Pinkeye Herbal Treatment and Complementary Therapy

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Pinkeye Herbal Treatment and Complementary Therapy

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Subject: Pharmacology

Table of Contents Treatment of Viral Conjunctivitis Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis Ways to Treat Conjunctivitis with Herbs Preventative Measures Precautions for Treatment Recovery Period References Treatment of Viral Conjunctivitis The treatment of the symptoms of SARS (Córdova et al., 2014). Protection from the bright light. Tea broths as one of the medicines. Preparations on a flower basis. Compresses at night and rinsing. One week of a full-fledged treatment. Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis The determination of the source of allergy. Mandatory isolation from the allergen. Rinsing with herbal broths. Checks for possible allergens. Annual preventive procedures and examinations. The possibility of treatment with herbs. Ways to Treat Conjunctivitis with Herbs Chamomile broths reduce the development of infection (Sharma, Nagori, Soni, Verma, & Singh, 2014). Tea solutions help to relieve inflammation. Herbal preparations based on dill and dogrose. Night compresses using calendula and celandine. Regular rubbing to remove pus. Hygiene should be followed when using herbs. Preventative Measures Hands should be regularly washed. Vitamins and minerals should be taken. In case of complications, consultations with specialists are necessary. Preventive herbal teas are useful to reduce the risk. Stress and excessive exercises are undesirable. Periodic gymnastics for eyes should be performed. Precautions for Treatment All broths should have room temperature (Sharma, Nagori, Soni, Verma, & Singh, 2014). All excess solutions should be cleaned. Flushing toward the inner corner of eyes. Broths should be fresh enough for the best effect. Too frequent rinsing is not recommended. When treating children, medicines should be limited. Recovery Period Redness and suppuration disappears. Vision is gradually becoming better. Lacrimation passes, inflammation weakens. The mucous membrane returns to normal. Unpleasant feelings gradually stop. The period of recovery is from one to three weeks. References Córdova, C., Gutiérrez, B., Martínez-García, C., Martín, R., Gallego-Muñoz, P., Hernández, M., & Nieto, M. L. (2014). Oleanolic acid controls allergic and inflammatory responses in experimental allergic conjunctivitis. PloS One, 9(4), 1-11.

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Cosman, F., De Beur, S. J., LeBoff, M. S., Lewiecki, E. M., Tanner, B., Randall, S., & Lindsay, R. (2014). Clinician’s guide to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis International, 25(10), 2359-2381. Sharma, M., Nagori, K., Soni, S., Verma, V. S., & Singh, A. (2014). Herbal significance and home remedies to treat conjunctivitis: An overview. Research Journal of Topical and Cosmetic Sciences, 5(1), 30.

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