Marketing Activities Of Revlon Company

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Marketing Activities Of Revlon Company

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Marketing Activities Of Revlon Company

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Discuss about the Marketing Activities Of Revlon Company.

Company Overview
The selected company for this report is Revlon. The company is manufacturing as well as marketing of range of cosmetics and nail products. The company is selling of cosmetics under its brand name. The company is known as best cosmetics companies which is operating into upper mass market segment. This company is operating globally, therefore there are possibility of various global marketing risks into the business operations of Revlon. The total revenue of the company is $2.334 billion. The marketing activities of Revlon are price that the company is pricing their products offerings of other competitor brands. Competitive pricing is varied as per the cosmetics industry. Various brands are offerings of similar features of products but those are differentiate by means of price. Revlon as the cosmetic giant has its presence into hundred countries along with Australia and US (Revlon, 2016). The company is focused to sell of their products throughout retail channels as well as mechanizing stores. There are also bulk distribution throughout drug stores and pharmacy across the global marketplace. It helps the company to retain of larger middle class consumer based across various nations. The company is also adopted of strategy of point of sales towards its retailing operations.
A1. through A3a. Risk Register

Name of Risk


(with explanation)

Likelihood of Occurrence*
(with justification)

Severity of Impact*
(with justification)

(with justification)

1. Foreign laws and regulations

The company has lack of understanding of local laws and regulations for successful international business.

Laws and regulations
As each of the country have different laws and regulations, therefore it is difficult to understand each country’s law properly when doing overseas business.

Very likely
It is very likely that the company is not familiar with the new laws and regulations of the country they are going to operate their business Bromiley et al., 2015).

Lack of understanding of laws and regulations provide moderate impact on the business functions of Revlon in global marketplace.

Total direct control throughout the project actions
This risk is directly controlled by following of laws and regulations of the country, the company is operated.

2. International accounting

Accounting is a risk to Revlon those are liable for the corporation tax abroad.

Various tax systems make accounting functions of the company a significant risk.

It is likely occurred as various accounting system can provide a benefit on the company’s sales and its profit.

International accounting system provides impact on the company’s sales.

Medium controllable throughout the project actions
Sometimes, it is not possible to liable towards the taxation of products and services.

3. Global pricing strategy

Setting of price of products as well as services at overseas is a big risk for the company. Cost is considered to remain competitive globally.

Due to different pricing strategies into different countries, therefore price factor is a challenge for the company when they are decided to source their products overseas/

There are medium likelihood as the company is not able to make a better pricing strategies to achieve of more customers Wolke, 2017).

Various pricing strategies provide an impact on the profit and total sales revenue of the company.

Highly controllable throughout the project actions
By following a proper pricing strategies of the products, Revlon can able to compete into international market.  

4. Currency rate

There is fluctuation into the currency rate is a risk for the international business (Hiles, 2007).

Sometimes, there is change into the rate of currency which is a risk for the company to sell their products globally.

Highly likely
There is difficulty into forecasting of global economic volatility when there is fluctuation into rate at unpredictable levels.

Fluctuations into rate provide impact on balance of the business expenses as well as its profit. When the company is paying the suppliers cost with US dollars, but selling the product with un-predictable currency, then the company is ended up with a loss.

Minimal control
The company is not able to predict when there would be fluctuation into the currency rate. Therefore, sometimes the company has to face this situation.

5. Communication difficulties along with cultural differences

Communicating across the cultures are considered as real challenge. There is ineffective communication with the clients and consumers results unsuccessful into the international business. Barrier into the language and nonverbal communication is breaking the business deals.

Communication and culture
Different language and culture of individuals is a risk.

Nearly certain
When any company is going to operate in other country, there are nearly certain possibility of language and cultural barrier.

Cultural differences are also influencing the market demands for the product and service.  

Highly controllable throughout the project actions
The company should have such person in their store those can understand the country’s language and familiar with the culture of people.

6. Supply chain complexity

When coming to source of products as well as services from overseas, handling of the supply chain is a defy for the company. Complexity into the supply chain rises chances to effort with suppliers and illegal business practices (Merna, & Al-Thani, 2008).

Supply chain management
The suppliers are the main channel to source of products to their clients, therefore complexity into supply chain is a risk.

