventually achieve their professional aims. They will also use the information to guide their colleagues. Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice The ideas described in the selected article are informative and capable of empowering nurses to achieve their maximum potential. Personally, I will pursue this form of certification since it will prepare me for additional roles in the field of nursing. More institutions will be willing to seek my services, thereby making it easier for me to get new job opportunities. The article reveals that those attain the required certification have boosted self-confidence and morale levels. I will liaise with different professionals in an attempt to provide high quality and sustainable services to my patients. I will engage in lifelong learning in order to have my certification renewed. Consequently, I will be on the right path towards achieving both my professional and personal goals. This analysis reveals that the content of the selected article will affect my practice positively and guide me to meet the changing demands of all my patients. Scholarly Paper Phase 1 Assigned Article Summary Certification in healthcare has become essential in different countries and states. The studied article presents a powerful case for this practice and why professionals in the field of nursing should take it seriously. Blozen begins the article by indicating that “certification supports nursing professionalism” (60). Those who achieve such a document become recognizable and permitted to practice in the specified specialty. The certificate is a clear indication that one has the relevant skills and will remain accountable for his or her actions. The move creates a new opportunity for getting better salaries. Job opportunities will tend to increase for such certified nurses. In different states, many organizations will always consider professionals who have certification in a specified specialty. The recognized professional will be in a position to record more gains than their uncertified counterparts will. Competency and feelings of personal confidence tend to increase when one attains this form of certification (Blozen, 2019). The individual will be able to provide exemplary services and eventually maximize patient care. With this kind of information, individuals need to complete the required practice hours and attain the necessary academic qualifications. Such a practice will prepare nurses for additional learning to have such professional certificates renewed. Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice The future of nursing will depend on the willingness of practitioners to undertake complex roles and be involved in leadership. The insights gained from this article will guide me to get the relevant certification from the recommended bodies. Such an achievement will make it possible for me to practice in diverse settings and seek emerging job opportunities. I will also be empowered to improve my financial gains and eventually be in a position to have my own clinic.

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The acquisition of a nursing certificate is an effort that will improve my self-confidence level and empower me to deliver personalized and cultural competent care to all my patients. I will establish appropriate multidisciplinary teams to ensure that more people achieve their health goals. I will engage in lifelong learning, as a way of improving my skills will at the same time getting a new opportunity to have the certificate renewed continuously. Reference Blozen, B. B. (2019). Making the case for nursing specialty certification. Annual Career Watch, 1(1), 60-61.

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