Project Report: Project Management

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Project Report: Project Management

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Project Report: Project Management

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Discuss about the Project Report and Management.
The purpose and objective of the project report for the Flying Rascals is to define the procedural matters in association with design, procurement and execution of the project. The project execution plan is developed by the project manager, after having consultation with the project team and client. The report describes the general procedure that is adopted for implementation of the project. The PEP is to be updated on regular basis by the team members and so it is not a static document.

The project report is organized and structured to include the project execution plan based on the previous relevance report. The theories related to the same methodology have been presented in the report connecting to this domain. Further report includes the tools and techniques related to the same concept. The finally designed method is going to be tested against the evaluation strategies.
Project Execution Plan
Project Objectives and Priorities
The project is the utilization of the information technology in the industry of the tour management, in the identified domain. The sponsor of the organization is Flying Rascals. The project is to assess the project requirements to achieve the objectives setting and identification of the domain. The list of the stakeholders as well as their influence of them over the requirement is explored in the project. The managers of the organization are to be involved for approving the requirement document (Goi, 2012).
Flying Rascals camp offers unique camp experience, by letting them to discover their real and natural traits, by the young people. The organization offers great camping experience including the food (Sharf, 2014). The Happy Glamper provides the accommodation for the youngsters. The entire tour is planned with scheduled activity, along with meal courses. Campers have to arrange their own travel to the spot of the camping.
One project execution plan is designed and developed, as it is expected to be enough for the project, rather than multiple plans. There are multiple sub-projects and business areas performed by multiple team members of the project. One team is employed in designing the layout and navigation of the website, other team is involved in the development. One more team is employed in understanding, updating the requirements of the customers. The purpose of this project execution plan is to make a road map to execute and implement the Flying Rascals project, with the help of day-today operations management and progress the project in control.
The intended audience for the project execution plan document are the internal project team of the organizations and also the management of the organization, as it is used as the reference for the future projects. It also becomes the reference for the other friendly organizations to refer the project to develop their own projects.
The following assumptions are made, before development of the project.

The basic functionalities of the website are already existing and only new functionalities and applications are worked out to amend into the website application, in order to make the website, accessible through the mobile phones.
It is assumed that the plan that is prepared once needs to go through much iteration to better the plan, before and during the tasks are performed.
It is also assumed that the functionalities of the reference website are considered to be working and potential and the same are expected to be added, by customizing to the needs of the Flying Rascals website.

The project outputs are expected to be the following.

The website with new applications and functionalities
The new mobile App compatible website adding with all the functionalities and apps

Management Plan
The operational management of the Flying Rascals website project is developed, in such a way that the total plans and tasks related to the organization and management of the project are briefed in the plan, so that the plan is very well executed, by the management and ensure that there are no deviations occurred during the implementation of the website.
The management and sub-management plan include the reference groups, who have been allocated the roles and responsibilities, with respect to the objectives, functionalities and membership, etc. Consultants are allocated the task of exploring suggestions for developing the website development for Flying Rascals Camp.
Work Breakdown Structure
1. Plan the requirement and procedure for website development
2. Plan the requirement and procedure for mobile app development
3. Plan the requirement
4. Plan the overall execution plan
1. Requirements of the human resources
2. Requirements of the technologies
3. Requirements of the hardware
4. Requirements of the software
5. Requirements of the prototype
Design Prototype for the website
1. Design the prototype
2. Correction and revision of the prototype
3. Re-design the prototype
4. Discuss with the project team
5. Make further corrections
6. Make the final design
Design Prototype for the mobile App
1. Design the prototype
2. Correction and revision of the prototype
3. Re-design the prototype
4. Discuss with the project team
5. Make further corrections
6. Make the final design
Develop the website
1. Design the layout
2. Develop the layout
3. Develop the functionalities
4. Integrate the functionalities
Develop the App
1. Design the layout
2. Develop the layout
3. Develop the functionalities
4. Integrate the functionalities
5. Testing and Correction of the website
6. Testing and Correction of the App
7. Run
8. Close the project
Critical Analysis
The project is associated with many constraints and critical issues, in terms of selection of the database management system, web programming language, appropriate application platform, ERP modules, decision making software, data analytical tools, etc.
With any project there will be critical issues, risk and uncertainties which could threaten achievement of the project objectives. The PEP should highlight these issues
Roles and Responsibilities of Organizations
The project domain is utilization of the information technology in tour management industry. Audit information is kept in detailed manner, in this domain of IT and web application management. The challenges are identified for the existing system to maintain proper information structuring, data management, query management, service attachment, etc. The system is going to be a new website to attain all record handling services, relevant to camp, payment management, member profile, booking, etc. Working parties are selected based on the knowledge, skill and experience they have in the similar domain of development of the website.
Status Reporting
The project manager drafts the status report and submits to the authorities of the organization at the weekends. The status report drafting is done by the project manager, by collecting the information or data from the team members, like reference groups, working parties and consultants.
The status report of the project is drafted and submitted to the authorities, detailing information about, the last reporting period, the following reporting period and also for the rest or remaining period of the project left.
The issue report should include the parameters, like

