Professional Liability Insurance for X-Ray Operators and Technicians: Rsk Health Insurance SC

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Professional Liability Insurance for X-Ray Operators and Technicians: Rsk Health Insurance SC

Words: 460

Subject: Public Health

Introduction. My research is about professional liability insurance for x-ray operators and technicians. This is a particular profession since it deals directly with ionized particles that are harmful to the human body and mind. Doctors often recommend their patients to do x-rays for medical purposes only if necessary because it harms the molecules that make up our bodies. An x-ray technician and operator have to live with this danger of harming their body all the working days.

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The company The company that attracted my attention is RSK Health Insurance SC. It is based in Latvia and has worldwide coverage. It has a significant number of United States-based clients. RSK is a non-life insurance undertaking that provides Health Insurance for both legal and natural persons. It deals with various types of insurance such as Accident Insurance, Foreign Travel Insurance, Property Insurance, Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals, General Civil Liability Insurance, as well as offers Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Owners of Motor Vehicles and Kasko Insurance. The company was registered on June 9, 1994. The founder of the company is Riga Council, which holds 100% of its shares. The company includes x-ray operator liability insurance within the broader health insurance and accident insurance. The contribution requested for the health insurance package for the x-ray operators varies between $106 to a maximum of $189. The coverage rate ranges from $75,000 up to $115,000 per year in case of diseases or short-term illnesses related to the effect of the magnetic field produced by the x-rays. I would sign up for an insurance package with this company. The reasons for doing this area are as follows; First, the relatively low and highly competitive annual amount requested for contribution. As mentioned above it is not more than $190. Second, the ranges of diseases covered by this insurance package are also wide. Of course, you can find other insurance companies that can offer better coverage but for the price, this is one of the best I have seen on the market. But there are also a few more reasons why would I recommend this insurance company to everyone working with x-ray technology.

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Third, in case you have a problem the customer relations office is very effective, helpful and fast in providing the necessary assistance. And finally, you will find that there are fewer bureaucratic procedures and document requirements than in many other insurance companies. I think this is a huge advantage in favor of this company. Many insurance companies today have an intrinsic bureaucratic procedure that makes you feel uncomfortable with their product offerings. Regarding the website of the company, you will find there all the necessary information on how to get an insurance package and which one is the right one for you.

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