NUR3120 Nurses As Leaders In Healthcare Settings

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NUR3120 Nurses As Leaders In Healthcare Settings

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NUR3120 Nurses As Leaders In Healthcare Settings

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Course Code: NUR3120
University: University Of Southern Queensland

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Country: Australia


As you progress through the readings and learning activities for this module, reflect on the values and the chief saboteur that you have identified.
Choose one concept/theory of leadership or management that resonates with you, and explore this topic using the following guidelines:

Explain why you have chosen the topic, using the lens of one developed value, one developing value, and your primary saboteur.

Discuss the topic using at least five course reference sources other than the textbook, and two reference sources from outside the course materials. You should demonstrate an ability to integrate sources into your discussion to demonstrate critical thinking. You should demonstrate evidence of wide reading.

In the context of your reflections, how does this topic contribute to what you are trying to change, or to your learning? How is this topic viewed in the literature? Is there evidence of widespread use or has uptake been poor?

Part 2: Module 2: Health organizations and the delivery of careAs you progress through the readings and learning activities for this module, reflect on the values and the chief saboteur that you have identified.
Choose one topic on health organizations or the delivery of care that resonates with you and explore this topic using the following guidelines:

Explain why you have chosen the model of care using the lens of one developed value (different from Part 1), one developing value (different from Part 1), and your primary saboteur.

Discuss the topic using at least five course reference sources other than the textbook, and two reference sources from outside the course materials. You should integrate sources into your discussion to demonstrate critical thinking and wide reading.

In the context of your reflections, how does this topic contribute to what you are trying to change, or to your learning?

Part 3:  Module 3: Professional communication, team building, and managing quality and risk As you progress through the readings and learning activities for this module, reflect on the values and the chief saboteur that you have identified.
Choose one topic on either professional communication, team building, or managing quality and risk that resonates with you and explore this topic using the following guidelines:

Explain why you have chosen the topic using the lens of one developed value (different from Part 1and 2), one developing value (different from Part 1 and 2), and your primary saboteur.

Discuss the topic using at least five course reference sources other than the textbook, and two reference sources from outside the course materials. You should integrate sources into your discussion to demonstrate critical thinking and evidence of wide reading.

In the context of your reflections, how does this topic contribute to what are you trying to change or your learning?

Write the introduction, summary and conclusion, reference list and carefully proof read your paper for format, spelling and correct citations.
Partial Exemplar of the Assignment
(Please note, this is ONLY Part 1 of the assignment and is provided as one example of the kind of work that can be done. It is fine to write in first person: In this paper I will discuss… Because ‘congruent leadership’ was used in the exemplar, ‘congruent leadership’ cannot be used as the primary concept/theory for Part 1 of your paper).


