Management Responsibilities- OHS- Equity And Meeting Issues In The Workplace

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Management Responsibilities, OHS, Equity And Meeting Issues In The Workplace

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Management Responsibilities, OHS, Equity And Meeting Issues In The Workplace

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Describe the things for Management Responsibilities, OHS, Equity and Meeting Issues in the Workplace.

In this paper, a particular scenario has been taken to discuss upon the management responsibilities in an organization along with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). The provided workplace scenario describes about a meeting of eight unit managers with the Division Head to review the demand for services for preparing the submission regarding funding for the next financial year. Although there was an increase in the number of clients and limited opportunities for increased funding, hence, each manager was supposed to put their unit’s case and then the group will work out their priorities. The meeting was deferred twice but now a week before deadline, no one was expecting to leave on time despite of the several problems as Paula was thinking to get some food due to diabetes, Lennie was wondering if he could finish early and collect the kids from childcare. Maris was trying to look for a better place from where she could influence the head and the other key players. The meeting room was filled up with piles of paper supporting the presentations. Therefore, this study will further focus on the Equity principles in workplace and Issues in the meeting to find effective and innovative solutions to OHS, Equity and Meeting Issues.
Management Responsibilities in an Organization
The management has a vital role to play within an organization for achieving the goals and objectives whilst it is the role of managers to guide the organization towards the achievement of such goals (Rice 2013). Almost every organization stands upon some purposes or goals in which the managers are liable to combine and use the organizational resources for ensuring the achievement of their goals. The management of an organization is responsible to strive towards its goals or purposes by assigning activities that are performed by the members of the organization. The production of each individual worker will contribute towards the attainment of organizational goals depending on how much effectively the activities are designed by the management (Cameron and Green 2015). The management of an organization strives to encourage the individual activities that lead to achieving organizational goals at the same time it discourages the individual activities that may hinder the accomplishment of organizational objectives. There is no idea more important than managing the fulfilment of the organizational goals and objectives. The meaning of the Management is given by its goals and objectives. All managers must have a single-minded focus on the fulfilment of the organizational goals.
The three vital determinants of teamwork are the “leader”, subordinates and the environment. These factors are interdependent (Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis 2015). It is the leader’s responsibility to make the environment conducive to work. The leader studies the employees individually and insists interest in them. By encouraging the inquisitive employees and by prohibiting insidious elements, hygienic environment is created (Wolf 2012). Management can show leadership on preventing safety and health risks at the workplace. Three underlying management principles are key for enhancing safety and health as effective and strong leadership, involvement of workers and their constructive engagement along with ongoing assessment and review.
Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational health & safety even commonly known as OHS is an area concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people/ employees who all are engaged in work or employment. (Davis & Tomasin, 1999)
Most research done into word related well-being and security has demonstrated that the high rates of harm are principally because of insufficient, or non‐existent of the Safety and other health System frameworks. (Wilson, 2000) Along these lines, the utilization of a “powerful” administration can prompt more secure frameworks of development and diminish occurrence of wounds and business related ailments (Davis and Tomasin, 1999). Past examination has demonstrated that a powerful method for measuring the wellbeing execution of an organization is by utilizing a blend of both quantitative and subjective security estimations (Jaselskis, 1996). To enhance development security’s execution different health and safety components should be broke down. (Hale, 1998) Holmes remarked that organizations did not feel the need to concentrate on OHS in their administration frameworks, rather they regularly trust that the control of danger is the obligation of representatives. This was appeared differently in relation to the mentality of vast organizations that showed that OHS ought to be incorporated into their whole administration framework over all anticipates inside the organization. Wilson (2000) found that security dispositions changed by the span of the organization. (Cameron and Green, 2015) He recommended that there is some uncertainty whether organizations can profit by higher benchmarks of OHS practice, because of the usage costs included. Other exploration by Lingard and Rowlinson (1994) demonstrated that organizations having more assets and experience tend to manage wellbeing and security issues all the more adequately. It is additionally conceivable that OHS directions which require formal documentation methodology, don’t fit the customs, skill and necessities of little organizations (Hale and Baram, 1998).