Areas of concern, like the functionalities, applications, technology
Specific problems, for example, how the new technology to be adopted and implemented
Risk management report, in which the probable risks are to be noted, along with the mitigation and control plans to manage the risks affectively

Resource Utilization
The resources for the Flying Rascals Camp project are the human resources as the following.

Project Manager, who is accountable from the commencement of the project till the end of the life of the project
Working group, who is responsible to develop the functionalities and applications needed for the final project implementation
Reference groups, who stand as the single point of contact for referring any kind of functionalities and applications that are to be developed
Consultants, who are assigned with the roles and responsibilities for any kind of business operations related to the development of the website

Project Strategy
Research is conducted to collect the data, of certain size of sample data of respondents. Data is collected against the research questions and through random probability sampling process. Correlation analysis is used in the data analysis method and frequency of services. The user requirements are analyzed through regression analysis. Analysis is conducted with the help of web analytical tools, Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, etc. Applications are analysed, by identifying people acceptance on certain criteria (Ebrahimi, et al., 2012). Analysis is also done for the behavioural patterns of the campers, through application analytics to decide the application for Flying Rascals promotion.
Strategy used for project implementation is to explore and understand similar projects of website deployment to implement similar application (Catherine, et al., 2012). Project management plan to understand the project elements and post implementation review helps reviewing the final outcomes. Project report is used to record the lessons learnt during the project. Data analysis report is done to view the experience of the respondents.
There are several theories and models developed for the implementation of the project and it includes the TAM, MOPTAM, Mobile Services Acceptance Model.
The major theory identified to implement the project is the TAM (Technology Acceptance Model). The theory is selected against the challenges of the project, such as resistance to use newer technology (Perk & Kim, 2014), migration to new system, perceived risks and increased cost, etc., including perceived ease of use of the existing technology. The project objective can be achieved through the adoption model, called Technology Adoption Model (TAM) for the mobile phone technology adoption model, mobile services, technology acceptance model, mobile services model and mobile services. TAM has applications in the adoption of the new system, based on the data collected and analysed after the research. Adoption factors analysed from the collected data helped to analyse the TAM.