According to my experience in life, it has been noted that it is not very easy to work alone. Actually, when there is a partnership in each and every facet of life, much good can be realized in entire life, Smith, Hsiao, Clark & Boothby (2018). It appeals to me since it is practical and real in the world today. There are a lot of dependency realities of life which means that one is not to work in isolation without the other coming into play. In developing nurses to be leaders, this key aspect to me appears very foundational to consider and explore in all the aspects, therefore.                                 
In the nursing profession, there are so many interconnected departments which work hand in hand with delivering quality services to the customers who are patients. Each and every worker in these fields cannot operate on his or her own mandate; there must be a bridging of efforts and unity in forces of action so that a realization of the main goals of the institution can be realized, Zhang et al (2018).
I have chosen a subject on the transformational leadership in nursing to the subject of my discussion as it really works well with my principles of life. As a matter of fact, transformational leadership encourages dynamism in the system. Life is not always static and the policies which were used in some decades ago may fail to be applied in the dawn of this current generation.
As life changes, it requires an adjusting mindset which is able to fit the prevailing circumstance of the time. The clinical settings logistics and operations daily are shifting to greater heights of distinctions which can be marked in a great way, Kossek et al (2018). As an aspiring nurse in leading and managing the affairs of the health conditions in my place would love to pursue the conviction of being a transformative leader able to transfer people from one place of thought to the next and bring wonderful changes to my area of assignment.
This section specifically is dedicated to addressing this aspect of leadership that prepares people for demanding service. This manner of leadership identifies where there may be a gap and the leader having this characteristic leadership is able to involve the members towards feeling the burden of the opportunity, Giddens, J. (2018). He stirs commitment and enthusiasm which awakens warm and a desire to be part of the ongoing project. This manner of a leader is able to notice a good quality that may be in a subject under him encourage it and create a change in the life of the person. It changes people’s perspective on the responsibilities and what they are called to do in their lives. It impacts change and a positive one in the lives of people, Douglas Lawson, Tecson, Shaver, Barnes & Kavli (2018).
As a lover of this in my life, I would do what I can to ensure I acquire the qualities and also help in leading others. In a clinical setting, where there are many nurses who have never been identified as potential leaders in their capacities; I would personally do my best to ensure that I go for the acquaintance in the same direction, Raja, Bouckenooghe, Syed & Naseer (2018). There are several goods and must do things in order to become a transformative leader. Effective communicating with the fellow coworkers present a very relaxed environment which cultivates confidence and direction. This trait helps the leader to command an influence which is always good for the nurses. With this, they are able to any change that may occur as their hearts are already won.
Transformative leadership theory also promotes a motivational perspective where a leader is not only involved in the administrative but goes down to those whom he is leading and inspire them with hope. Appreciates them and once in a while rewards them, Barling, Akers & Beiko (2018). This makes the workplace more satisfying and the workers will ever miss being working for the organization.  
As per my observation, leadership that does not really tend to promote the contentment of nurses derails the entire communication of the organization and on a serious level the patients, Boamah, Laschinger, Wong & Clarke (2018). I love this theory of leadership since it promotes team building, satisfaction and goals can be met easily. On the same note, this manner of leadership involves coordinating and including each and every stakeholder that is important in ensuring all goals are met.
Human Caring
The reason why I chose human caring as the topic of my evaluation is that it well resonates with my zeal and desire in the nursing career. Actually, it is inline the Human caring theory that was developed in some years ago which is progressive and practical in the manner it is oriented, Kelly (2018). To me, this subject opens my worldview in the clinical setting to help in the pursuit of the ultimate goal of my life. This is a very special unit in patients handling in the medical circles. Therefore it really behooves me to unravel the mysteries of this important concept in the delivery of care in the nursing environment.
The human Caring Theory
Basically, human beings are created in a very unique way to be social in all their lives, this helps to understand that in man dwells a longing to express something to another human being like him or her, Lipp, Gill & Foster (2018). In fact, the creator of humanity instituted an insatiable longing for the very depths of the being of a person to still yearn for excellence. In that man cannot be satisfied with a mere mediocrity of substance. Whether something is good or evil, there is always a tendency to crave for more and more without being satisfied by any meager little attainment.
In health setups, there is something bigger and complex than only diagnosing a certain disease and finding a cure. Beyond the physical, there is a great mystery that ranges within the recess of the human heart out of which the outward diseases find their roots. Hence, in the selection of my subject of study, I desired something that could go beyond the externals and find the core of all the issues of life. A proper understanding of human being as a whole serves as a great gain for any performance that can be done by any nurse in the event of giving the necessary care that one may need.
This theory has existed for over a period of ten years and above and still, it gains roots as it is so real, practical and works in each and every facet of life. In the human constitution, there are very many complexities that marvel at the beholder, as a matter of fact; the molding of this creature is one of the deepest sciences that have never been discovered. It is also estimated that even eternity can consists of diving into this great secret of life so that man’s needs can be met.
Many of the researchers in their evaluation of the delicate human organism argue that it is so wonderful to really come to a fuller comprehension of the human composition. Many of the diseases that are troubling the human beings are not external but the very foundation of the being. The reason why there are very few successful cases of healing that has taken place in the past history is that of only treating that which is seen and ignoring the elephants in the room.  It is through this understanding that I was very interested to explore this crucial subject of study.  It is believed by the researcher of this subject that much more good will be demonstrated by what may be found out at the end of the endeavor that is to be pursued. 
The Science of Human Being