Nearly certain
There are complexity into the supply chain as the suppliers are not able to provide services on time. In case, when the company is operated internationally then it is quite hard for the company to track the delivered products from the supplier side.

It provides impact on the business as the clients are not satisfied when the product are not reached or delivered on scheduled time.

Minimal control
The company should track the suppliers and concerned on the scheduled date when the product is supposed to be delivered.

7. Earthquake

There are possibility of natural disaster which would be a high loss for the company and its sales revenue.

Natural disaster
There are possibility of natural disaster which would harm the company and its products.

There is very few possibility of earthquake which would hamper the business functions of Revlon.

It provides a low impact on the business when the company have proper business insurance.

No control
There are no such control over earthquake (Blyth, 2008).

8. Data theft

There are high chances of loss of data or stolen of data. The hacker may steal payment card information and personal information of the customers (Glendon, Clarke, & McKenna, 2016).

Lack of security of the personal data can case of data theft.

There is possibility of loss of data when the company has no such password protected and authorized system to put personal data into a secured place.

It provides a high impact on loss of data of the customers and stolen of the data may cause their brand reputation to fall. The customers would not trust the company any more to share of personal information next time.

The data theft is controlled by putting the data into password protected folder so that no unauthorized person can access to it.

Risk Responses
Risk 1: Foreign laws and regulations risk is mitigated by become familiar with the laws in which the company is going to operate. The company when going to operate overseas should get better understanding of local laws and regulations for successful international business.
Risk 2: The Company should provide of proper tax to the country’s government and also get an understanding of the tax related laws and regulations to provide tax for their products and services overseas. 
Risk 3: As each of the countries have different pricing strategies, therefore the company should achieve and get understanding of country’s pricing of similar products and then they should sell the products into the market with low price so that the company can able to gain of competitive market. Therefore, in order to gain profit and a better brand reputation, Revlon should implement a better pricing strategies.
Risk 4: One of the way to prevent from the currency rate fluctuation risk is paying the suppliers as well as production cost into same currency as one the company is selling into. There is required to switch into local production where it is possible to get better balance of outgoings besides sales revenues of the company. There is also possibility to mitigate un-predictable currency rates is set up of forward contract and decide with charge into development for the upcoming sales. It protects the sales of Revlon from risk being presented by means of unbalanced currency.
Risk 5: The Company should consider to adopt names of their brand as well as product when there is launching into the foreign market. There should be created of quality transactions of the product along with marketing materials. It ensured for the brand name works as well abroad.
Risk 6: The Company should track of their suppliers those are providing of raw materials and other marketing services to the company. As it is difficult to track the suppliers from overseas, therefore the company should use of better tracking system which help them to track the products on the way and can estimate the time the company is supposed to receive it.  Cost is considered to remain competitive globally as cheapest price of product can help the company to achieve of global place into international business.
Risk 7: The Company is required to insure their store, products and services so that any natural disaster may occur, the company can get return of money through their insurance policies. As they are no such control over the earthquake, therefore either the company should concerned on forecasted weather condition or they can have a proper business insurance. The company should also take care of personnel losses by getting proper safety and early precautions to this type of natural disaster.
Risk 8: There should be use of proper firewalls and encryption method to keep the data secured. The personal data of customers should not be shared with others or any authorized person. The information of customers should only be accessed by authorized person. All the personal data of customers are kept password protected and they should a strict encryption of the data. When there is theft of data, it provides a huge impact on the company as the customers are not satisfied with this kind of mistakes from the company’s side.
Business Contingency Plan
C1. Strategic Pre-Incident Changes

Each of the competence will conduct if consciousness training which included of facility evacuation routes as well as measures on annual basis
There are procurement of emergency supplies for the employees trapped at facility to store at secured location
Communicate with the community evacuation routes by posting of posts throughout the facilities
Work with the local authorities for coordination of emergency activities and work with the local authorities for coordination of emergency activities (Rosemann & vom Brocke, 2015).
Emergency numbers are published into higher traffic areas to protect each of the employer knows precise number to call to the responders besides accept of aid from external the emergency crews

