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PHE1IDH Working With Adolescents

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PHE1IDH Working With Adolescents

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Course Code: PHE1IDH
University: La Trobe University

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Country: Australia

Key people in the enquiry ? Lauren: a 16-year-old girl who lives with her mother, stepfather and half-brother ? Julie: Lauren’s 43-year-old mother ? David: Lauren’s 46-year-old stepfather who has an 8-year-old son, James, with Julie ? Rob: a 44-year-old medical practitioner who is treating Lauren.  Rob has a wife Jenny, aged 38, and two children, a girl aged 14 and a boy aged 10 YOU: a graduate who is attending a four-day workshop on working with adolescents.   Narrative of the case enquiry Lauren is 16 years old, is doing her VCE, and lives in Ballarat with her family.
Lauren is the second of two children to her parents, who are now divorced.  Lauren lives with her mum Julie (a librarian, 43), her stepfather David (a real estate agent, 46), and her younger half-brother, James (8). Lauren’s father Tony (an electrician, 48) lives not far away and she sees him whenever she wants.  Lauren says she gets on well with both Julie and Tony, but describes David (her step-father) as “a waste of space”.  Lauren also has an older brother, Mark (a student in Melbourne, 20), whom she says she “misses big time”.  Lauren appears highly anxious and irritable much of the time and finds that she is always tired, and not thinking as clearly as she was a few months back.  Lauren suspects that she has glandular fever or chronic fatigue syndrome and has seen a GP on a number of occasions.  She spends most of her time when she is not at work or school in her room going online, studying, or watching TV.  She’s not doing very well at school, and the class teacher noticed that she always seems tired and is no longer as sociable as she once was.  The teacher has since referred her to the school counsellor, but Lauren hasn’t gone, as she is sure her problems are related to having either glandular fever or chronic fatigue syndrome. Lauren is asthmatic.  She fractured her left wrist in a motor vehicle accident when she was in Year 10.  While her wrist injury is something that troubles her occasionally, she played netball quite competitively until this season, but has given it up because of a medial ligament injury to her knee which she sustained in a recent game.
Lauren was in a motor vehicle accident  occurred when she was coming home from a party with her older brother Mark, and three friends – Mark’s best mate Cameron, Cameron’s girlfriend Jessica, and Jessica’s younger sister Sophie, who was Lauren’s best friend.  Cameron was driving, and lost control of the car, which ran off the road and struck a tree.  Jessica was in the front passenger seat with her window down.  Jessica’s injuries were so serious that she had to have her left arm amputated below the elbow.  The other passengers sustained relatively minor injuries. Lauren, however, was sitting directly behind Jessica, and was injured when Jessica’s seat was pushed back in the impact.  Since the accident, Lauren has put on weight, and hates how she looks now, but thinks that her weight will “just sort itself out”.  She also feels “weird” around Sophie, and doesn’t really talk with her any more.  Lauren has lost contact with most of her old friends.  She now tends to only see a small group of new friends.  They hang around at one of their homes most Friday and Saturday nights talking, and drinking “pretty much anything they can get their hands on”, “just to have fun, you know, pass the time”.  Lauren wakes up most Saturday and Sunday mornings feeling very hung over. As well as these issues, Lauren is not adhering to her asthma management regime which impacts negatively on her health.  On Saturdays Lauren tends to spend most of the day switching between lying in bed and watching  the TV.  On Sunday she has trouble getting out of bed for her part-time job at the local bakery and has started showing up late for work.  Her manager has recently given Lauren an official warning. Lauren’s GP is Rob, who is 44, and married to Jenny (a midwife, 38) with two children, Sarah (14) and Anthony (8, who is a friend of James).  Rob is well respected in his profession and prides himself on his achievements.  In his work with Lauren, Rob has suggested that Lauren would benefit from engaging in more physical activity, reducing her alcohol use, taking her asthma medication as recommended, and from broadening her social activities and increasing her social networks.  Although her lack of activity, drinking and withdrawal behaviours are not the principal focus of Rob’s work with Lauren, Rob believes that change in these behaviours are critical to making progress with Lauren.  Refer to the video of a session between Lauren and Rob.
Rob suspects that Lauren has not been following his advice, particularly in relation to her asthma management regime. When he talks to her about her behaviours, Lauren becomes visibly upset so he often redirects his discussion away from what Lauren should be doing.  On these occasions he notices that Lauren’s mood lifts slightly and she appears a little more engaged for a short period of time before again showing signs of disinterest.  Although Rob likes working with Lauren generally, he is finding himself becoming increasingly frustrated with her general lack of progress.  In fact, he is wondering if Lauren’s general health and well-being are becoming worse rather than better in recent times so Rob suggests that Lauren’s mother and stepfather join them for one of the sessions. Refer to the video of a session between Rob, Lauren, Julie and David.
Task and Assessment 
What you need to submit individually:
INDIVIDUAL POSTER (1,500 words) As described earlier, when completing your poster, you are to imagine that you have recently graduated in your chosen profession and are undertaking a four day ‘Working with adolescents’ workshop. This poster is to present information, as if it is directed to fellow participants in the ‘Working with Adolescents’ workshop, on how to facilitate behaviour change in adolescents.  You will be asked to use the case study of Rob and Lauren as illustrative material, focusing on how Rob should assist Lauren to take her asthma medication as recommended.  Specifically, you are instructed:

