PRM701 Project Management Principles

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PRM701 Project Management Principles

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PRM701 Project Management Principles

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Course Code: PRM701
University: University Of The Sunshine Coast

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Country: Australia


As a consulting project manager you have been asked to advise on a proposed linear ferry service on the Noosa River.
CCIQ Noosa (the sponsor) are looking introduce a linear ferry service to link Tewantin, Noosaville and Hastings Street.  The service is proposed to run the 9.4km circuit between Noosa Marina, Noosaville and Hastings Street.  The deliverables will include:
‘mini-cats’ (an 81 passenger craft approximately half the size of the current Brisbane City Cat); and
new terminals at Noosa Marina (Tewantin), Noosaville (Near the Boat House), and Hastings Noosa Spit Reserve)
CCIQ Noosa have prepared a prefeasibility (refer Bb) and they have asked you to complete a Project Charter (template provided) for presentation to Glen Elmes (State Member for Noosa).
If the project proceeds you will assume the role of project manager.  The steering team, for which you will form part, will include:
Dr Steven Boyd (President CCIQ Noosa)
Robert  Walter (Experienced ferry operator and previous executive with Brisbane City Council (CityCat))
Anthony Dow (Economic Development Noosa Council)
At CCIQ Noosa we believe the answer to our traffic woes is to share the love around and not cap our visitation potential. We need to work towards a truly functional public transport system.
We need a system that links the shire villages and allows for families to move freely with beach umbrellas and all.
Dr Boyd suggests ‘one part of the network could be a more regular and higher capacity ferry service such as a mini [City] Cat linking the Tewantin, Noosaville and main beach’.
With regular peak services and ‘reasonable pricing’ Dr Boyd believes this would not only suit our day visitors ‘it could be an enjoyable way to get to and from work’. The Cat would also encourage those staying near Hastings Street to stretch their legs, experience more of what Noosa has to offer and spend further afield.
Other vehicles such as low to no emission driverless buses and electric bikes should be strategically integrated into the transport system to encourage our visitors away from overly congested and sensitive areas to those areas better suited to a fun day out.