C2a. Sensitive Data
Sensitive data are assets to the company, as well as kind of data is based on the company. When the data are based on the company, it is protected by regulations as well as the company can hold of the assets. In this case, the sensitive data are intellectual properties, employee names, contract number, residential address, employee identification number, corporate data, organizational policies and information related to vendors besides suppliers. The data are protected by laws and there is also required of physical protection. Without physical protection, the regulations are easily become powerless against the security breaches. The sensitive data are stored into secured server that is encrypted by random generated password. When an authorized person access to the sensitive data, then each thing is monitored as well as recorder for future security reasons.
C2b. Normal Data Protection
The best offense to protect of sensitive data is have decent defense. Electronic learning labs are implemented of defense when it originates to keep of data. All the sensitive data are encrypted in rest as well as in transit. The network is being segmented of virtual local area networks to produce, develop and test. All LANs are being protected with firewall (Salmela, 2016). Access to the server is consoled and allowed from the corporate VPN. All the employees should have authentication for login. The company is accessible to the key card. The card is for terminated workforces are composed and restricted in 24 hours of termination. The data center is being accomplished by AWS to evaluate information for access control in datacenter, physical, logical security measures. The guests can display of temporary badge throughout the visit.
C2c. Disruption Data Protection
Since there is strive for enforce of security methods, data protection throughout disruption is not changing. There is risk to compromise of security is not work rewards to bring DR site. It is required to have privileges, encryption, and segmentation of network, firewalls besides authentication. The security function is transformed the locations where the server can relieve of access to be gained. When the corporate office is not retrieved throughout emergency, the infrastructure team can appeal for public IP address from the workers to permit VPN access into AWS situation.
C2d. Ethical Use of Data
The ethical use of data is required throughout disruption. It is documented principles regards to sensitive data, action plan to manage of confidential data as well as current resources. The things are to be done through comply of laws, regulations, contracts and policies. The payment card is a data security standards, social security number in addition to statement of acceptable uses (Sahebjamnia, Torabi, & Mansouri, 2015). The data are either viewed by exposure or accessed by unauthorized individuals, then the company should do of hardware repair as well as software updates, anti-viruses software, LAN support to computer data in prevention to data theft.
C3a. Customer Records
Ethical protection of customer records are important, therefore the company is adhere to guidelines such as lawful processed of data, accurate, processed with data subject rights, secured as well as non-transferred without effective protection. The company can contact with information commissioner officer to protect of customer data. The storage system is monitored to make sure that it is continued to meet with requirements of business and comply with legislation.
In order to secure the customer records, encryption as well as access control systems are implemented. It ensures that the users with proper permission have to access to the customer’s data. In order to make sure that the data are ethically protected, monitoring system is implemented. The system can analyze who access to the data and for which purpose. The employees can fill data request form to make sure that they can get the data. The data are also kept backup to make sure that it is recovered in case of data loss.
C3b. Normal Security Measures
Secure of the customers data is a key requirement for the company. Without the customers, the company is no more operated their business anywhere. Facilities are required of security equipment’s like cameras as well as biometric scanners (vom Brocke, Zelt, & Schmiedel¸2016). With those security equipment’s, there are regular checking of functionality will make sure of minimal intrusion that are occurred. Security guards are in place to make sure that the security equipment’s are into place.
The IT department ensures that security practices are utilized by the employees throughout no notice of inspections. The employees are received of annual training to make sure that they are aware of the threats like social engineering. It provides training on password protection. It safeguards will reduce risks throughout human factor such ad employee. IT department should ensure that the network is being threatened with firewalls besides up-to-date operating systems and the system will accept of existing patches. IT department will display DNS logo to make sure of interference is being detected.  
C3c. Disruption Security Measures
In event of intrusion on network, fast responses are introduced and it followed of attack responses protocol. The data will be locked for the employees, and the backup servers are retrieved to endure with the usual operations. Scanning of DNS logs as well as server rooms are intruded of network facilities. Once the intrusion is being counteracted, the team will provide a short-term to the personnel.
C3d. Ethical Use Protections
The customers as well as clients are trusted the company with the personal as well as corporate information, to maintain of interest as well as extension retain of the customer and buyer. It is critical that the company is not protecting only the data, but also ensuring that it is used in moral way.
In order to protect of data, the company is used of higher security IT systems as well as monitoring of client information. It will mandate the training requirement for the employee to educate them of ethical use of both internal as well as external data.
