MBA641-Case Study On A Residential Development Project

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MBA641-Case Study On A Residential Development Project

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MBA641-Case Study On A Residential Development Project

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Course Code: MBA641
University: Kaplan Business School

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Country: Australia

You are required to read a case study on a residential development project and prepare a Project Feasibility Study and Timeline based on the information contained in the case study. The case study will be provided to you in due course.

This major aim of this report is analyse the feasibility and the timeline that the construction project is having. The report would be discussing about the residential project which is being conducted in the La Trobe Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000. The major reason behind the selection of this area is because of the reason that this region is very densely populated (Burtonshaw-Gunn 2017). The development of the planned project would be helping a lot in developing the residential area. This project would be completed by considering the continuous improvements along with maintenance of equity. The project is to be completed within the time span of 8 months.
Feasibility of the Project:
Feasibility of the project is considered to be an analysis that is needed for the purpose of measuring the likelihood as well as the availability of the completing the entire project. Feasibility of the project needs to be analysed so as to evaluate the possibilities of success of the project (Walker 2015). This also aims at ensuring the success of the project along with ensuring the fact that the project provided is economically feasible and justified. Feasibility study is very important for this project as this helps in emphasizing upon factors which mainly includes the following:
Stamp duty: This is to be analysed mainly because of the fact that this helps in understanding the charge by depending upon the various transactions related to the project. Stamp duty of the land that is going to be used has an imposed stamp duty of around 90000.the amount is provided as stamp tax which needs to be paid at the time of transferring the land (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017). 
Conveyancing fees: This is considered to be the act that is responsible for proper engagement of the various activities that are needed in to transfer the land properly to the buyer from the seller (Grover and Froese 2016). This is generally a written document that helps in involving the requirements as well as the legal procedures that are needed in order to transfer the property to the authentic buyer legally.
Small size of allotment: The size of the allotted land can be measured by usage of poles. The measurement is generally done by emphasizing upon the concept of 10 poles which is around 250 square meter. This is to be used by the given project so as to measure the allocated land and this is done by making use of the poles (Sears et al. 2015).
Rate of the council on monthly basis: This is the charge that is put upon the project by the local council every month in order to complete the project successfully. Payment is made monthly to the local council and this amount might change according to various factors. So it can be stated that this value is not constant (Kelly, Male and Graham 2014).
Overall income from the monthly rental: This is the amount which is collected from the peoples who would be renting the residential duplex once the project is completed and the estimated amount that is to be collected is around $800000. The monthly collection would be associated with providing an opportunity of purchasing more premises (Langford et al. 2014).
Agent fees: This is considered to be the fees that is paid to the agents at time intervals, which is generally needed for the purpose of completing the project within deadline and within the required criteria (Brioso 2015). The agent would be associated with using this fee so as to provide the project with proper resources according to the requirements of the project.
The proper feasibility study that has been conducted regarding this project has been provided in the table below:






Project Feasibility Study











1. Land Information



2. Purchase Information







Land Address:

La Trobe St & Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC, 3000


Land Price:








North Melborne


Stamp Duty:







Land Size:

14,000 square feet


Conveyancing Fees:

















3. Local Council Information



4. Construction Information







Local Council Name:

Melbourn Regional Council


Builder Name:

 Vaughan construction






Minimum Land Allotment Size:

10,000 square feet


Duplex Construction Costs:







Development Planning Fees:










Monthly Council Rates:




















5. Duplex Information










Duplex Estimated Value:










Monthly Rental Income:










Monthly Agent Fees:










Monthly Landlord Insurance:




















