Project Management: One-Day Sports Tournament

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Project Management: One-Day Sports Tournament

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Project Management: One-Day Sports Tournament

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Discuss about the Report for Project Management of One-Day Sports Tournament.


Introduction of the project
A one-day sports tournament will be arranged for P & L Pvt. Ltd. Being the project manager in-charge of this arrangement, the most important duty is to make proper planning and organisation so that the one-day sports tournament can be arranged successfully. As the company does not have any common room or any arrangement of indoor games, therefore it is decided that outdoor games will be played (Reid & Ritchie, 2011). Now keeping the mind on the work pressure and health of the employees of the company Cricket is chosen as the outdoor sport. The tournament will be played in the nearby ground which is known as the field of sports. It will take place 20th August 2016. Four teams can take part in this tournament. It will be a 10-10 over match. Each team will contain eleven players. A lottery system will be made for selecting the teams for grouping. There will be two groups – group A and group B. Each group will contain 2 teams. First, in the group stage, the teams of the same group will play against each other. The winners from the two groups will play the final match. The tournament will start 7 o’ clock in the morning. At 7 o’ clock, the Managing director and CEO of the company will provide a short speech. The first match will start on 8 A.M. after fifteen minutes of the completion of the first group match; the second group match will start. The arrangement of meals and beverages will be provided (Mikkelsen, 2010). The final match will take place 2 P.M.  The prize distribution will be done from 6 P.M. the prizes will be distributed to the winning team by the CEO of the company. The four teams will be provided different dresses in order distinguish them. The balls, bat, wickets, and all the protective equipment and materials will be provided by the company. The match referee and the umpires will be selected from outside and only experts will be considered.
Project scope statement
The project scope statement contains the following checklists:
Objective of the project
The main and primary objective of this project is to organise a successful one-day sports tournament for P & L Pvt. Ltd.
The deliverables of this project are given below:

To arrange a quality podium on the ground so that the CEO and MD can provide their speeches
To provide quality cricket kits
To organise good and proper foods and beverages
To provide few quality shades with sitting arrangements for the players

There are several milestones of this project and these are given below:

To get permit from the ground authority within 15th August 2016
To prepare the podium and shades within 19th August 2016
To arrange the cricket kits within 19th August 2016
To prepare or inspect the pitch on 19th August 2016 and again in the early morning on 20th August 2016
To arrange the adequate foods and beverages within the morning of 20th August 2016

Technical requirements
The technical requirements of this project are given below:

To arrange lights and emergency lights on the ground and especially on the podium
To provide mike systems on the podium

For observing and monitoring the lights, fans, and other electronics and electrical devices few technicians will be kept.

Limits and exclusions of the project
There are several limitations of this project. The permit for playing in the ground can be obtained till 7 P.M. of the day of the tournament. Therefore, the matches and the prize giving ceremony must be completed by 6.30 P.M. of that day so that the ground can be evacuated with 7 o’ clock in the evening of that day (Lawton, 2011). The crickets will be taken as rent from a retailer and those must also be returned within 8 P.M. of the same day. The technicians will start to pack their items including lights, fans and other electrical and electronic items from 7 o’ clock in the evening of the day of the tournament (Patel, 2008). Therefore at any cost, the tournament must be started on time so that it can be finished within the specified time duration.
Review of the management of the company
The project plans and the schedule must be checked from the management of P & L Pvt. Ltd and the feedback and review of the management must be obtained (Kerzner, 2001). According to the management’s feedback, if any planning needs to be changed then it has to be now.
Establishing project priorities
The project priorities can be understood with the help of the following matrix and it is known as the project priority matrix (Maylor, 2010):



Scope or performance














Here, in this project, time is fixed. The arrangement must be done within 20th August 2016 and the duration of the tournament is also fixed because the ground has to be evacuated after certain duration (Lawton, 2011). The scope or performance of the project can be enhanced. All the arrangements can be made of high quality. In order to enhance the performance and also to conduct the tournament within such specified time limit, the management must accept the costs that are required for accomplishing such things.
Work breakdown structures
This one-day cricket tournament contains lots of activities. In order to make them easy and properly done they are broken down into several simpler works or activities (Deeprose, 2012). First of planning is done. In this stage, a time schedule is prepared. Then a budget is prepared according to the expected costs of the cricket kits, rent of the ground, costs for preparing shades and podium, wages of the technicians, rent of the electrical and electronic items, and the costs of the foods and beverages. The rents of the jersey are also included in this budget. It also includes the fees of the match referee and the two umpires. After this, a team is to be prepared for observing and reporting all the activities. Now a final confirmation notice is given to all the employees of the office and they are asked to participate in this tournament (Hyväri, 2016). They are also asked to make a team and enlist the name of the team. Names will only be taken as a team but not as individuals. The numbers of total persons including and excluding the players are calculated. Now the application for the approval of organising the tournament on 20th august is to be done and sent to the in- charge of the club ground. The technicians and the persons for preparing shades and podium are to be informed. Then the jersey and the food and beverages are to be ordered. The cricket kit is also to be rented. The match referee and two umpires are selected (Hyväri, 2016). The prizes are to be bought. While doing these activities proper coordination must be met and this is to be monitored and reported by the assigned team members to the project manager.
Figure: Work Breakdown Structure
Source: (Harris, 2014)
Cost estimation
Cost estimation is needed in any project management and in this case it also required (Heerkens, 2012). The cost estimation of the project has been presented herein below:
Rent of cricket kit = 200 SGD
Rent of the ground = 800 SGD
Technicians wage = 10 SGD/hour per person
There will be two technicians and therefore total technicians wage = 2 x 10 x 15 = 300 SGD
Total time is taken 15 hours. It includes the duration of the tournament and the time for setting the instruments before the match (Pernecky, 2015). They will have three assistants and their wage is 5 SGD/hour per person.
Therefore, total wage = 5 x 15 x 3 = 225 SGD
Costs of foods and beverages
Basic lunch time menu with a drink = 12 SGD
Breakfast = 6 SGD
1litre of milk = 4 SGD
Total number of players = 13 (11 + 2) x 4 = 52
Total employees = 120
It is estimated that everyone will come, hence breakfast and meal will be provided for 120 persons. The milk will only be given to the players. The match referee and the umpires are to be given the same meal as the players (Field & Keller, 2008). The CEO and MD and other important members are also to be given all the meals. The technicians and the assistants will also be given the meal that is kept for the non–players. The project manager and the project management team will also get the same meal as the other non–players. Now the total number of people has become 135.
Therefore cost for meal of 135 people = 135 x (6 + 12) = 135 x 18 = 2430 SGD
The cost of milk for the players (including match referee and umpires) and the important members = (52 + 5 + 3) x 4 = 60 x 4 = 240 SGD
The arrangement of water will be done. 410 litres of water will be arranged. The cost of one litre of water is 3.78 SGD.
Therefore, cost of water = 410 x 3.78 = 1549.8 SGD
Therefore, total cost = (200 + 800 + 300 + 225 + 2430 + 240 + 1549.8) = 5744.8 SGD

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