Noosa is a famous river located in the southeastern region of Queensland, Australia. CCIQ Noosa or Noosa Chamber of Commerce is the top business group serving the area of Noosa. An efficient linear ferry service is needed to be developed on Noosa River.
The ferry service must connect the areas of Hastings Street, Noosaville and Tewantin.
A 9.4 kilometer circuit is required to be developed between those regions.
The project includes a couple of “mini-cats”. This refers to 81 passenger craft which is about half the size of current Brisbane City Cat.
Further, there is an estimation of 3 new terminals to be created in those regions.
Project Description:
The project is intended to involve ferry operators who have grounded knowledge and solid economic motivations to the primary genesis of the project objectives discussed above. However, for these project policy entrepreneurs under local government has been harnessing ferries to a planning agenda. This is to be done across the River Cap. Further, urban renewal has been critical to the eventual packaging of what turned out to be CityCats.
Valuation of CityCats to this agenda is provided with evidentiary support with current research. This study has been suggesting about 8% rise in property values. This is done as one travels to terminals from two kilometers away. Overall, it is believed that about 4 to 5 billion dollars are accrued from every urban renewal of Brisbane in the inner-city. Here, CityCats is a modest part.
There can be loss of major customers along with huge proportions of sales contracts.
Here strategy includes legal risk excluding strategic risk.
The reaction falls on regulators, employees, suppliers, investors and customers.
There could be significant prosecution and litigation at corporate level. Moreover, there has been nationalization denoting loss of license to operate.
Offering unique insights to manage legal risk is a part of this strategy.
The effects fall under IT and legal departments along with financial departments.
The uses services or products directly both internal and external to the company.
Impact on revenue, trust and sales
Strategies involve goal setting, feedback and measurement.
Project managers
Effective execution, control process, and achievement of project’s targets.
It includes project plan development, quality and communication planning.
Project Sponsor
Financier of the project
Keeping project aligned with strategy and portfolio direction. It has been governing project risk.
Supporting or approving allocation of resources, defining aims and analyzing eventual success of the project.
Resource managers
Additional managers controlling resources required to execute project.
Managing huge number of employees on the project allocating proper people at the proper place.
Strategies involve preparation and planning, prioritization and communication
Project Deliverables:
Deliverable 1:
It includes assurance that there is efficient and effective project coordination and management. Further, it involves assuring good technical qualities achievement and the milestones and deliverables are met timely.
Deliverable 2:
Firstly it includes production of detailed review of research and prior and current projects.
Then it comprises of undertaking of detailed scoping of study refining methodologies, objectives and scopes of the research.
Lastly there is compiling of a comprehensive database of various elements. This includes historical solids and different deposited solid measurements along with corresponding flow measurements.
Measuring sediment flux to understand issues properly. This is to decide proper management options and monitor efficiency of measures that are undertaken. Different slits and sediment fluxes and concentrations have vital effect. Thus strong quantitative indicators of hydro-morphological and ecological status at Noosa are generated. It also analyzed and validates to measure those fluxes and concentration
Summary Budget and Feasibility:
Firstly for annual revenue, the revenue, off-peak for nine months, a peak for three months and other incomes. Here the total yearly salaries emerge about 1,581,627 dollars.
Secondly, for capital expenditure the terminals, mini “City Cat” comprising of 81 passengers and project management are involved. Here, the total capital expenditure is about 8250, 000 dollars.
Firstly, the operating costs include human resources, lease and occupancy, administration, running costs, promotion and marketing with other expenses. Here the total price if about 909,302.
With this overall value interest is deducted which is about 402, 188 dollars.
The operating profit excluding interest and capital estimated to be about 672, 326. The return on capital invested is 8.15% and the same on equity is 13.10%.
The feasibilities for this project include the following.
Technical feasibility: Here evaluation of hardware, software and various additional technology requirements of Noosa’s Ferry system are involved.
Economic feasibility: This is helpful to assess cost and benefits of this Ferry Project. This is also useful to find out benefits, costs and liability related to project prior the financial resources gets allocated.
Legal feasibility: It is helpful to determine the CCIQ Noosa has been saving considerable effort and time. It is beneficial to learn that this Ferry project has been right from the very beginning.
Operational feasibility: It involves undertaking of determination and analysis whether and how well CCIQ Noosa requirements are met by finishing that project.
Scheduling feasibility: It is useful as the Ferry Project gets failed or not completed on time. Here CCIQ Noosa can estimate how much time their project must take to complete.
Project Objectives and Success Criteria
The scopes involve mitigation of environmental issues related to the Ferry project.
The second scope is the extending of changes.
Then, the advantages derived from the project should be worth the sustaining of environment damages.
Lastly, the adverse effects are to be mitigated.
Lack of adequate time management has an adverse effect on a project in the long run. The time is a significant constraint and deviation from schedule has a negative impact on scope and cost of this Noosa’s Ferry project. Further, inappropriate time management also includes frustration and stress among team members and project managers. In the worst case scenario, there is burnout.
In this project, the time is estimated to be about one month
The cost management has been involving various steps. Firstly, a useful resource planning is to be made. Then for this Ferry project cost estimating is to be determined. Analogous estimation utilizing actual cost of previous and same projects serves as the founding stone to evaluate a current plan. In this Noosa’s Ferry Project, parametric models can also be used where project characteristics are represented mathematically.
Cost estimation in assimilation with project schedule involves the cost budgeting. It provides an overview of total and periodic costs of this project.
Procedures are needed to apply for controlling performance and expenditure against the progress of Noosa’ project. As the real cost information turns out to be available as a significant part of the cost.
By this analysis, corrective action is needed to avoid different cost overruns. Here the total cost is 402,188 dollars.
The quality has been focusing on the travellers. It indicates that the necessities of the Ferry’s project are met. This is because the requirements have been reflecting needs of visitors as correctly collected. It involves customer satisfaction, prevention over inspection and continuous improvement
The other project objectives and success criteria involve the following.
Identification of resource estimate for finishing every activity and task.
Recognition of dependencies to finish all the activities.
Recognizing possible assumptions and risks for Ferry’s project.
Acceptance Criteria:
During the final approval of the above solution, CCIQ Noosa must mark that one deliverable after another on their checklist. They must acknowledge the acceptance criteria before starting the project. .
Project Approval Requirements:

A project charter.
Formal authorization of Noosa’s Ferry project
Clearance form lines of authorities.

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