            It is the great burden of the writer of this paper to bring to attention that much more ideas that transcend the maladies and permits through the mental, emotion and the soul are well identified and strengthened to help the health restoration, Thomas (2018). The spirit, soul and body are very essential components of a human being. Therefore, an improved and yet more advanced plain on understanding these in the light of health will add up greatly to the good of the outcomes.
The spirit in simple words as is defined in the natural world is actually the mind of a human being, the very crucial aspect that controls all the physical and spiritual constitution of a man, Valverde (2018). From this aspect, so many of the complications that affect the general behaviour of a person are manifest. Whether good or evil reaction, they in a great percentage find their source from the mind which essentially has an impact on the other organs of the body.  The soul is also another important concept in the very depth of the human being which has a net impact on what the body behaves in all circumstances. It is actually the seat of all the emotions, mind and other intricate senses that constitute the spirit.
 Finally, the body is the seat and the throne that houses both the soul and the spirit and what happens in spirit and soul must in a greater dimension affect the body, Valverde (2015). Thus it can be concluded that it is actually what happens inside that is seen in the physical body of the human. It was my greatest desire to ensure a proper ramification of this science that would promote a greater working for the patients.  It is now clearly known that for an effective health professional to be valued, he or she must as nearly as possible attain to these standards of getting deeper into the very nature of the client and make a drastic impact that really transforms s the whole thinking and the cause of all the problems that might have been thought to have existed in them.
Solving the problems from a spiritual direction would prove a great benefit towards arriving at the spinal cord of all matters of life, Gallison & Kester (2018). Many people who go to the hospital are sick spiritually, they desire and at the same time somebody who can help them pours out their hearts and expresses the conflicts that have been battling in their very inner men so that they can fell unburned. Most of the illness that has buffeted many clinicians in the hospitals of the world is linked to the soul condition that has been wanting over and over.
            Team Work
In this section of I intend to discuss the spirit of teamwork under the mega subject of teamwork. As a professional who desires to nature my ambition in leading others, teamwork development skills will serve as a great step in my life to help manage the affairs of the hospital and the colleagues in the work as it is required. Because of a poor reflection on this important area of life. Many who would be prows in leading others have often failed to reach up to the standard required of them in managing themselves to this important acquisition. Therefore a proper expansion of this topic thereof will be a blueprint for other future nurses who would be of good help in the management positions of service. Being a leader in a health setting actually demands a lot of instilled and compounded skills to meet the high demand that is there. Much has been spoken by many others about the necessity of team construction skills befitting others for leadership.
Satisfaction of the clients
It is understood that whenever there is a unity of delivering services to the patients, there is more contentment because the patients cannot isolate any of the physicians. They are work as team hence ensuring all the needs that the customers may have are met and are taken into account. This satisfies the clients and fits them to have more confidence in the healthcare services, Rosen et al (2018). For a nurse to coordinate such a team of workers there must have a fine knowledge and application in this line of work.  A good leader works with the subject harmonizing them together as cohorts for the division of labor and effectiveness.
Quality Output in Job
There are so many incidences in far and wide countries where nurses complain of great work that burdens them. When there are no common grounds where they meet and share their challenges it becomes challenging. When there are groups who are well organized in hospitals, people are encouraged to work together to achieve a common objective in life, this server an s a great catalyst for satisfaction with the work they are to perform, Havens, Gittell & Vasey (2018). All this satisfaction requires a leader who can provide a framework of team building capacities for such a step to be realized. This is very fundamental in radicalizing processes in the hospitals.
Positive Index In terms of Accountability
It is often manifest a lot of reluctance among many disorganized nurses since no one looks on his or her progress. When there are well-organized teams with their leaders, there is a strict accounting of each and every transaction that happens, the patients are able to be met where they are and are taken care of in the greatest way possible, Harris (2018). It requires a teamwork spirit leader to lead other nurses on the same line of thought. This concerns me so much as a professional since I love integrity, accountability and honesty in each work. A proper appreciation of teamwork altitude is vital in all senses.
Having discussed these fundamental pillars of teamwork, it is the highest desire of the author to attest that nobody can ignore the fact about team building in the view of fashioning nurses to attain responsibilities as leaders in the health settings occasions. No author in the past history who is sound in mind can be trusted to go against this straightforward issue, Close & Scott (2018). Hence I would wish to emphasize the exploration of this important aspect of leadership must yield undoubted results which can be confirmed 
Once there is a strong bond that has been created by the nurse it becomes easier for the harmony of both the attendant and the patient. Personal engagement breaks all the barriers that could be there. However good this theory has been, still there are critics who have not been left behind who challenge the author, Jean Watson who came up with this powerful tool in nursing. 
  In many other nursing models that have been created, there are well-outlined stages that define the steps that can be employed towards implementing the theory.  Actually, they are well outlined and thus they are easy to follow as the person goes through them. This is contrary to the author who advocates that the realization of the theory takes a virtual process of bonding that happens between the client and the physician.
Another more appealing criticism that has met the theory is the notion of the applicability in the normal setups a exists in the modern world. Actually, too many, it may seem almost until one acquires the skills as described above and utilize them when needed. However, the human caring theory proposes that there exists still powerful evidence of possibility within the theory).
Finally, the topic well suits the authors taste and preference as an aspiring bedside nursing in the course of the life. It well fits me to understand it so that I can meet people where they are and transform their lives not only physically but spiritually as a whole in the engagement practices.
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