Queensland Health Payroll System

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Queensland Health Payroll System

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Queensland Health Payroll System

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Discuss about the Queensland Health payroll system and Channel Tunnel.


Commercial negotiation or commercial management has included negotiation of contracts and manage projects. This is done for maximum return and identifying and developing latest business scopes.
 The QHS or Queensland Health System supplies health care services to Queensland, a province in Australia. On the other hand, the channel tunnel is a rail tunnel linking the United Kingdom with northern France, under the English Channel. In this report, a discussion is made on the Queensland Health payroll system and Channel Tunnel.
To understand the scenario better, a description and discussion are made here to operate over complex and diverse projects with various contractual arrangements. The study also project negotiation is analyzed here also with different areas of conflict management, stakeholder engagement.
Description and discussion of the projects: 
Health payroll system in Queensland: 

Range of managed systems

 The complexity of the project has been high. There has been involvement of over 24,000 differing with assimilations of withholdings and wage payments. Due to fear of the current system has been immensely in danger, there are immediate failures (Ramírez and Chan 2018).


 There has been inexperienced leadership and too many players are found to be cluttered in that field (Taylor Buck and While 2017).

Build agreements

 This opportunity is helpful to embrace the adage that is not needed for experiencing failure in learning from anyone (He and Liu 2017).

Channel tunnel project: 

A range of managed system

 This domestic service is intended to inter-connect Broadstairs, Margate and Gravesend with London. This is done by joining classic network Ebbsfleet with services to Ramsgate and Canterbury. This is to join the current routes (Lim and Loosemore 2017).


 There is a target cost for tunnelling. There have been target costs above and below with sharing differences (Wen, Qiang and An 2017). Besides, there is a lump sum for terminals and electrical and mechanical works of that tunnel.

Build arrangements

 Every team member comprises of quality. This includes quality control, quality assurances and quality planning (Handfield, Primo and Oliveira 2015).

Factors of stakeholder agenda: 
A primary challenge of a project manager is to consider project needs. This is to gratify and consider various stakeholders (Heagney 2016). This includes designers, contractors, maintenance team and customers. Further, every stakeholder and destine requirements with respect to those project (Turner 2016). These are fundamental conflicts with the others. These types of conflicts are a basis of most difficulties of project management at tactical and strategic level. Further, there is operating of built environments that have been also changing the focus of construction (Becker et al. 2017).
At QHS, stakeholders have distinct levels of interests and investments in projects where they are involved. Managing various stakeholders and controlling acceptable balances are important for their project delivery. A negative attitude towards the construction project of QHS is seen to be severely obstructing to implementation (Muller 2017). Here, an evaluation of demands and influences are considered as the account of a needed and vital step to complete, implement and plan construction projects. In the case of a channel tunnel, the stakeholder management is a vital variable as far as the briefing process is regarded as crucial for individual stakeholder commitments, power and interest for briefing processes. This is to consider and balance the interests of every stakeholder (Larson and Chang 2016).
At the channel tunnel, the project managers have needed to determine every kind of stakeholders. They have needed to accommodate their needs and conflicts. Here roles of stakeholder management are a core part of the project management procedure that is needed to be made strong (Van Der Meer et al. 2015). Presently, an idea of project management is been defined by managing stakeholders as the procedure to adopt specifications, approaches and plans for various issues and expectations of different stakeholders (Van den Hurk 2016).
Methods of project negotiations:
At QHS, this process of communicating back and forth top reach joint agreements regarding various ideas and needs. Here, the process through which people have been persuading people has been providing anything needed for the exchange of anything else. The negotiation, particular form of human communication has been always there (Kurniawan, Ogunlana and Motawa 2014). However, in many cases project managers has not been aware of that. Frequent and early negotiations have not been automatically resulting in various effective negotiators. There are feedbacks for improving, analysis, common practices and hard and soft skills. For instance, in the case of Channel Tunnel, effective skills of negotiations are vital for projects managers for becoming successful (Benzer et al. 2015). Processes of effectively opportunistic interactions between two or more parties are present with apparent conflicts.
Conflict management:
Conflict is inevitable in project management. In QHS, a potential for conflict in information system development projects has been huge. This is because it has involved people from various backgrounds and orientations. They have been working together on completing complicated activities (Liu, Yu and Cheah 2014). Here the cause of conflicts under team projects is related to various values, personalities, resources perceptions, expectations, needs, attitudes and so on. There are proper skills that have been dealt with conflicts where project managers can assist various organization members (Peña-mora and Tamaki 2001-3). This is to handle and resolve conflicts. This has been leading to more project as a whole. At channel tunnel, project management has been depending on repeatable and proven techniques and processes (Hart and Bubb 2016). Here, techniques and processes are used for coordinating resources for accomplishing various predictable results. Though success can never be guaranteed, the project of channel tunnel has been more likely successful as the traditional processes of project management are deployed (Oraee et al. 2017).
Stakeholder engagement:
This is the arguably the most vital ingredient for successful project delivery. This it is seen as the fringe activity and can be outsourced easily to functions that are business-as-usual for QHS (Winch and Leiringer 2016).  At channel tunnel, the project managers have been depending on people for responding to benefits and outputs that are to be delivered. Here, stakeholders have been responding as they are engaged (Brady and Davies 2014).
It is seen throughout the world, the contractors and stakeholders have been facing notable difficulties to negotiate major projects. Here, negotiations are studied systematically for the context as QHS and Channel Tunnel. However, the research has lacked common abstractions of the subject that have been existed as serious gaps in knowledge. There have been frames of through that have been assisting project practitioners to craft between agreements.
The various recommendations regarding project negotiations for the current scenario are identified below.
This is to conflict down people and issues.
The project managers have the ultimate authority as it comes to resolutions of conflicts.
Withdrawing from conflicts:
Here project managers must let things to work out on themselves.
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