The company will employ of use of virtualized environment in offsite system, there is replication among data centers as well as hosted cloud services. In order to back up as well as maintain of higher availability and security of the data (Dar et al., 2015). After major disruption, the company is used of methods to redirect of virtual environment along with restoration of back up of data which is laid out of the internal data.
C4. Communication Plan
In case of major disruption and disaster, it is ensured that communication is major requirement into the organization. The communication plan which is used in case of disruption is started as disaster tree with all contact information of employees. There are monthly review of plan to add into revisions as well as updates to the company. There are also training along with testing based on utilization of plan.
C4a. Stakeholders
The stakeholders are included of customers, suppliers, and employees, board of director, vendors, governmental agencies and clients. In event of disaster, the employees are communicated about not to come to work, customers are notified of expected delays to deliver orders, board of directors for direction, suppliers are notified for cancellation and delay of pending orders. The clients are notified of damages whether the goods are stored and estimation duration of disruption. The governmental agencies for advice of conceivable risks to setting and contact to the personal data needed by the native regulations.
C4ai. Stakeholder Communications
In case of emergency, it is required to contact with the supervisor and other personnel. When there is go down of phone lines, then each department should have contact list with contact information of supervisors and others. In event level, it is required to mandate to start the phone tree by contacting the emergency services, straight supervisor of the department. In case the usual communication lines are down, the workers can use of email system. Once the administrator is being contacted, then it will responsible to start of phone tree to contact other departmental head. Once one person is contacted, then it will automatically contacted to next level to make sure of accuracy.
C5. Restoration of Operations
It is focused on how to get organizational up as well as running after the disruption like total loss of the facility. In case disruption is occurred, it is required to get data backup online, ensure that the facilities are operational, taking care of customers as well as clients, re-establishment of contact with vendors and looking out the employees and families. With regards to restoring operations afterwards occurrence of disturbance, the company should follow of information such as commercial requirements to recover of dangerous functions, technical necessities to recover of dangerous functions. There are proper timeframe in plan to allow for recovery. With disruption, there are loss of revenue which caused to reduce of profits.
BCP Implementation Plan
D1. Implementation of the BCP
BCP is implemented in Revlon as it is continued to deliver of services that are critical to the business operations and identification of resources that are required to support of the business continuity. BCP is effective when it is critical to the components which can present throughout the planning stage. A senior management committee is required at the time of implementation of BCP to oversee process that is included to initiate of required steps, design the resources and continue with testing and auditing of the plan. Senior management is approved planning structure, identified role of individuals, created of teams responsible to develop and execute the plan along with prioritization of the business operations.
D2. Communication of the BCP
When dealing with the commercial interruption, it is dangerous to provide direction to vendor, employee and clients and both internal as well as external contracts such that they are aware of activation of BCP. The communication officer can initiate notice process to make sure all the personnel can get aware of status of emergency and details regards to BCP. Contract will being established included of cellular, internal email and personal phone. Each of the member is responsible to make sure that the customers as well as vendors can notified regards the status of BCP during interruption. It is included of communication of impact of both vendor and customers, estimation of target time for resumption of the operations and contract information.
D3. Monitoring and Testing of the BCP
BCP is taken into consideration with estimated costs to move, setup as well as ongoing operations into new facilities. There are monitoring and testing program of BCP process which remains viable throughout:

Incorporation of BIA as well as risk assessment into BCP along with testing program
Expansion of enterprise wide testing program
Assigning of roles as well as tasks to implement of testing program
Completing yearly and test the BCP
Evaluating of testing program and test the results by the senior management as well as board
Assessment of testing program and test consequences by the sovereign party
Revising of BCP as well as testing programs based on variations into the business processes
Auditing besides examining the references

D4. Adjustment of the BCP
BCP will review annually, with the organizational changes, followed with real life event, and upon appeal with justifications. Changes into the organizational structure will activate evaluation of BCP included of change into location, introducing of new technology, entire company size, changes into the business practices. Changing requests are submitted outside the annual time will evaluate and recommend of changes will present for review. When there is determination of changes are justified, then there are implementation of changes. In case of any natural disaster, the senior management will assess after action review of event outcomes. A revised copy of BCP will submit for the final approval.
D4a. Communication of Changes
When changes are made to BCP to the announcement will sent to the subdivision team members as well as interior parties notify them about the amendments. BCP owners are responsible to inform of precise part of the fluctuations made into BCP.
Blyth, M. (2008). Risk and security management: Protecting people and sites worldwide. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. ISBN: 9780470373057
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