To identify one of Lauren’s problematic behaviours (e.g. irritability due to low mood). Please explain how this behaviour is problematic and may be influencing her adherence to her asthma medication.   

(a) To assess Rob’s helpful actions and comments that could assist Lauren to modify her behaviours and to take her asthma medication as recommended and; 

 (b)To assess Rob’s unhelpful actions and comments that could inhibit Lauren from modifying her behaviours and adhering to her asthma medication regime; 

To identify potential modifications Rob could make in his actions and comments to optimise outcomes for Lauren, based on his unhelpful actions and comments you identified in Question 2b; and
To describe the theoretical techniques Rob should employ to assist Lauren to take her asthma medication as recommended. 

 Once you have created your online poster using Piktochart, it is available to download as an image (JPEG or PNG). In order for your assessment to be run through Turnitin, you are required to copy the downloaded image of your Piktochart onto a Word doc, with the text below. That way feedback can be given on the image and content (Turnitin doesn’t accept images as files by themselves).
Lauren’s Problematic Behaviours                   
Lauren is feeling low due to low performance in school, injury, accident, etc. These all have made Lauren irritable which can affect her health. Lauren is highly encountering irritation as she is continuously falls into low mood. The low mood is a big problem for Lauren as it makes her anxious and most of the time she feels tired which is affecting her physic. Further, Lauren would fall into fight with her siblings or parents intentionally. Therefore, it can increase her asthma problem as she would be not filling active due to low mood and irritation. Lauren will not be further interested in social interaction and can also tell lie about her health to the doctors.  Moreover, Lauren will try to find excuses to avoid asthma medication. In addition, the Lauren would behave differently and would not will to respond to family or her practitioner, Rob. On the other hand, it is known that whenever a person is in low mood, he/she often gets angry and gets frustrated even on small matters.  As a result, it can lead to depression and a person may not feel like to interacting with anyone. Talking about Lauren, she may not be interested in doing any activities which can increase pain in her body and she can falling ill on continuous note (Aavikko, Helenius, Alaranta, Vasankari & Haahtela, 2012). Low mood relates to helplessness and sadness if the condition of health is decreasing at continuous level. Apart from that, irritation due to low mood may highly impact medication of asthma that is taken by Lauren. Due to irritation, she may leave taking medication and can prefer to stay alone which would further worsen her case. It is known that asthma is a form of chronic inflammatory disease which can play effective role in neural changes (Axelsson & Lötvall, 2012). As a result, it can modify the behaviour of a person. Therefore, Lauren can too face such issues.
Assessment of helpful actions of Rob
It can be seen from the case that Rob is general practitioner that assist Lauren for treating her physical injury. Rob is in touch with several conditions so that better treatment can be provided and Lauren’s problem can be solved as soon as possible. Apart from that, in spite of giving high effort, Rob faced difficulty in handling Lauren due to her behaviour. However, Rob was able to provide necessary suggestion to Lauren and her parents to get relief from asthma. Rob has provided recommendation to Lauren to engage herself in physical activity and connect with other people which would help her to bring changes in her behaviour (Crowder, 2012). The connection over social network would make Lauren feel happy and she may not be feeling irritate. Moreover, other suggestion was made to reduce the consumption of alcohol as it can worsen her case and problem of asthma can increase. It is known that high percentage of alcohol can affect mind and it may not function properly and as a result person may lose their life. The suggestion made by Rob is helpful for anyone so for Lauren but Lauren was not following the advice properly. She was doing what she felt like without considering her health status. On the other hand, Rob has advised to take inhalers three to four times a day in order to get relief from cough, wheezing or breath shortness (Douglas, 2012). This would help in healing the problem of Lauren and thus, she would recover quickly. Apart from that, Rob conducted a session with Lauren’s mother and her step father to provide all the requirements demanded by her. This would make her responsible to put effort to get rid of asthma.
Assessment of unhelpful actions of Rob
