PROJ 6010 Project Management Application Construction

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PROJ 6010 Project Management Application Construction

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PROJ 6010 Project Management Application Construction

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Course Code: PROJ6010
University: Laureate International Universities

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Country: United States


Analyse the Denver Airport case study from PESTLE perspective. Include in your analysis the impact (if any) of each PESTLE element.
As the Project Manager for the Denver Airport project, what steps might you have taken to prepare for these influences Explain how each of these steps would have positively impacted the project’s success.
Evaluate the decision to build. In your opinion, was the decision to build the airport a good one Explain your position.
Describe the decisions you would need to focus on first regarding project feasibility.
Assess how you might approach the size and scale of the Denver Airport construction project.
Analyse the need for estimations of project cost and profitability.
Explain how you would decide whether the decisions were effective and the recommendations you would make for those that were not effective.
Analyse the role of each of the following plans that need to be implemented in the Denver Airport construction project:

Value Management
Risk Management
Quality Management
Change Management
Environmental Management
Health & Safety Management
Resources Management

Describe the impact these plans might have on the project.


This project the importance of considering all the construction standards while developing any construction based projects. With the help of the construction level project standard the developing companies would be able to gain effective market revenue and measurable success from the marketplace as well. After analyzing the background of Denver case project, it would be able to analyze the details of Denver construction sector. It has been found that in order to analyze the critical factors in this specific market domain the global project management practices and processes including the project development strategies for addressing the project specificities are elaborated in this report. In order to reduce the project complexity proper range of construction project tools and technologies are also elaborated in this report.  
After analyzing the Denver case project, from PESTLE perspectives, the analysis impact, the importance of each of the project activities for project success are illustrated in this report. In addition to this, for establishing the construction project successfully, it is necessary for the project manager to make accurate project decision as well. It would help the project manager to make effective decision for assessing the project viability is also illustrated in this report.  Apart from this, in order to build the construction project it is necessary to make proper cost estimation and time allotment as well.  The last and most vital part of the project is project planning phase. In this phase, the role of each undertaken project plans and its positive impact for the successful project outcome are elaborated it his report.
PESTLE perspectives analysis of the Denver Case project 
Political: The decisions for Denver Airport Baggage system project failed due to the dysfunctional decision making. Denver Airport is referred to as world’s largest automated baggage handling system. Before, during and even after the execution of the Denver case project the political parties have supported the project manager and team members throughout.      
Economic: In order to develop a modern automatically managing baggage system enough economic support from the sponsors and airport authority are gained accordingly. At the project initiation phase, the finance manager developed a feasibility study to determine that the project outcome is beneficial or not.
Social: The Denver Airport project is developed based on the requirement of the consumers. In order to develop the new art of Denver Airport, that might cement the position of the Denver in the airport transportation hub, the social support was always there. The project complexities were also reduced completely with the help of the social support.
Technical: Technically the project is not at all beneficial due to the extreme complexity of the baggage system. The system is very much larger than the general system size thus the system performances keep on degrading. In order to optimize the performance of the system an empty cart is distributed around the airport to make it ready for picking the baggage. An advanced queue behavior in terms of a mathematic model is developed for Denver Airport. However, even after the identification of risks and technology based operational issues also they did not make the necessary changes.  
Legal: The Denver airport case project is legally affected due to the exponential growth of the line balancing and project complexity. The project design approach was very much late thus the construction got very late approval from the government.
Environmental: The Denver Airport project allowed the system to become the most critical path to the consumers. The developed system helped the project manager and the airport authority to gain measurable success factors and revenue as well. Thus, the business environment stands as effective for extensive expose of the levels of the project schedule and relevant activities.
1.2 For project preparation the necessary steps those have been undertaken
In order to construct the Airport project different steps are there those should be undertaken by the project manager. Through the help of the project preparation steps the project could be executed easily with beneficial outcomes as well. It is defined that each of the project steps has influenced the project successful both internally and externally. The necessary steps those are highlighted for preparing the Denver Airport project include the following:
Airport sponsor: In this phase the project is approved as a grant agency to be a public agency. However, the local governments grant the eligibility.
Feasibility study: In this phase the finance manager estimate the cost within which the project is required to be completed successfully. However, the legislative appropriation and the eligibility do not guarantee the state funding professionally. Proper transportation and proper access of the needs are also needed to be served by the airport authority. Not only this but also the finance manager should estimate cost for all the necessary resources. Even from the airspace and location authority had proper resource cost are also estimated.
Development of entry plan for Denver Airport: In this phase an advanced entry plan with security checking are deployed.
Site selection for locating the Airport: In order to construct the Airport, site is referred to as one of the most important things that should be considered by the government. It will help the project manager to overcome the issues of capital cost as well as operational cost.   
Primary environmental planning for the Denver Airport: Huge range of environmental study is done in this phase of project development.
Facility planning: Whether the important is serving proper facilities to the employees and consumers or not are checked in this phase.  
Development of local government planning: A local governmental and strategic master plan should be developed by the project manager in this particular project development phase.
Analysis of the environmental impact: Based on the layout of the airport development plan the environmental migration plan should be developed in this phase. The impacts of the environment are analyzed in this phase.
Construction of Denver Airport
Thus, it can be concluded that each of the steps of project planning are beneficial individually and their integrated implementation is also very much helpful.
1.3 Evaluation the project decision to be build
Both the domestic and international airport is constructed side by side and the parking lot in 6 minutes distance from the security check in point.The project manager is responsible to track the operational and functional activities and at the same time proper control and monitoring approaches are also needed to be undertaken by the project manager.
2.1Decisions to be undertaken for project feasibility
Whether the project is beneficial from the consumers and business perspective or not could be analyzed accurately by adopting the following steps:

