NURS2001 Understanding People And The Healthcare Environment

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NURS2001 Understanding People And The Healthcare Environment

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NURS2001 Understanding People And The Healthcare Environment

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Course Code: NURS2001
University: Flinders University

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Country: Australia

This assignment requires you to document and show evidence for academic literature searches you have undertaken in relation to developing your understanding of a CaseWorld case of Marjorie BURNS. Instructions: In this assignment, you need to document how you found at least 5 to 8 relevant, credible research articles from appropriate and trustworthy data bases. Explain in detail how you conducted your search by accurately describing and providing documented evidence. For example:
Meet Marjorie




Given names:Marjorie



Personal details
Patient: Marjorie Burns
Preferred name:
DOB: 04/02/1939
Age: 79
Weight: 50 kgs
Height: 175 cms
MRN: 987625
Family/Significant others
Daughter, Trish
Mrs Marjorie Burns is a 76 year old inpatient on the Geriatric Management Unit (GEM). She was transferred to GEM after a six day stay in the acute hospital where she was admitted with delirium (acute confusion). She was diagnosed with and treated for a urinary tract infection. Her acute medical condition has improved but subsequent assessment has indicated she has dementia of moderate severity. 
Mrs Burns is widowed and lives alone. She has a supportive daughter Trish, who calls her regularly and takes her to appointments and on social outings. Trish is unaware of the diagnosis of dementia that has just been made.
Past medical history
Recurrent UTI, memory loss, total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy, 1990
Past family history
Sister, ischaemic heart disease (IHD) – deceased
Granddaughter, type 2 diabetes (T2DM)
Nil known
Caltrate plus with Vitamin D (600mg Calcium and 800IU Vitamin D)
Temazepam PO 10mg nocte prn
Mrs Burns is a very proud woman who tries hard to maintain a perception of independence, however has now developed significant symptoms related to a diagnosis of dementia. She is still very socially appropriate and covers her deficits well. In reality Mrs Burns is starting to experience a number of difficulties at home which have at times put her safety at risk. On a number of occasions the smoke alarm has gone off in the house which she blames on the “faulty” smoke alarm. She tells the team:
“…I wave the tea towel at the beeping thing and it stops…”
Unfortunately Mrs Burns had actually left pots boiling dry on the stove. Trish, her daughter is supportive, calls her regularly and often takes her out for coffee and her appointments. Mrs Burns has been adamant that she does not want anyone visiting her home and has even stopped her daughter from visiting. When Trish comes over to pick up her mother, she is often already waiting outside on the road for her, insisting:
“…you don’t have time to come inside…”
Mrs Burns does not and will not hear from anyone that she is not managing at home. She also denies any weight loss or incontinence stating;
“… I’ve always been a small build / small frame…”
Trish works part-time and has two teenage children of her own. Trish has realised that her mother isn’t functioning at her usual high standard. When she has been able to get inside the house, Trish has noticed that the house and her mother’s clothing are not as immaculate as they used to be. Trish puts this down to her mother getting tired, and perhaps not as fussy, as she gets older. Trish tries to phone her mother every couple of days and notes that Marjorie always sounds OK, and always reassures her that:
“…Everything is fine…”
. Trish often takes her mother to her doctors’ appointments or to the hairdresser but usually has to rush off as she has children to pick up from school, or take to sport, or go to work. Trish believes that her mother is managing OK at home and is in a state of shock after Dr McCleary discusses her mother’s diagnosis of advanced dementia.
Planning for safe discharge
Dr Mc Cleary has sensitively discussed her mother’s diagnosis and Trish has had an opportunity to ask a number of questions. She begins to reflect on the life her mother must be leading. Trish expresses great sorrow and guilt about:
“…not seeing what was really happening to mother…”
Mrs Burns becomes very quiet and stares outside through the window, perhaps reflecting on what has been. She then starts to talk about how she sometimes feels quite confused with her thoughts and that at times she feels quite scared. Mrs Burns begins to weep quietly into her handkerchief. Trish, having not seen her mother cry before, is unsure of what to do. Trish then says in an aggressive tone:
“…Yes of course I can help more…”
“….Of course she needs to be safe…”
“…Whatever it takes…”
“…We’ll work out a way…”
After some time Mrs Burns, with her daughter Trish, begins to engage willingly in planning for a safe discharge.
Urinalysis: On admission

Colour: Cloudy
PH:  5
Nitrates: ++
Ketones: +
Bilirubin: negative
Urobilinogen: negative
Protein: negative
Glucose: negative
Blood: ++