Rob is respected practitioner and when he found that his progress is low, he gets frustrated and was not able to concentrate on the work (Judd, 2012). Rob provided valuable advice to treat Lauren’s behaviour and her asthma issue. In spite of that Rob used get frustrated at some point of time when it was difficult for him to cope up with Lauren. Rob felt irritated as the progress of Lauren was very slow as per his expectation which resulted into making him angry. On the other hand, Lauren was not happy with the way Rob was going to treat her which made Lauren to complaint about him to her parents. It can be observed from the case that, Rob sometimes shouts on Lauren if she does not listen to him or when she loses her concentration. Therefore, it upset her and due to that it was difficult for Rob to bring any behaviour change (Ehrlich, 2012). Apart from that, Rob did not considered drinking habit of Lauren, her behaviour and lack of activity to be important as according to him changing such behaviour is critical. Thus, less consideration on these matters made difficult for Lauren to change her behaviour. Therefore, it affected Lauren’s asthma medication which slowing increasing the problem of Lauren. The decreasing health of Lauren instead of getting improved made Rob a bit irritate, as if he would not be able to cure her then it would raise a question on his achievement. On the other hand, Rob was not able to win the trust of Lauren and due to lack of trust; Lauren was not following the advice given by Rob which reflected on the asthma management regime. Thus, it can be concluded that Rob made certain error in his practice which made tough for him to cure Lauren as per his expectation.
Identification of potential modifications in Rob’s action
In order to help Lauren with her asthma medication and behavioural change, Rob has to make certain changes into his practice and behaviour. Rob may have to build a relationship with Lauren to clearly understand the problem and feelings of her. Building relationship will foster open environment which would motivate Lauren to share her feelings about her injuries in open manner (Lorig, 2012). Apart from that, Rob may need to develop patience within him so that Lauren’s problem can be solved even if it is taking time. Having patience would be helpful for Rob in identifying even if there is small progress in Lauren’s health. On the other hand, it has been seen that Rob gets frustrated when Lauren does not followed her advice. Therefore, Rob should not be getting frustrate as it will only reflect on Lauren and it will affect the asthma management regime. Moreover, Rob will be able to give more time to Lauren and can know register what are the changes is taking place in Lauren. Furthermore, Rob can make use of social network to connect with her to remind her about asthma medication (MacDonell, Gibson-Scipio, Lam, Naar-King & Chen, 2012). Therefore, it will be important move which would result in the improvement of Lauren. A session can be conducted every week with the parents of Lauren in order to provide necessary treatment techniques which would be very supportive to her. On the other hand, Rob should not shout on Lauren as it would make her depressed. Therefore, it would result in connecting with Lauren and response can be generated from her easily on health issues (Media, 2012). Thus, changing the action will not only help Rob but also provide great assistance to Lauren with asthma medication and getting relief from it and lead good life.
Theoretical Techniques to help Lauren
For the purpose of treating Lauren and making her to take asthma medication as per advice, Rob can adopt different theoretical techniques. Rob can explain the advantage of Breathing Exercises to Lauren. The exercise will help Lauren in increasing endurance or strength of Lauren’s respiratory muscles. Moreover, it will be effective in increasing thoracic cage flexibility. Through this exercise, Lauren can be asked to make use of her abdominal instead of accessory muscles and upper-chest of ventilation for the purpose of resting breathing (O’Connor, 2012). On the other hand, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be affective for Rob to make Lauren realise about of ill-activity. Therefore, it will motivate Lauren to take asthma medication and follow the instruction as prescribed. Apart from that, Buteyko Method can be employed by Rob to provide support to Lauren and making her realise about the ill-effects of not following the method along with its advantage. Rob can give examples of other patients that may have faced such similar issues. In that case, Rob can conduct a presentation as it will take Lauren into interest and she will believe the fact delivered by Rob. Therefore, it would be make Lauren to take responsibility and take asthma medication on time (Op’t Holt & Gregory, 2012). On the other hand, Rob can theoretically explain the problems that are faced by Lauren which will help Lauren to understand the insight of problem and what can be the consequences of it if not cured on time. As a result, it can create a fear into Lauren and she would be taking the asthma management regime seriously and will follow the instruction (Spray, 2012).
Aavikko, A., Helenius, I., Alaranta, A., Vasankari, T., & Haahtela, T. (2012). Asthma Medication Is Increasingly Prescribed for Finnish Olympic Athletes—For a Reason?. J Asthma, 49(7), 744-749. doi:10.3109/02770903.2012.709293
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Spray, A. (2012). The impact of complementary and alternative medicine use, attitudes towards prescribed regimens, and maternal depression on adherence to Asthma controller medication. New York: The School.

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