6. Project Results










Equity Value =$100,000

Duplex Value of $800000


Total Outgoings of $774000

equals $26000






Net Monthly Rental Income = 70,000

Gross Monthly Rent of $80000


Holding Costs of $19000

equals $61000

Major constraints and goals of the project:
Following are the major constraints of the project:
The scope of the project is to be analysed as because of the reason that the objectives needs to be achieved within the assigned time. In case if it is seen that the project is not progressing according to the scope then it is not possible to achieve the goals and the objectives of the project.  In case if the scope of the project is not controlled properly then it would lead to lead to extension of the time and budget (Mavi and Standing 2018). Scope management is a critical factor and prioritization of the task is one of the crucial factor. This helps in enabling of allocation of the resources and the responsibilities in a proper way. 
Time is crucial for any type of project. It is the responsibility of the project managers to complete the project within the provided time. Any kind of time extension would lead to delay in other processes of the project along with affecting the budget of the project as well (Bascoul, Tommelein and Tuholski 2016). The WBS or the work breakdown structure is to be included in the project so as to include the project goals and to break the work into a series so as to manage the tasks more easily. Followed by this prioritization of the tasks are to be done and placed in the timeline accordingly.
The various financial commitments of the project are dependent upon numerous variables. Resources are there which involves materials, peoples and many more. There also exists certain other forces which are responsible for affecting the cost of the project (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017). Besides this there also exists fixed as well as variable costs which are inherited by the project and this might be including the economic cost and many other costs which needs to be collected.
The goal of this project is to build project feasibility as well as the timeline that needs to done so as to conduct the various processes of the project. Other major factors associated with the project are to be analysed in a proper way so as to complete the project successfully by meeting all the mentioned criteria. 
Macro Environment Business Drivers
Analysis of the macro environment is needed so as to collect understand the various factors associate with the project and this mainly involves the technological, social and the economic factors (Grover and Froese 2016). This factors associated with the residential duplex project has been listed below:
Economic factors: This are factors responsible for driving the entire amount spent for conducting the various activities of the business. This factors are generally related to the factors that would likely to have an effect upon the consumers consuming power and spending patterns (Sears et al. 2015).
Socio-cultural factors: This are the factors that affecting the basic behaviours of the people along with their preferences and values. The basis of the socio-cultural factor is formed by considering the fact that the peoples are part of the society and the cultural group (Mok, Shen and Yang 2015).
Resourcing: Proper resourcing is generally considered to be one of the vital factor that helps in assuming the various driving forces of the project. It is also assumed that the appropriate selection of the resource would be helping in the process of providing excellent opportunities to the project. Besides this the resourcing process would also be emphasizing upon the different level of interactions and the power of targeting the audience.
Demographic: This is associated with some other factors that mainly includes the people present in the micro environment of the project. Besides this it is also capable of affecting the project in positive way. The demographic factors would be associated with helping the project as well by providing certain opportunities (Brioso 2015). The demographic needs to be identified so as to implement the project in a successful way.
Micro environment analysis:
This mainly includes the various factors that helps the decision making process along with improving the performance of the business and the business strategies as well. Analysis of the micro environment is to be done so as to make proper decisions regarding the project by implementation of various strategies.
Pressure related to time: Time management is a crucial factor which helps in proceeding with the project in a better way and helping in achieving success with the assigned time. All the tasks in the projects are to be assigned to specific personals along with a certain deadline (Mavi and Standing 2018). In case if the work is not completed with the assigned deadline then it might lead to various type of difficulties.
Other people associated with the project: The customers are generally considered to be the central and important factor in any kind of business. Attracting of more customers would help in generation of revenue as well. Proper marketing strategies are to be adopted so it is essential to look for proper marketing strategies (Hughes, Champion and Murdoch 2015).
Expertise in technical domains: A key role is played by the employees with technical skills as they help a lot in improving the various activities of the project along with helping in achieving success in an easy way (Jalal and Koosha 2015). Assigning of the tasks according to the skills of the people helps a lot in moving forward. They would also help in improving the various strategies which would help in achieving the aims in an easy way. 
Intermediaries Marketing: This is the factor which is generally used for promoting the project and for getting larger amount of profits after the project is implemented (Mir and Pinnington 2014).
Suppliers: This is one of the important factor that helps in driving the project in an effective way. Suppliers are associated with linking the project appropriately with the needs in an effective way which initially results in various benefits of the projects. Management of the suppliers helps in easy availability of the resources whenever needed.
The above report helps in concluding to the fact that the project feasibility and project timeline are two of the important factors which drive the project towards success. The allocation of the budget is also an important aspect of the construction project being conducted (Zheng et al. 2016). Besides this the report has also been associated with analysing the micro and the macro environment of the project. Besides this importance of managing this environments has also been discussed as all this factors plays a vital role for completing the project successfully. 
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