Figure: Applications of TAM in Flying Rascals Group
The theory and model of MOPTAM is intended to apply and use to exploit the market segment of the mobile users through mobile technology and services (Kerzner, 20113). It is a combination of several approaches and theories including the Roger Diffusion Model, technology usage and unified theory.
Mobile Service Acceptance Model
It emphasizes two features, including efficiency with financial resource availability (Leung, Lee & Law, 2012). The model empowers the companies’ management to increase instigate and likeabilitypoint of differentiation development in the customers’ minds.
The database selected is Oracle and initially, some of the attributes are selected to be relevant and then the primary key elements. Then the database is normalized with suitable formats, to segregate the data towards effective operation. Then the application platform has to be selected according to the application to be executed. For the mobile application, the platform used must be Android software platform (Burke, 2013). However, there must be a best solution, which should make the application independent from the platform, so that the users would be able to access the application in any manner, through any platform. The application developed must be independent of the platform and has to be compatible for operating cross-platform operation accessible through HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS.
Tools and Techniques
The application is developed through ERP modules and these modules are integrated with the database as the back end. The outputs, such as analysis documents, reports and others are produced by integrating the ERP modules that helped in making the structure and navigation of the website for the Flying Rascals. The interface is designed in such a way that the features of the ERP modules are best utilized and integrated with the application. ERP and database together are integrated in the application, so that interface is developed to make the best interface and navigation of the website.
Analytical tools are used in terms of decision making tools so that strategic decisions made based on the requirement. The decisions are taken based on how the applications are utilized (Kleinschmidt, Rilov & Gerlach, 2012). The decisions are also influenced by the feedback collected from the client and then promotion is carried out thorough advertising.
Data analytical tools are used for analysing how the website is ranking by the search engines and to find day to day traffic statistics over the search engine.  The analytical tools used are Google Mobile Analytics, Flurry, Amplitude, Apsalar, Apple App Analytics, Appsee, Countly, etc. and most of these tools are available as open source and are compatible with Windows operating system (Goi, 2012). The analysis is taken as reference and study is conducted for the outcomes in terms of migration of website and technology acceptance model. The analysis extracted by these tools is used successfully to identify the integration process in retention analysis, integration process and estimation of generated revenue.
Description of Artifacts
Meta-artifacts requirement and meta-systems design theory is implied in the project of Flying Rascals Campaign and the collected concept is called the meta-artefacts. These artifacts do relate both the internal and external environments. Meta-artifacts involve the procedures of adding the opinions of the researchers at each of its four layers, synthetically, analytically and technically.
The research for the study and the re-innovation of the production procedure can be expressed with the meta-artifacts towards enhancing the productivity of the project and so the organization. Meta-artifacts are the novel methods and enhance the productivity, requiring less time and efforts and they act as a link connecting the operation and marketing activities. The final decision factor taken affects the activities of the functions and operations to have pertinent affect to the business activities.
The project, flying rascals camp extract the meta-artifacts in a way of how a system should be built to digitalize the entire business activities and how one project and one effort can be mutually influenced with many factors and departments in a business organization. During this scientific investigation and implementation of the project, it is learnt and revealed that the enhancement and development of the business is quite a task that needs considerations of the factors and parameters, as done, while the business was commenced. Each stage and phase of the project has revealed the artifact that enhancement of the website and the enhancement of the business operations include development of not just one aspect or department of the business, but development of the entire operations and all the departments of the business organizations, towards completeness of the project and moving towards an in-sync with the visions and missions of the organization.
Testing and Evaluation Strategies
The new application developed is tested and evaluated using various strategies. The best strategy that has been implemented is the customer survey. The new system is exposed and given access to the existing customers, for three months of duration. At the end of the three months, all the customers are considered for the survey. The survey included the questionnaire, in which all the relevant questions are kept in the homepage of the website. The responses collected from them are analysed and categorised according to various parameters and these parameters are set to be key developing points for the evaluation.
The document has been helpful for the approval of the requirement of the project. The newly developed website with new elements, applications and features should get introduced to the important stakeholders, the customers of the organization and so a new training manual is developed and released to encourage the usage of the new system migrated from the existing one. It helps the management as well as the customers to understand and use the new controls and functionalities of the application developed (Leung, Lee & Law, 2012). The pilot project now takes the customers as a part of it and they could interact better with the new system. And the usage of the new system need technical assistant, so that the necessary support can be provided to help the customers. Finally, the project report is prepared to record the project execution plan, along with the lessons learnt, so that it can become reference for further projects to help execute the similar tasks more effectively and efficiently (Sterling et al. 2012). Finally, the report is developed for the data analysis so that the views and experience of the respondents are recorded and used in the right ways.
The Flying Rascals Camp project with an objective of enhancing the website is presented with a detailed project execution plan. The project execution plan describes all the tasks and operations of the project in detail and in the way addressing the objectives, priorities, project purpose, audience, assumptions, outputs. The plan has detailed about the management plan, which needs to be followed, during the execution of the project and critical analysis is made as well. The organization is addressed of what are its roles and responsibilities, with reference to the project. The resources and the way they are utilized are addressed along with the project strategy and the reporting structure and details.
The project report includes the theories of TAM and MOPTAM to tap the website as well as the mobile users. The detailed theory has been described of how TAM is going to be used and utilized in the project. Finally the artifacts, or findings from the project are addressed along with the evaluation strategies and procedures, through which the success of the project can be gauged.
What went well in the project?
The allocation of the roles and responsibilities allocated to the team members of the project has been done effectively and eventually, the respective roles and responsibilities are done effectively. The project management plan has been prepared well and updated time to time based on the dynamics of the project.
What could be improved?
The team has worked and gave good efforts to perform their own roles and responsibilities assigned to them. However, the idle time of the team is considerably more. The human resources could have been used less optimally. Though the tasks were in queue and some team members were busy during those periods of time, the overall idle time of the human resources is more.
What could be done?
If the human resources have been used optimally, the project could have been completed before the deadline of the project. On the other hand, the human resources allocation could have been done, in such a way that they are hired, only when they are assigned the tasks to perform.
What is not in your control?
There were certain emergencies occurred during the schedule of the project, so considerably time is wasted. Though all the human resources and physical resources were available, tasks could not be performed at all, during the emergency period. This situation was not in our control.
Summary of work done based on reports, submitted during the semester
The project has helped me and the team to perform the project tasks in a structured and scientific ways. The preparation of the report has made me to build with the composition of the data related to the project in a structured manner. The project and its report have made me to build and acquaint the skills of the project management.
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