Presentation Review on Patients with Heart Failure

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Presentation Review on Patients with Heart Failure

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Subject: Cardiology

Presentation Planning and Delivery There are many ways in which a presentation can be made. The oral presentation is one of the most effective and comprehensive manners of information delivery. It is a more interactive way of communication than a written presentation. In particular, the oral presentation is beneficial because it allows captivating the attention of the audience easier. Moreover, oral presentation helps retain the attention of the audience for a longer period. For higher effectiveness, such presentation can be enhanced with the help of interesting stories, anecdotal experiences, fascinating facts, or impressive statistics.

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When it comes to the way I plan to deliver my presentation, I would like to use some tips offered by Anderson (2013). In particular, the author stated that the presented information needs to be properly framed. Since my presentation will be focused on the prevention of patient readmissions caused by congestive heart failure (CHF), I will frame it using the statistics reflecting the rates of such readmissions. This will demonstrate that the problem is serious. Further, I will state that the problem can be prevented and inform the audience that I am going to explore several prevention strategies. This way, I would be able to capture the attention of my audience. I will have a clear plan for my presentation and a set of numbered helping cards that would serve as guidance. I will also use body language to strengthen my stage presence by walking, addressing the audience, maintaining an open and friendly pose, and using hand gestures. I expect that my audience will walk away knowing the level of seriousness of the problem under discussion, its current incidence, and the most effective prevention strategies to minimize the prevalence of this issue. Academic Journal Article Discussion The article that, in my opinion, aligns with the topic under discussion is “Hospital strategies associated with 30-day readmission rates for patients with heart failure” by Bradley et al. (2013). The article can be found using the following link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3802532/. This article presents a large national-scale study that included a variety of strategies aimed at the prevention of readmissions due to congestive heart failure that was employed in dozens of hospitals all around the country. In this article, the authors evaluate the strategies and initiatives employed in terms of their effectiveness. As a result, several efficient strategies are identified that can produce an even better effect when applied in combinations. My research that was carried out for this project is focused on the same topic. However, it also adds comprehensive statistics concerning the rates of patient readmissions caused by CHF within 30 days post-discharge. This kind of research could be interesting for several kinds of audiences. For example, it could be attractive for medical professionals working on different levels and in different specializations. In particular, nurses could benefit from the presentation due to learning about the potential effect of the prevention strategies for CHF readmissions. Hospital administrations could learn about the experiences faced by other institutions in their attempts to address the aforementioned readmission rates. This could help hospital leaders and managers approach the problem by being better informed in this area. Finally, patients whose family members and close ones are treated in hospitals at the moment or the people who have experienced readmission due to CHF could be another group that could be interested in this presentation. References Anderson, C. (2013). How to give a killer presentation. Harvard Business Review. Web.

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Bradley, E. H., Curry, L., Horwitz, L. I., Sipsma, H., Wang, Y., Walsh, M. N., … Krumholz, H. M. (2013). Hospital strategies associated with 30-day readmission rates for patients with heart failure. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, 6(4), 444-450. Web.

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