People With Addiction and SUD

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People With Addiction and SUD

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Subject: Psychiatry

Table of Contents Introduction Relevance Influence Summary References Introduction The topic of substance use disorder (SUD) is a complex one, but it receives notable attention from modern researchers. The present paper offers a short review of three articles that can be of use to a person investigating SUDs, especially opioid use disorder (OUD). It will focus on the relevance of the materials and their potential impact on the practice of a health specialist, particularly a psychiatric nurse. The findings suggest appropriate approaches to treatment and highlight their importance, which makes them relevant to the population and useful to healthcare professionals.

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Relevance James and Jowza (2019) presented a review of the literature on the topic of OUD with a focus on the available evidence regarding appropriate treatment. The authors explained the significance of both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. This article is relevant due to its review of the various needs of the described population; it would also constitute suitable reading materials for people with OUD. Coco et al. (2019) performed a first (to date) review of randomized controlled trials on the topic of group therapy for OUD. This research is directly relevant to the population since it covers the currently available evidence on one of the approaches to satisfying the mental health needs of OUD patients. Finally, Wu, Zhu, and Swartz (2016) presented an investigation of the OUD epidemic. Specifically, they reviewed the demographics and other characteristics of persons who could be diagnosed with OUD based on the data from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. The authors gathered the information for the years 2005-2013; persons over the age of 12 qualified for the study. This article is directly relevant to the population due to its focus on the needs of OUD patients, as well as the ways in which the US healthcare system fails to meet those needs. Influence James and Jowza (2019) present an extensive review of OUD. Based on the findings from the article, a medical practitioner can gain some key knowledge about the history of OUD, its causes, and available treatments. It would be recommended to search for more information before making definitive conclusions based on this one article, but it appears to be very helpful in providing key information about the needs of the population with OUD. The article by Coco et al. (2019) appears to be an example of the way a nurse practitioner could use further research to uncover more data about particular methods of satisfying the mental health needs of OUD patients. As a systematic review of randomized controlled trials, the paper demonstrates that while the data are not very extensive, group therapy is shown to have a positive impact on the mental health of people with SUD. The authors also highlight that SUD symptoms and abstinence rates may not decrease as a result. The findings of this research provide direct evidence that a healthcare specialist can use to inform his or her practice. Studies on other interventions would be similarly helpful. The conclusions of the article by Wu et al. (2016) suggest that OUD treatment is not sufficient. The research also demonstrates that OUD has high comorbidity rates, including its comorbidity with other SUDs, as well as various psychiatric conditions. Furthermore, the findings indicate that vulnerable groups, including people of color and uninsured people, are particularly unlikely to receive the necessary treatment. This article shows the issues that the current level of healthcare in the US has and can present a practitioner with the information that will inform his or her efforts in expanding OUD treatment. Summary To summarize, the three presented articles can be very helpful to a healthcare professional. They will probably need to be adapted if a nurse needs to share the gathered knowledge, but still, all the articles are relevant in that they cover the crucial needs of the studied population. The information from them can inform the practice of a practitioner working with OUD patients and result in care improvement. Additional investigation can yield more data about particular interventions.

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References Coco, G. L., Melchiori, F., Oieni, V., Infurna, M. R., Strauss, B., Schwartze, D.,… Gullo, S. (2019). Group treatment for substance use disorder in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trials. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 99, 104-116. Web. James, D., & Jowza, M. (2019). Treating opioid dependence. Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology, 62(1), 87-97. Web. Wu, L., Zhu, H., & Swartz, M. (2016). Treatment utilization among persons with opioid use disorder in the United States. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 169, 117-127. Web.

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