Conducting analysis of the Airport layout details accurately
Preparation of project income statement
Conducting a market survey
Planning business organization with functional and operational activities
Preparation of project balance sheet
Reviewing and analyzing information
Final decision making

2.2 Assessing the approach of project size and scale
After analyzing the details of this particular project tit is defined that, the size and scale f the project is very large. The factors depending upon which the project size is determined include the following:

Available financial resources of the project
The total number of team members associated to the project
The number and size of the deliverable that is going to be produced
The complexity of the project outcome
Time frame required to complete the project

This project is defined as a large one due to the following reasons:

A Business case s available
Feasibility study done
Project team is appointed
Project office had been set up
Phase review is performed

2.3 Analyzing the need for project estimation 
The project estimation is required so that during the project development phase no extra budget or capital would be needed to be invested by the project manager or project sponsor as well.
2.4 Explanation on how the importance of the decisions could be determined 
The key decisions for Denver Airport project development are as follows:
Key 1: Change in business strategies
Key 2: The decision for proceeding
Key 3: Commitment for schedule, scope and commitment
Key 4: Change request acceptance
Key 5: Building structure design
Key 6: Decision for developing different direction
All these key decisions taken for Denver Airport construction project failed thus the recommendation or suggestion those might mitigate the issues associated to it include:

Change in leadership
Risk management plan development
Proper architecture design implementation
Expert team involvement

3.1Analyzing the role of each phase of project planning 
Value management plan
For creating value the steps those are adopted by the Denver airport authority are as follows:

Managing the consumers segmentation (demand for international and domestic flight)
Measurement of consumer margin
Measuring lifetime value for the consumers
Measurement of consumer impact
Client’s profitability  management

Risk management plan




Mitigation plan

Financial risk



In order to mitigate this issues at the very project initiation phase the finance  manager should make proper feasibility study to ensure that the project outcome is beneficial

Time management risk



The project activities must be developed in such a way so that it could completed within estimated time

Failure in strategy development



After analyzing the details of the project layout proper strategies must be incorporated

Quality management
 The steps those are undertaken for managing the quality of the project include the following:

Developing mission, vision and business strategies
Identification of critical success factors
Development and measurement of CSF data metrics
Gathering consumer feedback
Developing survey tools and technologies
Survey of each customer group
Development of project improvement plan

Change Management
It is assumed that the main segment of failure for the Denver Airport project is the baggage checking. Thus, with advanced security checking and baggage loading system the existing baggage checking system must be replaced.
Environmental Management

Development f policies and guidelines
Environmental regulation workshop development
Layout certification and recognition

Health & Safety Management

Wearing protective equipments like shoes, glass, dresses etc
Strategies adoption for reducing unwanted explosion
Use of anti vibration handles
Resources Management
Accurate plan, function and operation tracking
Comparison and contrast management  

Describing the impact of these plans
If all of these steps are evaluated properly then only the project, could meet the success accurately both in terms of revenue.
From the overall discussion it can be concluded that the issues associated to Denver case project could be completely minimized or diminished if proper construction level project standards are undertaken by the project manager. It will help the project owner to gain effective success and measurable revenue structure from the competitive marketplace. The most significance of the construction project from the PESTLE perspectives and the influence of the project planning phase are also elaborated in this report. The Denver International baggage handling system is an illustration of ineffective decision making. Due to dysfunctional construction level decision making the company is facing major failure. The leading role of the project manager is to analyze the construction sector, market and business environment properly for identifying the project critical factors.
It will help the company to demonstrate the application of project management tools and technologies within the range of the complex project construction level situation. Different decisions have been undertaken for the success of the project however, among them the most effective decision is identified in this report. After analyzing the details of the Denver case project it has been defined that, project feasibility is one of the most important things that must be considered for project success. Absolute cost and time is estimated for the development of the Denver Airport construction project. Many decisions have been undertaken by many project heads but based on the success factors the most effective decision is needed to be undertaken by the project manager. In order to execute the project proper planning phases are also considered to make the project outcome reliable, viable and successful as well.
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