GEM assessment
GEM assessments are as follows:

Thin woman with friendly, outgoing demeanour
Scored 14/30 on Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)
Mobilises independently
Needs supervision and prompting in shower to ensure hygiene attended to adequately
Occasionally incontinent of urine and hides soiled clothes in wardrobe on the ward
Needs prompts to begin eating but then able to feed self
BMI in underweight range


Name of CaseWorld patient chosen
Patients with dementia disease.
A disease that affects the brain cells. Patient suffering from this disease should be cared for well by hospital nurses and family nurses. The patient chosen is a female 79 years called Marjorie. She is suspected to be suffering from dementia disease. The research is supposed to focus on the best treatment method for her.
Documenting the literature on the dementia disease is very vital. Firstly, it creates an avenue for the development of further literatures. It provides a basis where one can begin their research from when doing research about the patient and the disease (Fain 2017). Instead of beginning from our research it is easier to find the documented journals and conduct a research from the same. Documenting research journals can be used for authenticity for the research. It is easier to prove that research is legit, if there are other people who have written about the same especially nursing research that has proven vital for further research. Documented research journals act as interact site for experts who have written about the same world case. (LoBiondo-Wood and Haber 2017)
For the case of dementia disease there are doctors who have written about the disease. It is easier to collect their opinions when their journals are documented and made easy to access. There is also increased and easy accessibility of documented research during the actual research that might take place later after the documented time (Moule, Aveyard and Goodman 2016).
There can be easy corroborating for journals that have been documented. The journals can be used for impacting on different information collected through various methods but refer to the same thing. The documented studies therefore examine information when they are documented (Vom Brocke, Simons, Riemer, Niehaves, Plattfaut and Cleven 2015).
The process of documentation or triangulating as is referred to sometimes provides a confluence for very many evidences of one thing. It is easier to draw conclusion when we have very many documented analyses that supports the underlying information (Booth, Sutton and Papaioannou 2016) 
The documentation of journals therefore also reduces bias. Several journals use different methods in acquiring information. The information can be challenged by another journal that used a different perspective. These perspectives of the documented journals can be compared and the one with a lot of biasness limited. Therefore, the one which is biased can be limited in its use during the research although its important elements can be used for furthering the research (Thelwall, and Kousha 2015.).
My research area: 
(100 words) The research is focused on how patients with dementia disease can be treated and taken care of. Since there are not many patients who have been recorded suffering from the dementia disease that infect the brain cells. There are not many doctors that have discovered how the dementia disease patients can be taken care of, so that they don’t take frequent attack of their disease, even when they are under normal medicine treatment. The disease has different modes of treatments. Oral medication, radiation and surgery. These three are methods used for treating dementia. The research therefore focuses on of the three treatments which one is the most appropriate in terms of costs, efficiency and less life threatening (Parahoo 2014).
Search activity log

Date of search

Name of source searched  e.g. name of database (PubMed, CINAHL, MEDLINE)

Specify search strategy used including key words, any limits (inclusion and exclusion criteria)

Total number of results found

Using the Harvard or APA 6th  referencing system, list any articles found that could be particularly informative for Assignment 3.

Quality/reliability of selected articles e.g. source cited can be considered reliable and/or trustworthy.


NCBI ( pubmed)

Use of words:
Dementia treatment methods; articles since the past five years


Masoumi J, Abbasloui M, Parvan R, Mohammadnejad D, Pavon-Djavid G, Barzegari A, Abdolalizadeh J.
Neuropeptides. 2018 May 23. pii: S0143-4179(18)30048-9. doi: 10.1016/j.npep.2018.05.008

One of the best journals found on the treatment and prevention of the dementia disease by different authors.
The information is reliable since it’s up to date, having been dated May 2018 and done by a known doctor.
The information in the journal is reliable since it is consistent from basing most its arguments on previous case study and scientific proof.


NCBI (PubMed)

How to treat dementia; articles since the past five years.


Smith, M.A., Bowen, R.L., Nguyen, R.Q., Perry, G., Atwood, C.S. and Rimm, A.A., 2018. Putative Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonist Therapy and Dementia: An Application of Medicare Hospitalization Claims Data. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, (Preprint), pp.1-9.

The literature is reliable because it focuses on the treatment measures of the disease and not anything else. The journal also gives step by step the various methods of treatment making the treatment as realistic as possible.
The journal is reliable since it remains consistent with the treatment information that is provided inside it.


