PDC52799 Health Literacy

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PDC52799 Health Literacy

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PDC52799 Health Literacy

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Course Code: PDC52799
University: Central Queensland University

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Country: Australia

I am working and make a report for Ishar Multicultural women’s health center in WA. They want the below things in my research report.
Improving Health Literacy for CaLD Women
The project would involve three parts:
1) Researching the need for a health literacy program for women on sexual health, female reproduction and mental health2) Researching appropriate health literacy programs and developing one suitable for the CaLD women on sexual health, female reproduction, and mental health.3) Writing a funding submission to implement the one suitable health literacy program for the CaLD women on sexual health, female reproduction, and mental health.


Health Literacy for Cald Women
Research Outline:

Research question(s)

· What specific question(s) will your research address?
i) Why health literacy program for the CaLD women on mental health is needed?
ii) What are the barriers that restrict the CaLD women to access health literacy for mental health?
iii) What are the appropriate health literacy programs for the CaLD women on mental health in Australia?
iv) What are the effective health literacy program in other countries?

Introduction to the research topic

· Research topic main points:
Need of health literacy for CaLD women on mental health
i) Information about elements of health system.
ii) Access health service
iii) Avail timely care and maintain well-being.
Barriers in accessing mental health literacy for CaLD women
i) Poverty
ii) Lack of education
iii) Social deprivation
iv) Gender inequality
v) Misconception about mental health.
Successful health literacy program on mental health
i) Rural Australian Mental Health Literacy: Identifying and Addressing their Knowledge and Attitudes.
Evaluation of successful health literacy programs on mental health.
Comparison of mental health literacy program with other countries.
Funding submission of suitable health literacy program for CaLD women on mental health.

Rationale/need for research:
Why is your host interested in this topic?
Why it is important?
What gap is it filling? What is it adding to research on this topic?

· Host Interest Main Points
ii) The poor health status of CaLD women affect the overall health status of the Australian population.
iii) Due to lack of knowledge women are unable to access adequate health service in this population.
iv) Increase in the health inequality.
v) Contributing factors such as substance abuse, domestic violence and education.
· Why it is important ?
i) Death rate of CaLD women has increased to 55.8%.
ii) The main reason behind such health status is the lack of knowledge.
iii) It has been found that there is lack of health literacy program based on women only.
iv) It would help the CaLD women in order to understand about the importance of mental well-being.
v) It would help to access adequate mental health service.
· Filling the Gap Main Points
i) Techniques for utilizing health policies and services to improve the health status.
ii) Introducing an improved health literacy program on mental health for CaLD women in Australia.
iii) Information about mental health and health literacy of other countries.
· What is it adding to research on this topic?
i) The research report will add the effective way to utilize the health policies and services in an effective manner.
ii) Health literacy program only for the women is lacking. The report will add information about the specific health literacy program for the CaLD women.
iii) Comparison of health literacy program of CaLD women of Australia and other countries.

Research approach:
How are you going to answer your research question(s)?
Why is the approach that you are taking appropriate?
Are there any issues/requirements regarding research ethics?

· How are you going to answer your research question?
i) I am going to answer the research questions by using secondary sources such as journals and books.
ii) I will find out relevant peer reviewed literature from effective databases such as Google scholar, PubMed, Science Direct and Research Gate.
iii) First I will write an annotated bibliography based on 5 most relevant articles.
iv) Following the information provided by the secondary sources I will write my research report.
v) I will search some effective education programs and identify the best plan that could be implemented in order to provide education to the CaLD women.
vi) In addition I will provide a funding submission to implement one of the most suitable programs for the CaLD women to literate them about mental health.
· Why is the approach that you are taking appropriate?
i) The approach I am taking is appropriate for the health literacy of CaLD women on mental health.
ii) First, the annotated bibliography will help to identify the findings of the research papers in an effective manner.
iii) Second, it will help me to complete my obligation for the Research Internship course in ISHAR by writing a report following the information of the annotated bibliography. 
· Are there any issues/requirements regarding research ethics?
There will be no ethical issues regarding research ethics in the research process as I will not conduct any primary research.

Scope of the research:
What will you cover?
What won’t you cover and why?

· What will you cover?
i) The importance of education of CaLD women regarding the mental health.
ii) Barriers for the CaLD women in accessing health literacy.
iii) Effective programs for the health literacy of CaLD women on mental health in Australia.
iv) Effective programs for health literacy in other countries.
v) Funding submission as well for implementing the most suitable program for the education of CaLd women.
· What won’t you cover and why?
The study will be based on secondary research approach, thus I cannot provide data of any primary research such as interview or survey within the CaLD women.

Definition of key terms

i) Mental health
ii) Health literacy
iii) CaLD women
iv) Health literacy program
v) Substance abuse

Preliminary report title

· What is the preliminary title for your report?
i) Health literacy program for CaLD women.
ii) Research for the importance of health literacy for CaLD women.
iii) Developing the knowledge of CaLD women regarding sexual mental health.

Preliminary table of contents

· Structure
A. Executive summary
B. Introduction
C. Annotated bibliography
D. Report
I. Literature review
i) Need for the health literacy for CaLd women on mental health
ii) Barriers in health literacy for CaLD women.
iii) Programs for health literacy for CaLd women on mental health.
iv) Comparison of health literacy program of CaLD women of Australia with other countries.
II. Research question
III. Research aim
IV. Research objective
V. Methodology
VI. Result
E. Funding Submission
F. Limitation
G. Recommendation
H. Future consideration
I. Conclusion
J. References
K. Appendices

Key references and information sources (five minimum)

Beauchamp, Alison, Rachelle Buchbinder, Sarity Dodson, Roy W. Batterham, Gerald R. Elsworth, Crystal McPhee, Louise Sparkes, Melanie Hawkins, and Richard H. Osborne. “Distribution of health literacy strengths and weaknesses across socio-demographic groups: a cross-sectional survey using the Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ).” BMC Public Health 15, no. 1 (2015): 678.
Hosking, Sarah M., Sharon L. Brennan-Olsen, Alison Beauchamp, Rachelle Buchbinder, Lana J. Williams, and Julie A. Pasco. “Health literacy in a population-based sample of Australian women: a cross-sectional profile of the Geelong Osteoporosis Study.” BMC public health 18, no. 1 (2018): 876.
Issel, L. Michele, and Rebecca Wells. Health program planning and evaluation. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2017.
Minas, Harry, Ritsuko Kakuma, Lay San Too, Hamza Vayani, Sharon Orapeleng, Rita Prasad-Ildes, Greg Turner, Nicholas Procter, and Daryl Oehm. “Mental health research and evaluation in multicultural Australia: developing a culture of inclusion.” International journal of mental health systems 7, no. 1 (2013): 23.
Wohler, Yvonne, and Jaya AR Dantas. “Barriers accessing mental health services among culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) immigrant women in Australia: policy implications.” Journal of immigrant and minority health 19, no. 3 (2017): 697-701.

Concerns and potential limitations  (this could be personal or practical)

· Personal or practical concerns/limitations
One of the main limitation is that the study has used only the secondary sources, thus information is limited to the available literatures. The study is unable to generalize the result as it could not provide any survey or interview and it is limited to the programs for which data is available in the databases.


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