Project Management: Planning And Control Techniques

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Project Management: Planning And Control Techniques

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Project Management: Planning And Control Techniques

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Discuss about the Project Management for Planning and Control Techniques.

Project quality management refers to all those activities and actions that are needed to be undertaken to ensure the quality and conformity to necessary standard during the tenure of the project (Burke, 2013).  Park, Hyatt is the chosen organization of this study. Project quality management is an important practice that needs to be undertaken to ensure that quality of the management is maintained and in the objectives and the goals of the projects are met in the process. The following study is undertaken to conduct project quality management in the hospitality sector. The research study highlights and outlines the various elements of project quality management in the hospitality sector.
Chosen Industry
The chosen industry for the report is Hospitality management.
Experience and qualification of project practioner
The selected project practioner is associated with International Project Management Authority and has necessary APM knowledge along with the certification. The project practioner is qualified person, which more than four years of experience in the hospitality management sector.
Quality is the most important and integral part of a project. Quality is the hospitality sector relates to achievement of the objective of customer satisfaction. In this course of work, quality is of paramount importance. In order to ensure quality in this course of work, special attention has been given on the workforce (Munier, 2013).  The recruitment and training programs of the main staffs are given paramount importance. The basis of recruitment has been strategically planned, in which qualified and experienced staffs has been chosen to discharge high quality work. This will ensure customer satisfaction. The mission of the hotel is “We Care for you”. The main purpose of the hotel is to provide high quality customer satisfaction and to look after the needs and requirement of the customers. The staffs of the hotel are constantly reminded of their missions and objectives (Phillips, 2013).  The managers are given their duties according to their ability and skill. Thus, major stress has been made on the hiring policy of the hotel. Continuous monitoring of the performance of the service has been adopted to ensure that the actual performance conforms to the standard of performance that is made. Feedback forms are given to customers to understand the level of customer achievement and probable areas of improvement. Measurement of the staff performance is required for the evaluation of quality in the hospital service. Technology is utilized for ensuring quality in the hospitality sector. Property management system is employed to relieve the staff from the burden of unnecessary tasks.
Project complexities
There are certain issues and project quality management complexities that a hotel will encounter and experience.  Some of the issues that are experienced in the project are:
Issues related to labour cost
Labour cost is one of the most issues that surrounds project. The expenses related to labour and managers are one of the major complexities that is involved in the project. Cost reduction and satisfaction of the employees needs to be balanced. If the employees do not fair remuneration, it will have a direct bearing on the performance of the labour. This will consequently affect the customer satisfaction (Zeng et al. 2013).
Cultural diversity
Another point that needs to be considered and thrown light on is the cultural diversity that needs to be analyzed. Cultural diversity causes conflicts and issues in the workforce. Managements of diversified workforce and diversified customers cause major hindrances and issues in the performance evaluation and the ability to achieve quality. Multicultural issues disturb the industry and the organization (Kerzner, 2013).  The difference in the culture can cause misunderstanding and obstructions in the operations of the hotels.
Infrastructure and innovations in the interiors and structures of the room
One of the major issues and complexities that surround the project are regarding the infrastructure and innovations in the interiors and structures of the room. Certain facilities like phone lines and innovations in the communication and interiors aspects are expensive and have high cost. This is one of the major problem complexities (Low & Ong, 2014).
Cyclical trend of economy
The cyclical trend of economy is one of the major issues and complexities in project quality management. The cyclical trend of economy has major implication on the hospitality sector and the operations of the hotels. It can be seen that in times of inflation, the prices might shoot up, which might adversely affect the customer satisfaction. On the other hand, in times of depression, there might be high scale of unemployment, which affects quality of service that is provided to the customers (Schwalbe, 2015).  Australia is in the grips of major financial crisis, which causes shortage of labour, which might contravene with the standard of quality that is provided to the customers.
Project staffing
Bartenders and wait staffs
Staffing is an important aspect in a hotel. The primary level of the staffing in the hotel relates to waiter and waitress. Bartenders are an important of the staffing position. Waiters and waitress deal with the serving of food and beverage. The bartenders take care of the pub activities and therefore they take care of the restaurants and bar facilities and consequently take care of the major services of the hotels.
Kitchen staff and chef
Food formulates the major portion of a hotel and consequently a hospitality sector. Cooks and chefs and kitchen staff are an important part of the hotel staff.
Support members
Support members are the employees that take care of the backstage operations. These support staff are the general staffs that take care of the general activities of the hotel like guest service, and other clerical jobs. They take care of the general and miscellaneous jobs of the hotels.
Accountants take care of the finance and the accounts of the hotel. They manage the various expenditures and income of the hotel.
Front desk
Front desk comprises of receptionists, billing desk and help desk that form the front desk of the hotel. They take care of enquiries and customer service and hospitality aspect of the hotel.
Marketing employees
Marketing employees are an important element in the staffing aspect in the hospitality sector. They deal with public relations officer, sales manager and marketing coordinator and manager in the ranks. They take care of the core facilities of the hotel that increase the quality and customer satisfaction. The staffing role also includes the event managers that take care of the special events that take place in the hotel.
Managers and the executives
Managers and executive officers take care of the overall management of the hotel. They plan, coordinate, control and manage all the core and major activities of the hotel. The management body include general managers, operation manager, human resource team, chief executive officer.
Outsourcing of the activities
The hotel outsources some of the activities like security and housekeeping. The housekeeping activities are outsourced for better efficiency and effectiveness in the operational activity of the work and to help the customers get more specialized service in the process. On the other hand, the security work is also outsourced to specialized agency to provide specialized service in this regard.
Organizational structure and type

The organizational structure comprises of CEO and according to the hierarchy of this chain, the general manager, operation manager and human resource manager are under the level of the chief executive officer. The subordinates and general employees are grouped under the general and operation manager. The executives are grouped under the human resource manager.
The organization is top-down type where the communication flows from top to bottom in the form of orders and from down to top in the form of feedbacks and grievances.
Research methodology
The research methodology comprises of primary data research. Both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods are applied for the research purpose. Interviews and surveys are used for research purpose. Surveys are used for gathering information from employees and staffs. Interviews are used for gathering information and responses from the managers regarding the strategies and approach used for project quality management purpose.
Data Analysis and Findings
Interviews and surveys were used for gathering information. “Statistical tools” and “focus groups” are used for evaluating and analyzing the information that is gathered for the purpose. In the data analysis purpose, the interviews conducted with the mangers reflected on the strategies and approach that would be used for project quality management. It was noticed that customer satisfaction would be given major importance and quality staff and procedures would be chosen. The mission of the company would be evaluated and the operations and staff would be properly trained for deriving useful information from the customers. Quality standards would be noticed and regular monitoring of work to ensure the conformity of the activities with the actual performance will be done to ensure quality management. The purpose of the company would be the underlining features of the management philosophy of the company. It was also noticed that selection and recruitment process would be given major importance and employees with requisite skills and expertise would be selected based on the experience of work. Quality assurance program and necessary tools would be chosen to ensure the quality of the program. At the same time necessary market research and feedback of the customer would be taken to ensure effective monitoring of work and the assurance of quality in the service and operations of the hotel.
On concluding the report, it can be noticed that project quality management is an important aspect in ensuring maintenance and exhibition of quality in the operations and activities of any organization is important. It has to be noticed in the case of hospitality sectors majorly depends on quality of service to ensure that customer satisfaction and that would determine the success and progress of the organization. The various tools and approach of project quality management is important to ensure that quality is maintained. The major issues also are important considerations that shed critical lights on the factors that need to be taken care of while the enactment of the project management.
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