Medline national library of medicine

Major treatments of dementia disease. Articles since 2013


Ballard, C., Orrell, M., Sun, Y., Moniz?Cook, E., Stafford, J., Whitaker, R., Woods, B., Corbett, A., Banerjee, S., Testad, I. and Garrod, L., 2017. Impact of antipsychotic review and non?pharmacological intervention on health?related quality of life in people with dementia living in care homes: WHELD—a factorial cluster randomised controlled trial. International journal of geriatric psychiatry, 32(10), pp.1094-1103.

The journal gives optional ways of treating dementia. It is valid since it is published by one of the doctors. The treatment in the journal is based on facts from research and science findings.


Medline. National library of medicine.

Non-drug treatment for dementia disease for older persons. Journal since 2013


O’connor, M.N., O’sullivan, D., Gallagher, P.F., Eustace, J., Byrne, S. and O’mahony, D., 2016. Prevention of Hospital?Acquired Adverse Drug Reactions in Older People Using Screening Tool of Older Persons’ Prescriptions and Screening Tool to Alert to Right Treatment Criteria: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 64(8), pp.1558-1566.

 The journal is reliable since it focuses on the effects of the treatments on specifics ages. From children to adults basing their findings on case study and previous research.



Home treatment for patient suffering from dementia. Literature sine 2013


Abbatecola, A.M., Bo, M., Barbagallo, M., Incalzi, R.A., Pilotto, A., Bellelli, G., Maggi, S. and Paolisso, G., 2015. Severe hypoglycemia is associated with antidiabetic oral treatment compared with insulin analogs in nursing home patients with type 2 diabetes and dementia: results from the DIMORA study. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 16(4), pp.349-e7.

The journal is reliable since apart from being used by nurses and doctors it can also be used with family of one suffering from dementia.
The examples from the journal are based on examples from home based care patients. The observations even involve the patients themselves.


The search is the best for finding nursing journal and literature articles. These is because of the various diversity it creates in finding academic journals. The process has given me the exposure to various medical libraries. These medical libraries provide journals that are authentic in searching for any journals that can be used for research and other academic purposes. The experience also expands the ability to reach so many sources within a short span of time. A simple search gives access to over 3000 literatures on one topic. It makes it easier to choose since there are many options to choose from the ones that can be relevant for treatment of dementia disease research (Machi and McEvoy 2016).
The search also makes it easily accessible, since by just a word limit of five words, one can access up to several other topics that are not related to the same. These widens to wider schemes that can be used for the analyses of the research. It therefore does not limit to treatment but also prevention of dementia disease. The use of medical library makes it the sources relevant. The relevant articles that are medical therefore makes the research error free and removes un necessary bias about an opinion that one might have been there to research for dementia. These is even made easier by the help of the search process (Nieswiadomy and Bailey 2017).
The research articles that are collected might help predict the fields that have many articles. For instance, there are so many literatures that have been done on the prevention of dementia disease. It therefore provides us with the idea of another related field, that has not been exploited so much so that we can exploit. For our case, the treatment has not been exploited so much, it is therefore easier to exploit this source than all the other sources. These therefore provides us with the platform for furthering our research on the dementia disease (Paré,Trudel, Jaana and Kitsiou 2015).
Nieswiadomy, R.M. and Bailey, C., 2017. Foundations of nursing research. Pearson.
Machi, L.A. and McEvoy, B.T., 2016. The literature review: Six steps to success. Corwin Press.
Paré, G., Trudel, M.C., Jaana, M. and Kitsiou, S., 2015. Synthesizing information systems knowledge: A typology of literature reviews. Information & Management, 52(2), pp.183-199.
Thelwall, M. and Kousha, K., 2015. ResearchGate: Disseminating, communicating, and measuring scholarship. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 66(5), pp.876-889.
Booth, A., Sutton, A. and Papaioannou, D., 2016. Systematic approaches to a successful literature review. Sage.
Vom Brocke, J., Simons, A., Riemer, K., Niehaves, B., Plattfaut, R. and Cleven, A., 2015. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Challenges and Recommendations of Literature Search in Information Systems Research. CAIS, 37, p.9.
Moule, P., Aveyard, H. and Goodman, M., 2016. Nursing research: An introduction. Sage.
Parahoo, K., 2014. Nursing research: principles, process and issues. Palgrave Macmillan.
LoBiondo-Wood, G. and Haber, J., 2017. Nursing Research-E-Book: Methods and Critical Appraisal for Evidence-Based Practice. Elsevier Health Sciences.
Fain, J.A., 2017. Reading, understanding, and applying nursing research. FA Davis.

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