Here as mentioned in the case situation even- an employee has diabetes- she is worried how she will manage her food because of the time of the meeting. Meanwhile it’s not just about the disease only, the mental stress and tension of the other employees about their children who are in day care and other things also create mental stress and tension. The company should make sure that they are conferenced not just about the KPAs or KPIs of their employees but even of their wellbeing and health.
Equity Principles
Equity at workplace or Equity Principles, as an expansive guideline or a principle, guarantees the reasonable representation and full interest in the working environment of women, native people groups, individuals from minority, and persons with incapacities. Employee Equity is accomplished when organization or occupation hones that avert and right impediments in business for these people through exceptional measures, sensible settlement of contrasts, and programmes to remove barriers to equality in every kind of opportunity.
Equity Principle in the administration association is managed by the Employment Equity Act. The inspiration driving the Act is “to achieve equalization in the workplace so that no individual is denied occupation opportunities or points of interest for reasons superfluous to limit and, in the fulfilment of that target, to change the conditions of injury in employment experienced by women, local social orders, persons with ineptitudes and persons who are, a consequence of their race or colour, in an observable minority.
How come here we have certain situation? If we analyse the case scenario here, then we have Maris who is looking for the right time when she can actually influence his boss. This clearly focuses on the kind of equity issues the women have in this organization. This needs to be revisited and issues like such should be resolved as mentioned above in the description.
Meeting Issues
There are various issues that can happen in meeting arranging and encouraging. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you can decide the reason for the issues and it can be a fruitful meeting.
The main issue that you may experience in meeting administration is when members don’t go to gatherings reliably. On the off chance that members who need to go to gatherings are not coming to them, there might be various diverse reasons why, and as a meeting organizer, you have to ask the member his or her explanations behind not going to. (Streibel, 2002)
The case scenario also says so. Paula and Lennie have such meeting issues because they weren’t aware about this sudden meeting and now they have already given their commitment somewhere else. The meeting was already deferred from the given time. The boss ordered that no one will go home before everything is discussed which creates and issue and worries for the employees. (Moscovick and Robert 1996)
On the off chance that members are neglecting to come to gatherings, you may need to give more indications of up and coming gatherings or timetable them further ahead of time. And here there should not be any major deviation. In serious cases, you may even need to actually approach members quickly before an addressing to help them to remember their need to go to.
A more difficult issue happens when members pick not to go to meetings.
A second issue connected with meeting administration is when gatherings get to be diverted tangential points and are not fruitful. This issue can be tended to either by enhancing meeting arranging or meeting help. In arranging a meeting, if the plan is not sufficiently particular or if members don’t convey legitimate data to the meeting, it is anything but difficult to get stalled in examination that does not bring about critical thinking. In this way, when gatherings get to be derailed.
On the off chance that the issue is not in the meeting arranging, then it is in the assistance. The facilitator must continue meeting members on track and talk up if dialog wanders.
Another issue connected with meeting administration is when individuals don’t take an interest fittingly, either by commanding the exchange or not adding to the talk. The facilitator may need to help members to remember meeting decorum or standard procedures or particularly request that a few members voice their assessments.
Fruitful meeting administration is an essential administration competency. Supervisors must comprehend circumstances that require meetings and what type of meeting and requirements are there. (Micale, 2002)
The Belbin description of the Division head as a Shaper tells you how he will approach the meeting. It should inform your assumptions about what he will focus on and the group culture. (Belbin, 2012)
Effective and Innovative Solutions to OHS, Equity and Meeting Issues
Effective Solutions are as follows:
For OHS- there can be a proper planning and arrangement of particular things as per the medical history of employees and even there family members.
To decrease the worries and stress levels of the parents having young children, there can be a facility of crèche in the campus of the organization. It might involve cost but it will increase the productivity of the employee.
Meeting issues: The deferred meetings should be informed much earlier to employees so that they can arrange and get away with their prior commitments. Moreover this can be done through an internal instant messaging groups/ software. This will help the employees to know about the happenings instantly.
Equity: The position of women should be encouraged and an equal opportunity should be given to all employees. A well unbiased panel should judge various solutions and proposals given by any gender of employees.
To conclude, it can be said that issues of equity, meeting and OHS should be taken seriously because it can actually effect the organization in excess. It should be done properly with proper planning, else it creates issues and effects the productivity of the employees.
Belbin, R.M., 2012. Management teams. Routledge.
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